How to Buy Used Rear Shock Absorbers for a Toyota

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How to Buy Used Rear Shock Absorbers for a Toyota

Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that produces a variety of passenger vehicles, including several models of coupes, sports cars, standard cars, and sport utility vehicles. There are Toyota vehicles available to meet anyone's needs when it comes to comfort, style, and safety. To ensure a comfortable ride, car owners need to be sure that their shock absorbers are functioning properly and in good condition. Owners who are unsure about replacing the shock absorbers on their vehicles should take the time to learn the purpose of shock absorbers, why shock absorbers are important, and how to tell if they need to be replaced. Car owners also need to determine which type of shock absorbers they need. When shopping for replacement parts, the shopper is looking for front or rear shock absorbers, and while most shoppers opt for new shock absorbers, used shock absorbers are significantly cheaper than new parts and can work just as well.. When shopping for used shock absorbers for a Toyota, a shopper should consider the wide variety listed for sale on eBay.

Learn Why Shock Absorbers are Important

Shock absorbers are important in a vehicle because they help to reduce the amount of movement and bouncing in the car while it is travelling. Without shock absorbers, passengers and drivers would feel every bump and dip in the road while being jostled around in their seats. In addition to making the drive more comfortable, shock absorbers make cars safer to drive. Shock absorbers help to keep the tyres in contact with the road surface. Without shock absorbers the tyres would literally bounce off of the road every time bumps are encountered. Additionally, they help to keep the car on the road when the driver takes corners. Cars and trucks that are driven off-road often need custom shock absorbers to withstand the rough terrain.

Determine If Shock Absorbers Need Replacement

Before shopping for new or used shock absorbers, it is important to determine if they actually need to be replaced. Many car parts need to be replaced after a certain number of miles, but the lifespan of shock absorbers cannot be measured in relation to miles the car has travelled. Some shock absorbers can last for 30,000 to 40,000 miles with no problems. Others need to be replaced in 10,000 miles or less. Oftentimes, drivers can tell that it is time to replace the shocks because they start to feel the bumps in the road. Another symptom that the shocks need to be replaced is that the shocks begin to leak oil.

Experts do not recommend doing what is referred to as the bumper test to check the shock absorbers. This test is performed by pressing down on the bumper and bouncing the car to see how bouncy it is. Because many trucks and some cars have stiff springs, the bumper test does not provide an accurate assessment of whether or not the shock absorbers need replacing. Instead, car owners should either drive the car on familiar roads to feel for bumps or take the car to a mechanic for a proper assessment.

Explore the Different Types of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are positioned in the front and in the rear of each car by each wheel. They form an important part of the suspension system of each vehicle. Not all shock absorbers are the same, however. Depending on the type of vehicle a person is driving and the type of terrain the vehicle travels on, there are different shock absorbers designed with different jobs in mind. Exploring the different types of shock absorbers available helps shoppers determine which type of replacement shocks to purchase for their Toyotas.

Air Shock Absorbers

Air shock absorbers consist of an iron piston and air chamber filled with compressed air. A valve inside the air chamber adjusts the pressure to reduce the burden of the load on the suspension. As a result, the driver and passengers feel fewer bumps.

Damper Shock Absorbers

Damper shock absorbers can have one or two chambers filled with fluid or air. Their purpose is to dampen or absorb the shock when a car is moving in a straight line. In order to do this, valves within the shock absorber increase or decrease the amount of fluid or air in the chamber. The two types of damper shock absorbers are the mono tube (one chamber) and the twin tube (two chambers).

Mono Tube Shock Absorbers

Consists of a single tube, commonly filled with oil, and has two valves. When driving over bumps, one valve closes while the other opens to increase or decrease the amount of oil within the chamber. For slow speeds and small bumps, more fluid is released whereas only a small amount of oil is released when travelling at high speeds and over large bumps.

Twin Tube Shock Absorbers

The twin tube shock absorber consists of two tubes, one inside the other. The inner tube handles the movement from bumps while the outer tube is in charge of controlling rebounds. The first valve is attached to a piston rod and is located in the outer tube. The second valve is located inside the inner tube. The oil is transferred from the inner tube to the outer tube or to an outer reservoir as needed when travelling.

Spring Shock Absorbers

A spring shock absorber is a fluid-filled shock absorber that also uses a spring or coil to absorb the shock. Tighter springs allow for stiffer shock absorbers. The rebound unit of this type of shock absorber is located in the centre of the springs.

Reservoir Shock Absorbers

Reservoir shock absorbers are very much like damper shock absorbers. They operate much in the same way. The difference is that the reservoir on these kinds of shock absorbers are designed to hold extra air or nitrogen, rather than an overflow of oil. Doing so increases or decreases the air pressure within the chambers to reduce the amount of movement.

Decide Which Shock Absorbers Are Required

Toyota, like many other manufacturers, equips their various vehicles with the shock absorbers that best fit the type of driving that most people do. Off-road vehicles use different types of shock absorbers when compared to those that are meant for driving on city roads or even for use in racing. The table below shows the types of shock absorbers needed for different types of driving.

Type of Driver

Type of Shocks


Infrequent Off-Road Driver

Twin Tube

Inexpensive; excellent bump-absorbing benefits; helps to keep tyres planted on the road

Rock Crawler

Gas-Pressurised or Mono Tube

Provide superior bump absorption for rock crawling at higher speeds; no special shock absorbers needed for those travelling at low speeds

Medium to High Speed Trail Runner

Mono Tube

Best for drivers who travel at medium to high speeds on regular roads; not ideal for extremely bumpy roads

Off-Roader or High-Speed Racer


Extra shock absorption for roads that are extremely bumpy or for high speeds where the bumps are more easily felt

Many driver purchase aftermarket shock absorbers to fit the type of driving they do. For example, a person who purchases a Toyota Celica for racing may replace the stock shock absorbers with aftermarket reservoir shock absorbers that he or she can adjust for optimal performance.

Compare Different Brands of Shock Absorbers

Whether buying new or used shock absorbers, it is important for shoppers to evaluate the different brands that are available. When purchasing replacement shock absorbers, shoppers can find original manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket shock absorbers. OEM parts are sure to fit the car and shoppers can be sure of the quality. If only the rear shock absorbers need to be replaced, then car owners can be sure that the OEM parts match the front shock absorbers.

When replacing the shock absorbers with aftermarket parts, shoppers should avoid only purchasing the front or rear parts unless they are sure that they match those already installed. Different brands have different qualities and characteristics, and while some people may not have trouble with two different brands of shock absorbers on their cars, they should expect reduced performance. Several companies produce aftermarket shock absorbers for Toyotas. It is up to the shopper to read reviews to compare the quality of each brand of shock absorber. Two of the top brands for shock absorbers for Toyota are KYB and Monroe.

Considerations When Buying Used Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers for a Toyota are not usually expensive, but shoppers may find that high-end and performance parts carry a higher price tag than standard shock absorbers. For this reason, many car owners look for used shock absorbers. When shopping for used car parts, it is extremely important to examine the condition of the shock absorbers listed for sale. Those that have been used on off-road vehicles have likely suffered more abuse than those used on cars driven around the city. A shopper should be sure to check for any leaks in the used shock absorbers before making a purchase.

Another consideration is price. Shoppers should compare the prices of the used shock absorbers with those of new ones. Used shock absorbers should be priced well below new ones. Likewise, the condition of the shock absorbers should be reflected in the price. Those that have been barely used and look almost new are priced higher than those that show signs of use or have been used for several thousand miles.

How to Buy Shock Absorbers for a Toyota on eBay

If you are looking for great deals on new and used shock absorbers for a Toyota, then eBay should be the first place to look. Rather than being limited to the selection in your surrounding area, you can find listings for OEM and aftermarket Toyota shock absorbers from all across the UK. Additionally, you can find a larger selection of used parts than you can find anywhere else. Because you are purchasing from a private seller rather than a retailer, you are sure to find better deals than at auto parts shops.

Search for Shock Absorbers

The first step in searching for shock absorbers for a Toyota is performing a search. A basic search entails entering keywords into the search bar conveniently located on each page, including the homepage. The keywords should describe the part you are looking for, like 'toyota mono tube shock absorber'. You should be specific so that you do not end up with more listings than you can efficiently sort through. After the initial results are returned, select categories and options to refine the results even further. Read the item descriptions and view pictures to compare the different shock absorbers and decide which ones you wish to purchase.


As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, people can find Toyota vehicles driving on roads all over the UK. Whether for city driving or off-road excursions, Toyotas allow drivers to ride in comfort wherever they go. Part of making sure the ride is comfortable is checking the shock absorbers to make sure they are in good condition. With several OEM and aftermarket parts available, shoppers can find shock absorbers to replace the worn out parts on their Toyotas quite easily. Depending on the type of driving that is being done, the rear shock absorbers may wear out sooner than the front shock absorbers. In these cases, shoppers can simply replace the worn out shock absorbers in the rear without having to replace the front ones as well. This helps to save money on the repair. Additionally, shoppers can look for used car parts to save money on high-end or performance shock absorbers that they might not be able to afford otherwise. When looking for great deals on front, rear, or full sets of shock absorbers, shoppers can find a large selection of new and used parts on eBay.

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