How to Buy Utility Trailers on eBay

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How to Buy Utility Trailers on eBay

People use their vehicles to transport things including grocery and other items every day. However, some people may need to haul big and heavy cargo every once in a while. To transport large items, using a utility trailer is a fairly cost effective and convenient method. A utility trailer can prove to be useful for small businesses that transport their equipment and merchandise, or even for people who transport their boats or off-road bikes to a weekend getaway.

A utility trailer is a good investment for anyone who transports heavy loads but feels that buying a new lorry or pickup is too costly. Although getting a utility trailer is a smart choice especially for those who regularly need one, buyers must consider a few factors before buying a new utility trailer. Considerations include how they are going to use their trailer and how often, how much their budget is, as well as the safety features available on the trailer. Utility trailers are available on eBay both as used and new items.

What is a Utility Trailer?

A utility trailer is a platform that drivers can attach to the back of their vehicle to haul extra cargo. The trailer itself is unpowered and has to be pulled by another vehicle, making it quite affordable to purchase. People can carry any item that they want on a trailer as long as they buy one in the correct size. Among the things people can transport with their trailer are furniture, big electrical appliances, lawn care equipment, and even other vehicles such as bicycles and boats. Owning a trailer gives people more flexibility than owning a large pickup as they can drive any car they like while having the ability to transport large cargo. Furthermore, transporting things by oneself is a lot more cost effective than hiring someone else to do it.

Choosing a Utility Trailer

Purchasing a utility trailer is quite a big investment and, therefore, buyers must consider all the necessary factors. Utility trailers come in many different sizes, designs, and also materials. Before buying one on eBay, consumers must first determine how the purpose for their trailer, how big they want it to be, and also what other features the trailer has. It is important for buyers to choose the right kind of trailer to ensure they get the most value out of their purchase and that their trailer is safe to use with a type of cargo.

Open or Enclosed Utility Trailer?

The two main types of trailers buyers can choose from are open and enclosed. An open trailer does not have a roof to cover its cargo whereas an enclosed trailer is covered. Both types have their pros and cons, which buyers should consider before deciding on the type of trailer they want to buy on eBay. Choosing the type of trailer is important because it determines the kind and weight of load owners can carry on their trailer.

Trailer Type




Can carry loads of various sizes;

Lighter and has less drag than an enclosed trailer

Cannot protect cargo from weather elements


Can protect cargo from the elements;

Provides more security as trailer can often be locked

Heavy and has high wind resistance;

More costly than open trailers

An open trailer is often lighter and cheaper than an enclosed one, and it can also transport things larger than the trailer itself since the space it has is not limited. Buyers who plan to transport large or long items can choose an open trailer. An open trailer is also suitable for those who do not need to protect their cargo from the weather. However, enclosed trailers are more secure as they often have doors, which users can lock to keep their items safe.

Choosing Between Steel and Aluminium Utility Trailers

Most utility trailers are either made of steel or aluminium. An important difference between the two is their weight. Aluminium weighs approximately 33 percent of the weight of steel but has similar strength. Aluminium also does not corrode and does not need to be painted; therefore, it is often more sturdy and longer lasting than steel. However, steel trailers are less likely to bend and flex under a heavy load, and the welds on steel trailers are usually stronger than on aluminium ones. These properties make steel trailers more suitable for hauling items on rough off-road terrain. Aluminium trailers, on the other hand, are great for those who travel on paved roads.

Steel trailers cost less than aluminium trailers, but for users who plan to utilise their trailers often, choosing an aluminium one can prove to be more cost effective in the long run. Things buyers should consider when choosing the material of a trailer are the cost, strength, and weight of the trailer. With all of these considered, an aluminium trailer is often a good choice for the average trailer user.

Things to Consider when Buying Utility Trailers on eBay

eBay has a large selection of utility trailers to choose from. Therefore, buyers must choose the trailer that suits their needs and is also safe to use with a type of cargo. Besides choosing the trailer type and material, one must also consider the safety features and other factors. Safety is always important especially when users use the trailer to transport heavy loads. When looking at the safety of a trailer, buyers should consider a trailer with brakes. A common type of trailer brake system is the electric system where the braking system of the trailer is connected to the tow vehicle. Buying a trailer with its own brakes is absolutely necessary if users plan to carry very heavy loads.

It is also important to consider the number of axles that one wants on the trailer. An axle is the part that connects the trailer to the tow vehicle, and often faces a lot of strain. Users who want to carry very heavy cargo of more than 1000 kg should use a trailer with at least two axles. Another factor to consider is the accessibility of the trailer. If looking for a trailer with a ramp, buyers must make sure that the ramp door is not too heavy. Also, buyers should consider how much space is needed when opening the trailer door and how easy it is to open it.

Looking for Utility Trailers on eBay

To search for the right utility trailer for their needs on eBay, buyers should first know exactly what they want in their trailers. For example, they may want an open, steel trailer with an electric braking system, or just a simple open trailer to occasionally transport furniture and garden equipment. When shopping on eBay, buyers can use eBay's search function to find the utility trailer that they want. All they need to do is to lookup the suitable keywords, browse through the list of available trailers, and decide on the right one to buy.

When looking at the list of utility trailers on eBay, buyers should read all the provided details so they can choose their trailer better. To cut costs on their purchase, shoppers can look for local eBay sellers. By purchasing from a local seller, buyers can save time and money when they collect their trailer.

Buying Utility Trailers on eBay

Shopping for a good utility trailer on eBay is quite a simple process. You can search for a utility trailer by starting on the eBay home page. Just type your keywords into the search bar and eBay presents you with the relevant products. For example, you can search for 'utility trailer' or 'twin axle utility trailer'. At the product listings page, make sure you read all the information provided so you know which trailer to pick. On this page, you can also use the category filter provided to further customise your search and narrow down your options.

After selecting the trailer that you like, you can view its product page. Important details you should read are the item's price, full specification, condition, and also return policy. It is crucial to read all the provided details before you purchase the trailer. To help you decide on your purchase, you should also look at all the photographs provided. If you find that the information provided by the seller is not enough, you can always ask the seller directly. If you are fully satisfied, go ahead and purchase the trailer.


A utility trailer can be a very helpful vehicle accessory to have, especially for those who frequently transport big and heavy loads. Compared to buying a new lorry or pickup truck, buying a utility trailer is a lot more cost effective. With a utility trailer, users can carry various kinds of heavy loads from electrical equipment, to other vehicles such as boats. Before choosing a good utility trailer, buyers should decide what they are going to use it for, and how often.

Among the things to decide on when buying a trailer are the trailer's material, safety features, and size. The two main types of utility trailer one can buy are open and enclosed trailers. One can also choose between aluminium and steel trailers. Although aluminium trailers are more pricey than steel ones, they usually last considerably longer. eBay has a variety of utility trailers to choose from and buyers can easily find the right trailer for themselves. However, it is important to read all the details and specifications of a trailer before purchasing it to make an informed choice.

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