How to Buy Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

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How to Buy Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

Owning a Volkswagen, whether it is a classic Beetle or a newer model like the Volkswagen CC, is like having a membership to an elite club of very proud car owners. Volkswagen owners enjoy keeping their cars in beautiful and pristine condition, whether it is a bus travelling through the English countryside or a sleek coupe navigating the city streets of London. As age and miles add up on the precious Volkswagen, parts start to feel the wear and tear of life on the road, and some parts may need to be replaced. One rather common accident that happens to Volkswagens is wing mirrors falling off (or being knocked off) the car body.

Fortunately, buying new Volkswagen wing mirrors is not a difficult task. They can be purchased onsite or ordered at brick and mortar automotive stores that offer Volkswagen car parts and accessories. If the store does not offer installation, specialists at Volkswagen auto dealerships can install the wing mirrors, but the cost of labour for this solution can be a deterrent. Car owners can also order Volkswagen wing mirrors from online stores like eBay,, and then use the Internet to learn how to install the mirrors themselves. Learning more about these special wing mirrors and the different types that are available for purchase gives buyers more power over their purchasing decisions.

What Are Volkswagen Wing Mirrors?

Volkswagen wing mirrors are the side mirrors on the driver and front passenger doors that give the driver more visibility when operating a vehicle. Wing mirrors are designed to reduce the risk of blind spots while driving by reflecting any obstruction or hazard that may be on the sides of the car or coming up behind the vehicle. Wing mirrors are common casualties on the road because they stick out from the car's main body in a precarious fashion. These mirrors also inadvertently protect the car in another way, as other drivers on the road often notice they have hit the wing mirror and stop or swerve before causing any more damage to the body.

Wing mirrors also get hit often when navigating through the tight streets that are commonly found throughout the United Kingdom in historic towns and villages. Parking in tight spots can also be dangerous for wing mirrors, although many wing mirrors come with a folding feature, either manually or electronically, to prevent damage in parking lots. If a buyer's Volkswagen features a foldable wing mirror, it is highly recommended that he or she use the folding feature to prolong the life of the mirror.

What to Consider When Shopping for Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

There are several things to consider when shopping for Volkswagen wing mirrors. Budget, features, number of mirrors, and whether a buyer wants new or used mirrors are only a few of several shopping considerations decided upon by thoughtful car owners.

Budget for Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

A predetermined budget is important, as wing mirrors can vary in price from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds. The price depends both on the year and the model of the Volkswagen, and it may also vary by quality and features of the wing mirror.

Features and Quantities of Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

The second thing to consider is the desired features in a wing mirror. Many car owners are perfectly satisfied with a simple mirror that gives them visibility; however, other features like heated mirrors for those icy days or in-house turning signal lights are also options that could be considered valuable upgrades when replacing the car's mirrors.

Features Offered in Wing Mirrors


Heated Glass

Warms the glass for defrosting purposes

Removes any icy layer that inhibits visibility while driving

LED Signal Lights

Built-in LED lights so that drivers who are too close to see the rear lights can see the turn signal

Good for bumper-to-bumper driving on city streets

Self-Folding Mirror

Electronically connected so the driver can hit a switch or button to fold the mirrors in when parking in tight spots

Flat-Aspheric Mirror

Glass has a slight curve to completely eliminate the blind spot for drivers

Low Glare

Designed to reduce the glare that blinds drivers at night

Driver-Assist Features

Lane departure warning

Collision avoidance

Other safety-minded features to keep the driver aware of his or her surroundings

When shopping for new Volkswagen wing mirrors, the shopper may only be looking for a single replacement mirror. Buying two new mirrors should be considered, however, to ensure that they are a matched set. Plus, buying two new mirrors gives the car owner the possibility of upgrading the wing mirrors to nicer parts that offer more technologically advanced features like the in-house signal lights or the powered folding for those tight parking spaces.

New vs. Used Volkswagen Wing Mirrors

Buying used Volkswagen wing mirrors is a worthy option for those who wish to save money without sacrificing features. Buying a used car part like a wing mirror does not mean that it is not in good condition. Many Volkswagen parts in good condition are sold when cars are dismantled after wrecks or because the engine no longer runs well. Sometimes other Volkswagen owners have upgraded their own wing mirrors and wish to resell the original mirrors. Buying used Volkswagen wing mirrors is an excellent decision for a car owner who wants to save a substantial amount of money while driving with an excellent set of wing mirrors.

Various Volkswagen Car Models

Wing mirrors, like other Volkswagen parts, are only compatible with certain models. Even the same models from different years may not be able to exchange wing mirrors because of the change in designs over time. Finding car parts for older models can sometimes be difficult if the part is no longer in production; however, Volkswagen is a cherished vintage brand, and it is often cheaper to buy new wing mirrors for an older model than for a newer one.


Volkswagen Model


Golf/Rabbit (changed names several times)



Beetle, New Beetle, Beetle Convertible


Golf R

Jetta, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta GLI, Jetta Sportswagen










Touareg, Touareg 2






When shopping for Volkswagen wing mirrors, it is important to find mirrors that are compatible with the specific car model. Some wing mirrors are compatible with other cars from the same decade as a result of mass production at Volkswagen manufacturers, but that is not always the case. To be certain, car owners should verify compatibility with the seller before committing to the purchase.


Accidents happen on the road all the time, and the most common car incident involves broken wing mirrors, especially when navigating tight European roads and small parking spaces in the cities. For Volkswagen car owners, any damage to their cars is cringe-worthy, as Volkswagen is a brand that embodies both the classic and the luxurious. Fortunately, wing mirrors are generally affordable, although there are several types of wing mirrors available for sale that are more expensive because of certain advanced features.

When shopping for Volkswagen wing mirrors, car owners need to address the questions of budget, desired features, quantity of mirrors, and whether they are willing to buy new or used wing mirrors. Used wing mirrors are often less expensive than new ones, without shoppers having to sacrifice quality for affordability. Not all Volkswagen wing mirrors are universally compatible with the various car models, and wing mirrors should be checked for compatibility with a specific year and model before purchasing.

Wing mirrors can be found in some automotive stores that carry Volkswagen products as well as online through websites like eBay. With a new set of Volkswagen wing mirrors, car owners can be ready to fly down the streets of the English countryside without a care in the world, just as a Volkswagen owner should.

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