How to Buy WWE Raw Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy WWE Raw Tickets on eBay

From the moment the lights dimmed and the cameras rolled on that fateful evening, 11 January 1993, Vince McMahon, the creator of WWE Raw could not have imagined the kind of enthusiasm and passion his newest creation, WWE Raw, would invoke. Where previous professional wrestling matches had been taped in small studios with only a tiny and select crowd to cheer on the wrestlers, WWE Raw was broadcast live from huge arenas up and down America, later all over mainland Europe, then even in Afghanistan in 2005.

Previously, televised and live wrestling were traditionally almost low-key events, but WWE Raw brought razzamatazz, glamour, and excitement, making new wrestling stars almost overnight, and the crowds loved it. Subsequently, not only have TV audiences shot up since its launch, but fans, eager to see their favourite stars live and in the flesh have sought to buy tickets to these events, often staged at the largest arenas in the country. Choosing which show and which wrestling stars to see can be confusing, but an informed buyer can now choose to buy tickets for these events online through eBay.

Choosing an Event Close to Home

There are now quite a few large arenas that stage WWE Raw events up and down the country, so the buyer should select an arena close to home and see when the next event is planned. Of course, many ticket buyers may travel the length and breadth of the country to see their favourite stars, so it would be wise to see just who is wrestling at an event, and plan accordingly.

Finding the Nearest Arena

Knowing the nearest arena to a home town or within sensible travelling distance is not something that possibly everyone can recall. Below is a list of arenas and their nearest large cities.

Closest City

Arena Names


LG Arena, National Indoor Arena


SkyDome Arena


Westpoint Arena


Hull Arena


Echo Arena


London Velodrome, Royal Albert Hall, Olympia, Earls Court, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, The O2 Arena, Wembley Arena


Manchester Arena, Manchester Central, O2 Apollo, Manchester Velodrome


Capital FM Arena Nottingham

Newcastle upon Tyne

Metro Radio Arena


Plymouth Pavilions


Motorpoint Arena Sheffield

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it should provide the prospective WWE Raw ticket buyer with an idea of where their nearest arena is when searching for tickets on eBay. Many of these arenas now host WWE Raw events throughout the year, and these are often advertised months in advance to ensure that buyers get every opportunity to purchase the ticket for their chosen seating area.

Planning Well Ahead

WWE Raw is now a major sporting event and it is hugely popular both with TV audiences who often watch on premium pay-to-view services on Sky and similar, but also with the general public who relish the chance to see their favourite stars in person performing at these arena events. With this is mind, the buyer should be prepared to purchase well in advance from eBay, often many months before the show, to ensure that he or she gets the best tickets and the best seats possible.

Paying Attention to Famous Names

In the WWE Raw world, certain names have become real crowd-pullers, both for TV audiences and the general public alike. During an eBay search, the buyer can see which wrestlers are performing that evening, and it is worth noting down the names of other 'soon-to-be-famous' wrestlers who may be on the bill. Fans of WWE Raw often pay close attention to the wrestlers further down the bill in the hopes that they can watch performances of stars that in just a few months may be household names amongst the WWE Raw fraternity.

Of course, the headliners are the ones who really pull the crowds in, and there are sure to be many famous names on the bill. WWE Raw devotees often pay a lot of money to see their heroes in the ring, so the buyer should be aware of this when purchasing on eBay, and set their sights accordingly.

Buying VIP Tickets

eBay also sells VIP tickets to various shows up and down the country. These normally include prime seats where all the action is sure to be seen, and in some extreme cases, dodged to avoid. Often these packages include access to a VIP lounge for drinks and refreshments before and after the event, while some packages also include overnight accommodations.

These VIP packages are marketed as ideal gifts for true WWE Raw fans and devotees. Many are sold well in advance of the actual fight date, so the buyer must be prepared to purchase in plenty of time for the event. 

Choosing Named Seating

Just down from the VIP tickets are those that actually give the seat numbers and positionings. Look at the floor plan of the arena to see exact seating position. If it cannot be found on eBay, then a quick check with the stadium's website should reveal the exact location of these seats. Some named seats show that these seats are in special places, such as the entry tunnel or right by the cameras filming the event. These often fetch a much higher price than standard tickets, so the eBay buyer should be prepared to pay extra for them.

Purchasing WWE Raw Tickets as Memorabilia

A market has sprung up for used tickets for shows that have particular importance or significance for WWE Raw fans. Sometimes these are framed and very occasionally. They may be autographed by the stars who were wrestling that night, or other famous dignitaries such as announcers or the promoters. While these used tickets can generally be purchased for a fraction of their original value, they are often collected by true WWE Raw enthusiasts, and as with most items that are limited in numbers, they may increase in value with time.

WWE Raw Tickets as Birthday Party Invitations

With WWE Raw appealing to the broadest cross-section of the public and many parents and children huge fans of the events, there are companies that custom print tickets for children's birthday parties. These tickets often have the famous faces of the current and past wrestling stars, and may be just the thing if the WWE Raw fan's children are also huge fans as well. As many of these printing companies are overseas, the event and tickets purchase should be planned well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Other WWE Raw Memorabilia

As well as used tickets as memorabilia and party invitations, there are also other items for sale on eBay that may interest the WWE Raw fan. These items include pieces of certified floor mat, to T-shirts of favourite stars. Many of these items come from international eBay sellers, so allowances must be made for the length of time before arrival. As well as adult T-shirts, there are sellers who specialise in children's clothing, with masks of favourite stars being particularly popular.

How to Buy WWE Raw Tickets on eBay

Buying WWE Raw tickets on eBay, whether for future events or as memorabilia for past events where famous names have performed is very easy. While simply typing "WWE Raw tickets" into an eBay search box may bring up many events all over the country, the buyer can narrow down the search by entering a venue name or even the fight dates, and many fewer events are presented.

If you want tickets that are in a used condition from shows that have already happened, these too are available on eBay, sometimes framed. These can make an ideal gift for the WWE Raw fan, and as tickets are only printed in limited numbers, they may see an increase in value over time. Often, true devotees have many such tickets, charting the rise of their favourite WWE Raw stars, and they can be found on eBay.

If you have questions about the tickets, whether the questions are about the date, the featured wrestlers, or about the location of seats, you can click "Ask a Question" on the seller's page and engage in conversation with the seller. You may even want to find out if the seats have an view obstruction before purchasing the tickets.


Probably the most important issue for the fan of WWE Raw is planning well ahead to make sure he or she gets the desired seats. If the WWE Raw tickets are as a gift to a loved one who happens to be a huge fan, then the buyer should be prepared to pay extra for prime seating, in the thick of the action. The buyer may also consider buying tickets from an eBay seller who is selling in VIP tickets with such add-ons as VIP access, VIP parking, and VIP entrance.

Above all, because these events are so hugely popular, and often sell out many months prior to the event date, the buyer should plan the ticket purchase well in advance of the fight date, and plan accordingly, which means visiting eBay and selecting the venue with plenty of time to spare before the event. Many WWE Raw fans have often seen or heard advertising for an event near them for only a few days hence, and when calling to book seats, are told that all the prime seating has been taken, and that only the rear seats are left. This can lead to huge disappointment, so the buyer should always plan well ahead to avoid disappointment by turning to eBay with much more time ahead available before the desired event.

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