How to Buy WWE Smackdown Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy WWE Smackdown Tickets on eBay

Once considered a professional sport, wrestling has morphed into an entertainment juggernaut. Indoor arenas and outdoor stadiums typically sell out for professional wrestling events, especially the events organised by World Wide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The WWE attracts fans from all over the world for presenting world class athletes who play out creative plot lines during the matches. Like popular concerts or comedy shows, tickets for WWE events typically sell out within hours of release. This means WWE fans must resort to alternative ways to purchase tickets to see WWE events, such as Smackdown.

Smackdown fans who are shut out at the box office can choose to pay exorbitant ticket prices sold by touts or other third-party ticket brokers. However, patient WWE fans wait for Smackdown tickets to show up on eBay, which is one of the most popular ecommerce shops. Sellers from across the U.K. offer a wide variety of Smackdown tickets, from seats that sit a few metres from the ring to cheaper tickets in the upper parts of an arena bowl. Before going on eBay, Smackdown fans should learn about some of the factors that influence the purchase of Smackdown tickets, as well as consider the WWE's VIP ticket packages.

Overview of WWE Smackdown

The popularity of professional wrestling reached its apex during the 1990s, as several organisations promoted the entertainment through multimedia presentations. However, after the collapse of its major competitors, the WWE absorbed most of the wrestlers who had competed in rival organisations. Hence, the WWE has too many wrestlers to promote under one weekly television format. Vince McMahon and the members of WWE upper management decided to create a second weekly television programme that promoted the organisation's wrestlers. Smackdown and Raw eventually became the two pillars of WWE televised productions.

"Smackdown" refers to one of the many colloquialisms uttered by WWE megastar, the Rock. Created in 1999, Smackdown featured an oval designed TitanTron entrance and main stage that differed from the stage design presented on Raw. Because of the different configurations, seating for the two WWE productions differ. Smackdown producers later created a main stage configuration that allows the TitanTron to move either to the left or right of featured wrestlers. The development of Raw and Smackdown also prompted the WWE to create exclusive wrestler arrangements, although the company's undisputed champion competes on both televised broadcasts. The WWE televises Smackdown in over 162 countries, with the United Kingdom becoming one of the company's strongest areas for growth. Because of the U.K. growth, Smackdown tickets have become easy to obtain via eBay's U.K. ecommerce shop.

The WWE VIP Experience

As with concert and theatre tickets, the WWE has launched a ticket programme that allows fans to experience WWE Smackdown events in a more intimate fashion. WWE unveiled the first version of the ticket packages in March 2012 and fans should expect some tinkering with the package amenities before the WWE settles on standard features. Fans can also expect packages to differ, depending on the size and location of the Smackdown venue.

Here is a chart that depicts the features of two VIP ticket packages:

VIP Package


Superstar VIP Experience Package

One premium ringside seat

Meet and greet and autograph opportunity with predetermined WWE superstars

Photo with WWE championship belt

One limited edition WWE event folding chair

One WWE snap back cap

One limited edition event poster

One commemorative VIP ticket holder

Venue parking

Crowd-free merchandise shopping area

Enhanced VIP Package

One premium centre ring lower bowl seat

One WWE snap back cap

One limited edition event poster

One commemorative VIP ticket holder

Venue parking

Crowd-free merchandise shopping area

On-site VIP concierge

While the enhanced VIP package infers a better deal, the fact remains that the Superstar VIP Experience Ticket Package provides more benefits for WWE fans. Enhanced VIP ticket holders do not meet any of the WWE superstars. Remember, the WWE rotates superstars for meet and autograph sessions before a Smackdown event. The wrestling company typically lists the names of the superstars on its website about a week in advance of an event.

Factors to Consider Before Buying WWE Smackdown Tickets on eBay

Although eBay presents WWE Smackdown ticket buyers with unique challenges, the first step in the ticket buying process involves understanding the factors that determine the type of tickets purchased. It does not matter if tickets are purchased via brick and mortar discount windows or online at eBay. The following factors determine which type of ticket to buy, regardless of ticket distribution method.

Wrestler Updates

The WWE has earned a reputation for moving wrestlers between their two primary television presentations: Raw and Smackdown. For instance, a highly popular wrestler, such as the Undertaker, can move from Raw to Smackdown to boost ratings. WWE fans need to stay abreast of wrestler movement before they purchase tickets. Otherwise, they may purchase WWE Smackdown tickets on eBay to see wrestlers that no longer participate in Smackdown events. Wrestlers also leave the WWE, although that has diminished as the WWE procures more market share. Smackdown ticket buyers should also monitor wrestler injuries to avoid purchasing tickets for a main event that has lost one of its competitors to injury.


Smackdown's signature main staging area plays a significant role in determining the best seats for a Smackdown ticket sold on eBay. The WWE typically prefers to book both of its two primary shows inside of bowl-shaped stadiums that possess a capacity between 10,000 and 20,000 fans. Savvy Smackdown ticket buyers request tickets for seats located near, or adjacent to, the TitanTron stage. This gives them easy access to the superstars as they move down the aisle before matches. WWE fans who want to obtain tickets on eBay close to the TitanTron must either secure a place close to the front of a ticket line or be prepared to log in to the WWE and search for tickets on the day of the online sale. TitanTron seats are also considered premium seats, and thus, the tickets cost more than other tickets for Smackdown events.

Ringside Seats

While seats close to the TitanTron cost more than the average Smackdown ticket, the premium seats that surround the ring are the most coveted seats by Smackdown fans. However, ringside seats often go to VIPs or family members and friends of WWE employees. Savvy Smackdown fans wait for some of the ringside seats to be released as the date of a Smackdown event draws near. Many eBay Smackdown ticket sellers offer ringside seats either because they can no longer attend the event or they need to unload the tickets for financial reasons. Despite what many fans think, the best way to obtain ringside seats to Smackdown is to wait patiently for the tickets to appear on eBay.

The Flip Side of Ringside Seats

Ringside seats place fans so close to the ring that they can hear the howls of victorious wrestlers, but ringside seats may also cause some terrible sight angles. Most ringside seats are located on flat surfaces, which can preclude fans from seeing all of the action if they are short or forced to sit because of health issues. Therefore, many parents who buy Smackdown tickets on eBay prefer to sit in sections that elevate from ground level. This provides their children with unobstructed views of their favourite wrestlers. Check the layout of a venue holding a Smackdown event in the United Kingdom to ensure the ring sits in the middle of the venue and not off to one of the sides. Some Smackdown events place the ring closer to the TitanTron main stage.

Price Differences

Fans can pay different prices for the same tickets on eBay, depending on the time of year Smackdown appears in their city. Smackdown tickets cost more as the WWE approaches its biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. For instance, Manchester Smackdown tickets for a show in early September cost less than tickets sold for smackdown shows presented in early March. As the WWE moves closer to its premier event, the organisation promotes more of its superstars at Smackdown events. Another WWE event that draws exceedingly well is Summerslam.

How to Buy WWE Smackdown Tickets on eBay

eBay provides buyers with clearly defined categories for purchasing products. For instance, WWE Smackdown tickets appear under the "sport events" category. Yet, the best way to purchase Smackdown tickets is to utilise eBay's powerful search engine. As with Google's search engine, the key to using eBay's search engine is to narrowly define the keywords you type into the search engine box located at the top of every eBay page. For Smackdown tickets, you can type the city and venue where the WWE plans to hold the Smackdown show. Since many eBay Smackdown ticket sellers offer their tickets on short notice, you should search for tickets that you can buy directly from a seller's eBay shop.

Another way to ensure quick delivery for Smackdown tickets offered on short notice at eBay is to buy from only United Kingdom sellers. British-based sellers can expedite the tickets quicker than ticket sellers who live in other European countries. In addition, check the delivery terms for Smackdown tickets to make sure the delivery time frame gets the tickets to your door before a Smackdown event. You can find seller delivery terms on seller product pages, along with seller accepted payment methods. You should not consider eBay sellers who do not accept your preferred credit card.


Despite numerous scandals that include the much publicised American congressional hearing about steroid abuse, the WWE has grown into one of the most popular forms of sports entertainment. Tickets for WWE organised Smackdown and Raw events usually sell out within hours of the ticket release date. This means that in many United Kingdom markets, Smackdown fans have to wait until tickets appear on eBay, which is the best commerce venue for matching Smackdown ticket buyers and sellers. While a rapidly growing number of Smackdown fans understand that eBay represents the best place to find tickets, most eBay shoppers do not know how to buy WWE Smackdown tickets on eBay.

The first factor to consider involves the Smackdown superstars. Smackdown organisers rotate their superstars to appear in a select number of shows to avoid over exposure and maximise the effectiveness of plot lines. Fans should confirm that their favourite superstars are scheduled to appear in a Smackdown event. The next two factors involve the location of both the Smackdown TitanTron and ring. The TitanTron is where the wrestlers appear on the main stage before they enter the square circle. Fans also must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of garnering ringside seats. The best way to maximise a fan's Smackdown experience is to research the venue and seating arrangements well in advance of purchasing Smackdown tickets on eBay.

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