How to Buy Wax Candles on eBay

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How to Buy Wax Candles on eBay

Wax candles have been around for centuries, yet their use has changed considerably. Ancient Egyptians used them as a primary source of lighting, and Chinese and Indian civilisations perfected their own versions several years later. However, people now use them to create a unique atmosphere in the home, and they are sometimes preferred to over electric lighting in that respect. Many candles are intended solely for their aroma, and some are even purchased just for their pleasing design. Whatever their purpose is, there are thousands to choose from, and deciding on the most appropriate one can be a complex task. Many people aren’t aware that there is more than one type of wax, and they all have very different burning properties and effects. The majority of wax candles sold in the UK are made in large production facilities that can produce thousands every hour. However, there is an increasing trend towards handmade candles, as interesting and original designs are possible. Some people consider it a great thrill to own a candle that was made by hand; as if it tells a story in some way. The production of candles includes many different variables, and they can change vital aspects such as burning time, hardness, smoke-emission and texture. People will usually gravitate towards the cheapest candles on the market, yet they can be inefficient and unpleasant. A candle made with the very best wax and wick may cost a little more, but it will last longer. There are thousands of candles available on the eBay website, so understanding a little about the different varieties will help the consumer make an informed choice.

The Manufacturing Process

Making candles is actually very easy; however the skill comes in creating original and decorative designs that will add some style to a home. Raw wax is melted and brought to a steady temperature. It then has excess air removed and colour added; there may also be scents added at this stage. Waxed wicks are placed in moulds, and the hot wax is then poured in. Great care is taken to ensure that air bubbles are removed during the process, as this can affect both the look and performance of the candle.

The Different Varieties of Wax

The quality of wax is integral in the production of candles, and which type to choose is usually a matter of preference. However, there are some important cost and environmental issues to take into consideration.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is used in most of the candles available in the UK, as it is cheap, effective, and widely available. However, there are uncertainties about the toxins and smoke that are emitted. There is no conclusive evidence suggesting that paraffin wax candles are damaging to either health or the environment. If concerned about the use of fossil fuels, then restrict the search to candles made with renewable wax.

Soy Wax

Whilst soy wax candles are relatively difficult to come by, they are slowly becoming more popular in the UK. The wax is extracted from soya beans, and therefore comes from a renewable source. They emit far less soot than paraffin wax candles, and their slow burning rates mean they generally last longer.

Palm Wax

There has been some controversy surrounding the production of palm wax in recent years, as it is believed that large areas of rainforest are being cleared in order to harvest the palm fruit that is required. However, there are some environmentally-friendly palm wax candles available in the UK. These candles burn very cleanly, and they share many of their properties with soy wax candles.


Bees are in dangerously short supply in the UK at the moment. Bee-keeping seems to be a dying art, and that has resulted in shortages of honey-producing bees. Wax is taken from hives, and it is well-known for its great burning qualities. However, the shortage of beeswax means that the cost of beeswax candles is relatively high at the moment.

The Main Types of Wax Candle

Candles are used widely in the UK because they deliver a quality of mood-lighting that is just not possible with electric lights. However, the intricate and ornate properties of many candles on the market today means that people are buying them as permanent centre-pieces for their home. Candles come in an enormous range of styles and qualities, and choosing the right one is usually a matter of taste.

Floating Candle

Floating candles are fantastic for large baths or outdoor pools at night. They come in their own containers which are designed to float whilst keeping the candle dry.

Pillar Candle

Pillar candles look great in the home, as they are thick enough to stand without a holder. Many of them are handmade, so they can be on the expensive side. However, multi-coloured designs are possible with a hand-rolled production technique.

Container Candle

Container candles are placed inside jars, tins, and pots, and they are primarily bought for their aromatic properties. However, they have a unique quality, so many people purchase them as permanent features for their home.

Votive Candle

Votive candles are only two or three inches tall, and they are designed to stand in their very own holders. They are ideal for romantic settings within the home, or they can be very effective for aromatic baths.

Tealight Candle

Tealights are the small, cylindrical candles that are used in many restaurants. They are designed to completely liquify, and they are sometimes very effective in distributing aromas around the home. Their holders ensure that melted wax doesn’t cause a mess.

Taper Candle

A taper candle is considered to be the quintessential design. They are sometimes called ‘dinner candles’, and they are usually tall, slender, and housed in candlesticks.

Aromatherapy Candles

It is widely believed that pleasant smells around the home promote relaxation and general well-being. Aromatherapy candles burn slowly, and they consistently emit their aromas around a room.

Wickless Candles

Wickless candles are actually melted. They have no wick, so no naked flame is involved. Instead, they are heated in order to release their aromas into the atmosphere. Families with small children in the home can use these candles without concern.

A Candle for Every Occasion

There are some great candles around that complement special occasions nicely. Many of them are handmade, as they require and enormous attention to detail.

Cupcake Candles

Cupcake candles can be designed to look like the real thing. Their intricate designs and clever use of colour make them perfect for birthday parties.

Flower Candles

Flower candles also use colour very effectively, and they are ideal for weddings and anniversaries.

Fruit Candles

Fruit candles are hugely popular on the internet at the moment, and they are often bought as an interesting centre-piece for a kitchen.

Festive Candles

Candles in the shape of Christmas trees, stars and reindeer are incredibly popular during the festive period.

Buying Wax Candles on eBay

The eBay website is home to thousands of wax candles, and finding the ideal one for a special occasion is very easy. The quickest way to conduct a search is by entering a search term in the text-entry box towards the top of the homepage. However, everything on eBay is categorised, so finding very specific wax candles is quick and convenient. The search should begin with the clicking of the All Categories link on the homepage. The drop-down menu that appears will have a category entitled, Home, Furniture & DIY. This link should also be clicked, and that will result in a menu of sub-categories being displayed on the left of the page. Click the link to Home Decor, and the Candles & Tealights link will be clearly visible. Shopping on the eBay website is simple, and there are some excellent savings to be made by shopping around a little. Many sellers offer free shipping, and that can greatly reduce the final purchase-price. Further savings may also be possible by buying bundles, as they include several items for one price. Shopping on eBay can be done with complete confidence, as ‘authorised’ status indicates that the seller has a track-record of reputable dealing on the site.


Candles have come a long way during the last one hundred years. They were once the only source of light in the average British home, yet they are now often preferred to electric lighting because of their unique atmospheric properties. Candles create an ambience of serenity and relaxation, and they are used to mark a wide range of occasions. However, buying the right candle for the purpose it is intended is not just a case of buying the cheapest available. For romantic settings, a votive candle may be the best option; for a formal dinner, a quality taper candle may be the most appropriate. Cheaper paraffin wax candles may be suitable to have in the house in case of emergency, but they may make a mess, create smoke and burn relatively quickly. Paying a little more for high-quality soy wax candles may be cost-effective, as they burn longer and create less smoke. Browsing candles should be a fun experience, as some of the designs now being produced are highly original. With a little shopping around on the eBay site, the best candle for the occasion is very easy to find.

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