How to Buy Welders on eBay

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How to Buy Welders on eBay

Buyers who like to repair and build objects with metal, plastic, or polymer components can visit eBay to find a wide selection of welders that can be used to join a range of materials. Welders are applied to a number of repair or construction projects, ranging from large-scale automotive renovation to delicate circuit board construction. To work, welders melt the edges of two objects and add a joining material, usually metal or plastic, to create a permanent bond between the objects. Because fused joints sustain stress, the joints created during the welding process must be stronger than the materials that are bonded.

Since each welding job is a unique challenge, buyers can utilise eBay's welder offerings to find the exact welding models they need for their plans. eBay supplies buyers with both new and used welder options, so buyers can find a welder that matches their budgets. Before shopping for a welder, however, buyers should be able to understand the benefits of each type of welder, their power options, and their features to make the most strategic welder purchase depending on a buyer's needs.

Types of Welders

Although manufacturers can use advanced, proprietary welders within their operations, most at-home or small shop welders utilise basic types of welders for most applications. These welders vary based on the conditions in which they are most appropriate, so buyers should think about the restrictions of their workspaces as well as the materials with which they generally plan to work before browsing for welders on eBay. Additionally, some welders require a shielding gas when they are operated to protect the connections between a project's base metals and a welder's welding stick. Because of this, buyers should carefully read the product details of any eBay welder listing to see if a potential welder purchase is equipped to supply shielding gas during operation.

Arc Welder

Arc welders are also known as stick welders and are used in metal shops for basic welding tasks. To melt materials, arc welders generate an electric current from the end of the welder's welding stick to the materials that are being fused. Arc welders are appropriate for indoor or outdoor workspaces even in windy conditions, a benefit that some buyers may find useful depending on their work environments. Arc welders are also effective when welding rusty metal components, which may resist the welding of other types of welders. One drawback for buyers considering an arc welder is the thickness of the metals it can fuse, however, so buyers should only consider purchasing an arc welder on eBay if their work is generally on 18-gauge or thicker metal sheets.

MIG Welder

MIG welders can be referred to as Gas Metal Arc Welders (GMAW) and use a spool-fed wire electrode to connect base metals. During the welding process, the wire is melted to create a solid, clean-looking joint that requires little cleaning after the joint is formed. MIG welders can handle both thick and thin metal gauges, so they are appropriate for a range of applications. eBay buyers with limited welding experience may find MIG welders to be a safe purchase because these types of welders are easier to operate than many other welder types.

A subset of MIG welders are Flux-Cored Arc Welders (FCAW). These welders fit under the MIG welder classification because they employ wires like standard MIG welders, but do not require a supply of shielding gas before they are operated. Because no shielding gas is used, FCAW welding can be done quickly, relative to the welding times of other welder types. To make MIG-type welders more efficient, some manufacturers offer MIG welders with gas or no gas options, so one unit can operate as a GMAW and FCAW. Buyers who would like a lot of future flexibility with their welders should search on eBay for MIG welders with both gas and no gas options.

TIG Welder

TIG welders are known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welders (GTAW) because they utilise tungsten electrodes to fashion a weld. This type of welder can operate with or without a filler metal depending on the materials that need to be joined. TIG welders are limited to welding thin materials and are suitable for fine welding that may be required for aluminium or copper welding work. One disadvantage of TIG welders is the skill required to operate them, so novice welders may prefer to purchase another type of welder from eBay to gain experience before choosing a TIG welder model.

Welder Power Options

The amount of power needed to complete a welding job depends greatly on the thickness of the materials that are joined during the welding process. Because arc welders, MIG welders, and TIG welders employ different types of electrodes to operate, they need different power supply capabilities.

Welder Power Options


Generally Found

Constant current

Welder operates with a set supply of constant current so the power of the welding arc remains constant

Arc and TIG welders

Constant voltage

Welder operates with a set supply of constant voltage so the power of the welding arc remains constant

MIG welders

Before purchasing either constant current or constant voltage welders on eBay, buyers should review a welder's power specifications in its eBay product listing. Some small welders are easily operable through the amps of a standard wall outlet, but more powerful welder models may require more amps than a standard wall outlet can provide. If this is the case, buyers should consult a local electrician to find out if their wall outlets can be changed to accommodate the demands of a powerful welder model. By checking with an electrician before committing to an eBay purchase, buyers ensure that the welder models they acquire can operate in their actual work environment.

Welder Features

To increase a welder's usability, manufacturers offer a number of features to choose from when buyers shop for their perfect welder models. Before choosing which welder model to purchase, buyers should check out the product specifications of a model as well as the accessories that are supplied with a model as part of a sale. This helps buyers get a true sense of the value of each welder offering on eBay.


For buyers who plan to use their welders in a variety of environments, purchasing a portable welder can be a smart buying decision. Buyers who plan to work in multiple locations should remember power requirements, however, and opt for portable welder models that can operate on the power supplied by standard wall outlets.

Hammer and Wire Brush

Hammers and wire brushes allow buyers to clean their welding work to achieve the most professional appearance possible. A welder's hammer can chip away at any slag that is left on a joint after it is fused, while a wire brush smoothes the joint's surface. Like a face shield, hammers and wire brushes are usually included in a welder purchase.

Face Shield

A face shield protects a user's face during the potentially dangerous process of welding. Although most face shields included in a welder's purchase are basic models, some face shields can have advanced features that improve safety. To protect a user's eyes while welding, auto-darkening glass is added to a face shield. Adjustable sensitivity to light allows users to change how quickly a face shield's glass reacts to light. Face shields can become heavy after prolonged use, so buyers should also look for face shields that are lightweight to prevent neck strain.

Turbo Fans

Fans are often added to the main power unit of welders to control the amount of heat that is generated during the welding process. If buyers work in hot environments, they can opt to purchase welder models with turbo fans to increase the ability of a power unit to cool itself during operation.

Buying Welders on eBay

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can source all of their welding equipment from eBay, which carries a wide selection of welders and related accessories. To find welders quickly, buyers can use eBay's handy search function to type in relevant keywords, like "gasless MIG welder", and browse the limited assortment of search results that eBay generates. eBay buyers should pay close attention to the safety features and specifications of each welder model to be certain that they purchase the best model available based on their circumstances. To be able to tackle large and small jobs, buyers should look for models outfitted with adjustable power control settings. Thermal overload protection helps buyers avoid internal damage occurring if a welder reaches critical temperature levels. Buyers should also check if wire spools are included in MIG welder models and which size of wire is needed when it is time to purchase more wire. Taking the time to assess welder models on eBay while shopping increases the likelihood that buyers make an informed and satisfactory purchase.


eBay carries a wide array of welders so buyers can meet the challenges of large and small repair and construction projects. To gain the most value from eBay's offerings, however, buyers should understand how different types of welders vary before shopping. Choosing the right type of welder relies on a number of factors, like the experience of the user, the types of metals to be joined, and the limitations of a user's work area. The amount of power a welder requires determines whether a buyer must overhaul their standard wall outlets before operating the welder, an added cost buyers should be aware of before making a welder purchase on eBay. Welder features increase the longevity and safety of operating a welder and can also help users create professional-looking joints. Once buyers have a solid understanding of the types of welders they should purchase and which welder features to look for, they can visit eBay to find welder models appropriate for every do-it-yourself project.

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