How to Buy Wing Mirror Glass on eBay

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How to Buy Wing Mirror Glass on eBay

Wing mirrors are mounted on a car's front doors on both the driver and passenger sides. These mirrors help to eliminate a driver's blind spot by allowing him or her to see vehicles, people, and other obstacles clearly in the general vicinity of the car. Some wing mirrors also have a small convex section of glass on the edge to further enhance a driver's visibility. The direction that the wing mirrors point in can be adjusted either manually or controlled via a setting on the inside of the car, often near the steering wheel or on the driver's door. This control sometimes has four directional arrows that are used to alter the position of the wing mirrors.

When purchasing wing mirror glass on eBay,, buyers should consider the various features of manual and power controlled wing mirrors, familiarise themselves with the different types of glass, and understand how to navigate the eBay website.

Types of Wing Mirror

Wing mirrors can be defined by the way that they are adjusted. There are two primary ways to alter the position of wing mirrors: manual and power controlled. Each method has a range of features.

Manual Wing Mirror

A manual wing mirror provides motorists with several different options. Instead of moving the mirror by hand, some manual versions come with a remote mechanism to help with the adjustment. This remote mechanism may only be active for the passenger side wing mirror as the motorist can adjust the driver side wing mirror easily. In addition, these wing mirrors may also fold inwards towards the door when manually adjusted.

Power Controlled Wing Mirror

Unlike a manual wing mirror, a power controlled wing mirror adjusts its settings electronically. It also has other features that help to increase its functionality. A list of these features and their respective tasks are seen in the table below.

Features of a Power Controlled Wing Mirror



Built in heating system that defrosts, or defogs, the glass

Mirror may have a heated symbol etched on the surface of the glass, for example, a square with three S-shaped lines on the top inside corner


Allows drivers to preset their preferred position for the wing mirror


Also called auto dim or dimming

The glass on the mirror automatically becomes darker when a light is flashed onto its surface

Indicator light

Built-in indicator light on the glass or on the housing of the wing mirror

Puddle light

Also known as a puddle lamp or security light

Located near the bottom of the mirror

Directs light towards the ground near to the car door when it is opened

Electric folding

The wing mirror can fold inwards towards the door when activated by an electronic switch

The number of wires connected to a wing mirror is often a good indication of the number of features that a power controlled model has. Power controlled wing mirrors usually have two or three wires with an additional two wires for each additional feature.

Types of Wing Mirror Glass

Wing mirrors can be made of several types of glass including plain, convex, and tinted. Choosing the best type of glass is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

Plain Glass for Wing Mirrors

Plain glass has a flat appearance. This flatness of the surface helps the wing mirror to reflect light from an object at the same angle without disturbing the image. Objects viewed in plain glass wing mirrors are the same distance as the original object.

Convex Glass for Wing Mirrors

Convex glass is curved and often distorts the driver's ability to gauge the distance of other objects properly when viewed in the mirror. So, the wording "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" may be etched across the bottom of the mirror. This type of glass is often preferred as it helps to widen the driver's visual field.

Tinted Glass for Wing Mirrors

Some wing mirror glass is permanently tinted. The tint may be of varying hues, including blue, grey, and brown.


Wing mirrors help drivers to see areas behind and to the sides of their car that would otherwise be outside of their peripheral vision. These mirrors may be adjusted manually or power controlled. Manual wing mirrors require the motorist to adjust the mirror by hand, but may offer a remote device to help to adjust the passenger side wing mirror. Power controlled wing mirrors are adjusted electronically.

To help with a driver's visibility of the road, wing mirror glass often comes with additional features. The glass may have a heating system, helping to defrost the mirror for optimal viewing, or contain memory sensors for a quick and easy return to previous settings. Other wing mirrors may have an indicator light, helping to alert other motorists when the driver is turning the car. When searching for wing mirror glass on eBay, buyers should consider the various types. Flat glass does not distort the distance of objects in the mirror, while convex glass helps to increase the driver's field of vision. With a wide range of wing mirror glass to choose from, eBay can help any buyer to find the perfect match for their car.

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