How to Buy Womens Slipper Mules

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How to Buy Women's Slipper Mules

Mules are a type of footwear that have a closed toe and an open back. These types of shoes are easy to slide on and off with little effort. For this reason, mules are a common style and many women wear them as slippers. They can easily be slipped on when climbing out of bed to keep the feet warm when wandering around the house. Slipper mules are available in a wide range of styles and colours, so finding the perfect pair to match any woman’s tastes is easy. When shopping for women’s slipper mules, shoppers must choose the material, style and colour, sole, and size to meet their needs and personal preferences. Depending on the quality and materials used, prices can vary, but slipper mules are a fairly affordable type of footwear. Those looking to save money on slippers may consider shopping for used slipper mules. No matter what style, colour, or condition women are looking for, they’ll find a huge assortment of slipper mules to choose from on eBay.

Choose a Material

When women are shopping for a pair of slipper mules, the appearance and comfort are often the first things that they consider. The material that the upper part of the slipper is composed of determines both style and comfort. The thick uppers protect the feet and keep them warm. In addition to the appearance, the material that the slippers are made of can affect the price and durability. Shoppers often have the choice of textile, synthetic, leather, or suede slippers.


A textile upper on slipper mules can refer to many different fabrics. For slipper mules this usually means soft and cosy materials that keep the feet warm. Jersey cotton is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Woven or knitted upper materials keep the feet warm while providing an attractive design. Terry cloth slipper mules are soft and absorbent. These slippers are ideal for wearing right out of the shower.


Slipper mules made from synthetic materials are durable and often less expensive than slippers made from other materials. Synthetic materials used to make mules include nylon, polyester, and fleece. They might have a hard and smooth finish or they may be fluffy. Faux leather and faux suede are two other synthetic materials commonly used to make slipper mules. These have a similar look and appearance to real leather and suede, but have a lower price tag and are less durable.

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede are two very durable materials used to make some slipper mules. Leather is a bit more weather resistant than suede is, and leather slippers can handle getting wet without suffering significant damage. Leather and suede are both made from animal hides and are built to last. They don’t easily wear out they become more comfortable the more they are worn. Leather and suede slipper mules can be more expensive than other materials, but they also last a lot longer.

Choose a Style and Colour

Shoppers also need to consider the style and colour of the slippers they want to wear. No matter which materials they’re made from, they all come in a wide range of designs and colours. Fur-lined slippers are a popular style that also have a cosy feel. Women who are looking for something in a simpler style might opt for an animal print or a solid colour.


Fur-lined slippers are among the most popular types of slippers for women. They are most often lined with fleece or faux fur around the upper edge and inside lining. These have an attractive appearance as well as function to keep the feet warm. Fur-lined slippers come in all colours and designs, and they can be found in any material.

Animal Prints

Animal print slipper mules are another popular choice amongst women. These prints include zebra, leopard, and spotted designs in all styles and colours. Animal print slippers are usually furry to mimic the appearance of animal fur. They are fun to wear and show off a woman’s inner child.

Solid Colours

Women looking for slippers that offer a more conservative look may opt for solid colours. Fortunately, slippers can be found in all colours to go along with any outfit or set of pyjamas. Pink is the most feminine colour, but neutral beiges, black, or navy slippers go along with pretty much anything.

Choose the Right Type of Sole

The sole refers to the underside of the slipper. Many different types of soles are available for slipper mules. Women have to decide if they want slippers that will only be worn indoors or if they would like a sturdier sole that can be worn outdoors, on occasion. While thicker soles are more durable and weather resistant, they are also not always as comfortable and can be more expensive.

Rubber Soles

Some women like to have the ability to run outside to grab the paper or walk down to the mailbox in their slippers. If slippers are going to be worn outside, then they should have a sturdy sole that will hold up against dirt and moisture. Slipper mules with a thick rubber sole are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They won’t leave marks on the floors, but they won’t absorb water or be easily stained with dirt if they are worn outside.

Soft Soles

Slipper mules with a soft sole are more comfortable for wearing inside. Additionally, they won’t track dirt onto the bed or sofa. Grips are often placed on the bottoms of soft-soled slippers so that the wearer does not slip on smooth surfaces. These slippers can’t be worn outside because they do not hold up well against water.

Find the Right Size

In order for slippers to be comfortable, they need to be the proper size. For the most part, slipper mules tend to use the same sizes as outdoor shoes. These are typically from sizes UK 3 to UK 8, but many larger sizes are also available. In some instances, slippers may have combined sizes or run from small to extra large. Women have to estimate the proper size in these instances. When selecting slipper mules that have the proper fit, the heel of the foot should not hang over the back edge. There should be some room between the heel and the outer edge of the shoe. This ensures that there is even pressure on the bottom of the foot to prevent any pain or discomfort.

Shopping for Used Slipper Mules

Shoppers may look for used slipper mules as a way to save money. Many used slippers are still in great condition and have a lot of life left in them. Though the styles and sizes available in used slippers are limited, there are still many great deals to be found. Shopping for used slippers is a bit harder than shopping for new slippers because in addition to the style and appearance, the condition and prices need to be evaluated and compared.

Evaluate the Condition

Slippers are footwear that are worn often and should be able to hold up well to heavy wear. When shopping for used slipper mules, they should still be in good shape. Shoppers should steer clear of slippers that show signs of heavy wear or are in fair or poor condition. These will likely not last long and have to be replaced sooner. Instead shoppers should look for used slippers that have not been worn often and are still in like new condition. These will still have a lot of life left in them and will fetch a much lower price than the original retail price.

Compare Prices

When looking at used slippers, shoppers have to evaluate the prices to determine whether or not they are a good investment. To do this, the original retail price of the slippers, quality, and current condition of the slippers are taken into consideration. The price for the used slippers should be much lower than the retail price in order to be considered a good deal.

How to Buy Women’s Slipper Mules on eBay

Slippers are to be found under the women's shoes category of eBay, where there are thousands of slippers to choose from. You can select slipper mules as the style to see all of the selections that are currently available. You can narrow down the listings even further by selecting the size, brand, colour, or material. Whether you’re looking for new or used slipper mules, you’ll be able to take your pick of the many slippers currently being offered. If you already have a pair of slippers you’d like to buy in mind, then searching for them with keywords is the quickest way to find them.

Search for Women’s Slipper Mules on eBay

A search bar is present on each eBay page to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. In this bar, type keywords to describe the pair of slipper mules that you’re interested in to return several listings that match. For example, a search for "brown suede slipper mules" uses keywords to describe the colour, material, and style of slippers you’re searching for. If the list of results is too broad, then other options such as size, brand, and condition can be selected to narrow down the search even further.


Mules are a type of backless, closed-toed footwear that are popular because of how easy they are to slide on and off. This also makes them a popular type of footwear for slippers. They can be kept by the bedside to easily slip into upon waking up to move around the house. They help to protect the feet as well as keep them warm during cold weather. Slipper mules are available in a wide range of styles and colours, so they are likely to match any woman’s personal taste, no matter how wild or conservative it may be. The appearance of the slippers varies depending on the materials used to make them. The materials the slippers are made from can also affect the price and quality. Women who don’t want to invest a lot of money in a pair of slippers can save a little bit by shopping for used slippers. Mules offer comfort and convenience that many women look for when shopping for a pair of slippers. Whether shoppers are looking for conservative leather mule slippers or fun and fuzzy leopard print mule slippers, eBay has a huge selection to choose from.

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