How to Buy a BMW 320

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How to Buy a BMW 320

The BMW brand is synonymous with high performance, elegance, and overall comfort. The decision to purchase a BMW is rewarded with a vehicle manufactured by a company that listens closely to its customers. By listening to its customers, BMW has transformed the complete appearance and key features of each vehicle line, all while retaining the brand's reputation for creating stylish, appealing, and efficient cars. After a careful assessment of all the specifications, buyer reviews, stock, and upgraded features, deciding to buy a BMW 3 Series grants the new owner admission into a club whose members are engine performance enthusiasts.

The very best of German engineering has aligned within the BMW 3 Series 320 Sedan. To clarify the numbering, a BMW 320 is defined as a model of BMW within the 3 Series that has a 2.0-litre turbo engine. Before buying a BMW 320, it is important to know the history and features of the car, and how to look for good deals on BMW 320s on eBay..

Learn About the History of the BMW 320 Series

The BMW 3 Series is an impressive and popular line within the BMW collection. In the late summer of 1975, BMW unveiled the 3 Series line, which included the model designations 316, 318, 320, and 320i. The original 3 Series line was highly anticipated and was well received. The car displayed a two-door, higher end body, with an emphasis on sport performance with the inclusion of an independent spring strut suspension on both front and rear ends.

The 2.0-liter engine models, the 320 and 320i, stood out immediately in front of the 316 and 318 as both had improved horsepower. Since the original unveiling, BMW has launched six generations of the 3 Series line, with the 320 and 320i dominating in the popularity stakes. Originally designed and currently equipped with the iconic dual headlights, the 320 and 320i has retained it prestige over the decades, making the BMW 320 a timeless example of German automaking excellence.

Consider the Six Car Body Styles

BMW allows eager 320 enthusiasts to choose from a range of six body styles. Each style of 3 Series is unique, varying in terms of appearance and with respect to vehicle features. The most popular is the saloon style.

Styles of BMW 320

Brief Description


Features a hard, retractable top and classic body lines; offers comfort and enjoyable driving year round


A classic sporty coupe; two-door design is paired with a roomy, athletic design interior


A blend of tradition and modern appeal; sporty saloon body with seamless design that is eye-catching


Highly functional and unique in appearance; quality materials; spacious interior

BMW offers high torque, low consumption 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engines, with the option of petrol or diesel, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. BMW differentiates the 3 Series line by adding indicative letters to the model numbers. An all-wheel drive is indicated by an '320x', petrol with a '320i&', and diesel with a '320d&'.

Compare the Various Features

Before purchasing a BMW 320, one should consider making a list of desired specifications and features. BMW offers 320 engines in all body styles available. Side-by-side comparisons of the various 320 models allows buyers the opportunity to quickly analyse handling, fuel-efficiency, safety, comfort, and design. Additionally, it is important to consider the primary use of the BMW 320. If unsure, one should contact a BMW sales associate to learn more details about how the different models compare.

Petrol or Diesel

BMW 320s are available with either petrol or diesel consumption engines. As mentioned earlier the designation 320i is for a petrol engine and 320d indicates a diesel engine. The choice between petrol or diesel comes down to a matter of personal preference. However, it is important to consider the basic differences first, to make an informed decision. For example, when traveling longer distances, a diesel engine is equipped to offer the best fuel efficiency. However, petrol engines offer characteristically smoother driving experiences and on average the repairs are less costly. Comparing a 320i to a 320d to a buyers list of preferred features and specification allows the buyer to make an informed decision. If unsure, contact a BMW dealer to request additionally information and schedule a test drive.

Factory Stock Features

With the purchase of a BMW 320, buyers are rewarded with an impressive list of quality, factory stock features. For example, the most popular model, the BMW 3 Series Saloon, comes with twin turbo-powered engines, a sophisticated suspension, and variable sport steering, which adjusts the angle of the front wheels, allowing for easy handling. Other attractive features include intelligent technology, functional interiors, and a lightweight construction that includes a blend of a steel body and aluminium front chassis. The overall stock features are neatly uniform and provide the owner a balance of vehicle strength, innovation, style, and comfort.

Aftermarket Upgrades

Buyers can choose from an array of inspiring upgraded features with the purchase of a BMW 320. The options include enhanced leather upholstery, advanced three-dimensional sound system, sophisticated navigation, and various driver assist systems. BMW upgraded features emphasise a blend of quality manufacturing with modern touches. Buyers can be specific in their choice of upgrades. For instance, one can switch to wood panels. BMW is happy to customise a 320 to individual specifications.

New or Used Condition

When deciding between a new or used BMW 320, there are a few things a buyer should consider. New vehicles are typically covered by a warranty. However, a used vehicle that is competitively valued can reward the potential buyer with substantial savings. If contemplating a used BMW 320, the first step is to do as much research on the vehicle as possible before committing to the purchase. The appropriate research includes reading buyers reports, auto reviews, and maintenance data. Once the facts are clear, the buyer should consider requesting a full vehicle history report and scheduling a used vehicle inspection with a local BMW dealer. Whether new or used, prospective buyers should additionally set a sale amount limit to ensure the buyer does not exceed his or her budget.

Take It for a Test Drive

Informed BMW 320 buyers know that quality is assured by a performance test. The best way to learn how the BMW 320 handles and performs on the road is to get into the driver's seat. Hold tightly to the wheel when accelerating, as BMW routinely promises torque that thrills and hugs the road. Feel the quality craftsmanship first hand. The interior design is comfortable, efficient, and functional. A BMW 320 test drive is guaranteed to provide prospective owners an unmatched insight into why this vehicle has such a unique and timeless appeal.

Schedule a Service for the BMW 320

From the assembly to delivery, a well-made and well-maintained vehicle ensures the owner hundreds of thousands of proficient miles. BMW's basic maintenance plan involves a service checkup at 7,500 mile intervals with recommendations that service be performed at 3,750 mile intervals. Detailed vehicle inspections, to check for unusual wear or leaks, are recommended for the 15,000 mile mark, and then every 30,000 miles thereafter. If unsure, the buyer should consult the owner's manual for specifics or contact a BMW service representative.


BMW has remained modern, attractive, and popular over the decades due to quality manufacturing and efficient, high-performance engineering. Paired with innovative suspension, technology, and intelligent use of materials, BMW is famous for producing top-of-the-line automobiles. The BMW 3 Series is a standout series of BMWs that routinely promises and delivers style, aerodynamics, and elegance.

BMW 320 buyers have the option of petrol or diesel, identified  respectively with the designations 320i or 320d. A buyer should consider the overall factory and upgraded features, while keeping in mind that BMW aims to satisfy its customers by accommodating custom requests. Additionally, one should be sure to consider the selection of used BMW 320 models compared to new, as a used vehicle offers the buyer significant savings. Proper maintenance is key for long term performance, as service schedules are designed to identify and resolve any issues at particular mileage points. If unsure as to which specific model to choose, the best way to make an informed BMW 320 selection is to get behind the wheel for a test drive.

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