How to Buy a BMX Bike on eBay

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How to Buy a BMX Bike on eBay

Since they first appeared in the USA in the 1970’s BMX bikes have become big business. The idea of combining the thrills and spills of motocross with pedal powered cycling has proved to be immensely popular. Riders can choose to perform tricks and stunts, on the street or purpose built ‘skateparks’ and ramps. They can also be ridden on dirt trails which are a series of jumps often dug out of fields. Riders can even compete in tough and arduous races over specially designed race tracks, and the enjoyment level is such that even a novice can get excited. The sport is one that can be enjoyed by riders of all ages. This unique form of cycling can be split into in two main categories – racing and freestyle – and each requires a certain type of BMX bike. At eBay there are many different models on offer, and at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. It is helpful to know what to expect from different classes of BMX bike, as each has its own attributes. The two types of BMX biking that are the most popular across the world are Freestyle and Racing. By browsing on eBay it is possible to get a good idea of what to expect, and this guide should help.

The Different Classes of BMX Bike

Here types of BMX bikes are split into three different classes – entry level, mid level and top end. Each has its own attributes and it is important to understand what they entail. Here’s what to expect:





Entry Level

Beginners Skate Parks and Streets


Younger riders


Advanced Skate Parks and Tricks

Light Steel

Younger riders

Top End

High Performance

Cromoly or aluminium for racing

Taller riders

The entry level bike will be a very capable machine that is intended as an introduction to BMX riding. Most will feature a strong steel frame for durability and stiffness, and they will be smaller than usual. A BMX bike is, by its very nature, a small machine to begin with thanks to the use of 20inch wheels for agility and precision. 

The mid-level machine will be a little more expensive than an entry level bike and will be suitable for the more experienced rider who is intending to advance their skills. These machines will use a more complex crank and bearing system, and also a gyro headset that allows for full circle spins of the handlebars. The rider will be looking to perform advanced tricks.

Top end BMX bikes are very impressive machines that are designed for superb performance and advanced riding. These bikes are excellent for racing and may also have a pivotal seat, a lightweight Cromoly frame and many more high-level components from top makers. This is a machine for the experienced or competition rider.

All levels of BMX are known for their simplicity and durability. A BMX bike can last for many, many years without breaking – some frames can be many decades old and still performing as when they were new.

Whether the rider is experienced or otherwise, eBay is a great place for a choice of well-priced BMX bikes, both new and used, and there are many stores selling accessories and other parts.

Choosing the Right Size

BMX bikes tend to be smaller than other types of bicycle, and this is because they are designed for their own specific purpose. A BMX bike needs to be able to turn quickly and in a small area, and there is no room for oversized wheels or components. The basic wheel size for a BMX bike is 20inches, but there are smaller ones for younger riders. It is important that the wheel size of the bike is matched to the height of the rider, and the following table should give a good idea of what to look for:



Wheel Diameter


3’ 7” – 4’ 0”



4’1” – 4’ 10”



4’ 11” up


As the table shows the three basic wheel sizes correspond to a range of heights. The bike components – the seat post and handlebar post especially – are adjustable and will take care of most heights between the upper and lower limits.

A bike for BMX racing will be markedly different to one for Freestyle BMX, so it is worth knowing which is which.

BMX Racing Bikes

BMX racing is an exciting and invigorating sport that is very popular with riders of all ages. Youngsters tend to start the sport at an early age and learn the ropes, and it can be a fun family outing with races held at weekend events. BMX races are run over dirt courses that feature steep banked corners and jumps, as the motorised version – motocross – is also. There are many BMX racing bikes for sale on eBay at affordable prices, and all sizes of rider are catered for. Let’s have a look at what a BMX racing bike needs to offer:

  • Aluminium frame provides light weight, stiffness and durability
  • 20 to 24inch wheels depending upon the requirements of the rider
  • Heavy duty tyres for added grip
  • Strong brakes and drivetrain

Freestyle BMX Bikes

For many people Freestyle BMX remains the pure version of the sport, and it is how BMX originated in the first instance. Freestyle riders perform various in tricks and stunts over man-made courses and city streets, and the sport has even become a feature of the Olympic Games. A Freestyle BMX bike is a specialised piece of equipment and requires some specific details:

  • Entry level Freestyle bikes feature a strong high-tensile steel frame
  • More advanced machines feature full Cromoly frames for added agility
  • Strong wheels that can withstand the forces from jumps and landings
  • Rising handlebar design for ease of handling
  • Stunt pegs both front and rear
  • Gyros for 360 degree bar spins

It can be seen from the list above that the Freestyle bike has a specific purpose – it is an acrobatic machine designed for making complex manouvers over a variety of obstacles and terrains. It is worth knowing that the BMX bikes used ‘dirt jumping’ are usually stripped down versions that have usually had their stunt pegs and front brake removed and have been fitted with a set of knobbly tires to provide more grip.

BMX riding, especially Freestyle, takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect, and riders should also be aware that they need to be protected. A fall from a BMX can cause injury, and there are many items of BMX clothing and gear on sale at eBay, and at some excellent prices. Have a look especially for hard hats to protect the head, and for knee and elbow pads that are useful in a fall.

The main things to look for on a BMX bike:

  • Strong, light frame – try and find a Cromoly frame in the price range.
  • All the right bits for tricks – stunt pegs are essential for Freestyle.
  • The right size – refer to the table above.
  • The right bike – make sure the chosen bike is the right type.

How to Buy A BMX Bike On eBay

There are always a lot of BMX bikes for sale on eBay and it is easy to find one that is right for the purpose. With an extensive choice of BMX accessories and clothing, bikes, frames and more, and vendors offering free delivery and affordable prices, it is not difficult to shop for BMX bikes and parts on eBay. Using eBay is straightforward, and once you have decided upon the type of BMX bike you want to buy simply go to and go to the Cycling section under the Sporting Goods header. Next, click on the Bikes category, and then on the BMX option that comes next. You will be find a choice of BMX bikes of all kinds, and you can narrow your search down by entering a brand or name into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop down menu to the left. If you need further advice on buying BMX bikes on eBay you can visit the Search Tips page, and you can also look in the eBay Stores section for more choice on BMX at eBay.


When we consider what it entails it is little surprise that BMX, in both the popular forms, is a very popular sport and leisure pursuit. Racing is always a thrill, especially on a challenging and exciting course, and with luck there could be a victory to celebrate. The thrills and spills of Freestyle BMX are simply endless, with the riders able to perform ever-more impressive tricks and stunts, and competitions popular and easy to find. A BMX bike is a specialist machine and at eBay there is a great deal of choice. Whether for a new or a used BMX bike, or an entry level or top end model, there are many on offer and they cover all the budgets imaginable.

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