How to Buy a Battery-Powered Car

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How to Buy a Battery-Powered Car

It seems that there are a couple key things on most people's minds these days: ecology and the economy. Most people are very concerned with making wise spending choices as well as being kind to the environment. These factors make the choice to buy a battery-powered car very attractive.

These cars are cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and it costs less to power one for a day than it costs to buy a cup of coffee. That is all rather exciting, but for the consumer who is confused by all this hype and technology, buying one of these can seem like a very difficult task. Rest assured, while it may involve a bit more research and learning than buying a standard new car might, buying a battery-powered car does not have to be overly challenging. It merely requires researching the vehicles that are available, seeing how they match up with where technology is headed, and comparing them with one another on a few key points.

Research the Available Battery-powered Cars

It is wise for any consumer who is considering making a large purchase, such as a vehicle, to do at least a little research in advance. This is regardless of the type of vehicle being purchased. The difference with battery-powered cars is that much of the information involved in the research may be new to the consumer, which can seem overwhelming.

In order to make the best purchasing decision, it is wise to spend some time researching all of the available battery-powered cars on the market. Presently, there are not a large number of them available, so the research may not be over-taxing on the consumer. The purpose of doing this is to begin to formulate a list of key features that are important, which may be different for each consumer, and a list of vehicles that most interest the new car buyer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Battery-powered Car

As with any car purchase, most consumers find certain key features more important than others. When researching, consider the following factors for each of the vehicles being considered. As the available technology is rapidly changing, it is not included in the list. However, for the consumer who is primarily concerned with having all of the available technological advances, that factor should go at the top of the list.

Available Space for the Battery-Powered Car

A battery-powered car requires a place to plug it in to recharge the battery. These vehicles are typically small to moderately sized cars, but consistently getting them to a plug-in in the garage may pose a challenge. Also, recharging may be difficult at flats and inner city homes. Be sure to determine where the vehicle will charge before purchasing, and consider the available space when choosing the type of vehicle.

Equipment Required for the Battery-Powered Car

Many of the newest battery-powered cars use standard plug-ins and can charge virtually anywhere. Some older ones require specialized equipment in order to charge. Some even require the installation of a charging station. Whether or not the vehicle needs special equipment should be taken into account when deciding on a vehicle, pricing them, and setting a budget.

Distance that the Battery-Powered Car Can Go Between Charges

The distance that a battery-powered car can go between charges is a very important consideration for many people. Recharging one of these cars is not quite like going up to a petrol station and filling the tank. Charging takes a considerable amount of time, and the motorist whose battery dies in the middle of nowhere may have a challenge getting back on the road again. Most manufacturers state how far the vehicle can go between charges, so make particular note of this when researching. How the vehicle is likely to be used, for trips around town or for long distance road-trips, should factor into the importance placed on the feature.

Passenger and Boot Space Available in the Battery-Powered Car

Many battery-powered cars are the size of standard cars. However, the battery cell and electric motor require that most designs borrow space from the boot and the passenger compartment. In general, the second seat and the boot on the vehicle are typically very compact. Also, many battery-powered cars are specifically designed to have a very small profile. Some only fit two people. Large people and those who feel cramped in small spaces may want to consider this factor when choosing a battery-powered car.

The Cost of a Battery-Powered Car

The original purchase price of many new battery-powered cars can be quite expensive. Many consumers feel that these cars make up for this factor in the savings appreciated on fuel and maintenance costs, as well as the benefit to the environment. If finances are a great concern, research to find the overall cost of owning a battery-powered car when calculated through the life of the vehicle, and consider purchasing a used one.

The Ecological Footprint that a Battery-Powered Car Leaves

Battery-powered cars are considered green cars because they do not rely on fossil fuel to power them. The manufacturers who produce these cars are generally concerned with creating a vehicle that is ecologically sound. However, some manufactures are better at this than others and technology is improving every day.

If the idea of making a consumer choice that considers the impact on the environment is a prime concern in purchasing a battery-powered car, look closely at how each manufacturer has designed the vehicle and the materials they chose to use. Also, consider how eco-friendly the vehicle really is. Look into how much electricity it requires to charge as well as how long the manufacturer expects the vehicle the last. Finally, consider buying used in order to lessen the impact on manufacturing and the environment.

Look Ahead at Where Technology Is Heading

Many consumers are concerned with purchasing a car that includes all of the latest technological advances. These features are nice, and many may prove to be invaluable over time. However, with the rapidly changing rate of technology, trying to stay at the leading edge of it may be an exhausting race to run.

When purchasing a battery-powered car, if technology is a prime importance, consider ignoring the latest and greatest in favour of technology that appears as though it may stand the test of time. This is also a good idea for those who are not very concerned with technology as well. Having the most current technology today may not be as enjoyable if it is considered old news next year. While researching, look ahead at where battery-powered car technology is headed and choose a vehicle that is going in that direction. That technology is sure to stay relevant much longer, which can mean that purchasing the next car can be put off a little longer. That is good for the consumers finances as well as for the environment.

Consider Buying a Used Battery-Powered Car

With a focus on saving money and doing what is best for the environment, it may be wise to consider purchasing a used battery-powered car instead of those currently available on the new car lot. A used vehicle typically costs less over its lifetime than a new one, which is friendly on the bank account. Also, buying used supports the notion of recycling and reusing, which is eco-friendly.

Many available used battery-powered cars are two or more years old, so the technology they incorporate is certainly not the most current. However, most battery-powered cars are highly advanced, which means that the technology used is fairly sophisticated, regardless of its age. The trick here is to research and become educated about that technology involved in the available vehicles and whether it stands up to todays standards.

Buying a Battery-Powered Car on eBay

The majority of people only think of the new car dealership when considering the purchase of a battery-powered car. Surprisingly though, many are available for sale online, on sites such as eBay. This is a great way to buy one of these cars and save quite a bit of money in the process.

Researching the available cars is just as important when buying on eBay. Look at the listings for available battery-powered cars and research any that spark an interest. Many of the ones listed on eBay are a couple of years old, but a major bonus to buying one of these instead of a new one is that there has been time for consumers to report any issues with the vehicle. That means that there should be plenty of relevant information available from actual car owners, while the information on new cars is limited to what the manufacturer and consumer experts have to say.

After settling on a battery-powered car to buy on eBay, be sure to calculate the cost accurately when creating a budget. Include money for necessary shipping expenses, which can be quite costly depending on the distance, and also include money for an inspection if one is necessary. Discuss these items with the seller in advance.


With the state of the economy and the condition of the environment, many consumers are wondering what they can do to save money and save the ecosystem. Some consider buying a battery-powered car. These cars cost very little to operate when compared to traditional vehicles and they do not require the use of fossil fuels, which means they are less taxing on the environment. That makes them very popular, especially amongst those who are deeply concerned with affecting change.

Buying a battery-powered car does not have to be an overwhelming task. It does require doing some research in order to ensure that the purchase is truly a wise one and good for the consumer as well as for the environment. It also requires understanding some key features and how they should factor into the purchase decision. With these things in mind, buying a battery-powered car does not need to be any more difficult than buying a traditional one.

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