How to Buy a Body Pillow

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How to Buy a Body Pillow

As their name suggests, body pillows are as long as the body and they are popular among people who require added support for the abdominal area, such as pregnant women. Body pillows are ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side, as they provide users with support for the head and the neck, as well as for the knees and the legs. These pillows can provide the user with nighttime relief from daily stress and diminish the overall muscular tension that is often affecting sleep in a negative way.

In addition to this, pregnant women can also take benefit from sleeping on a body pillow because of the extra support they get. Body pillows are available in numerous department stores as well as online, on websites such as eBay. Before shopping for a new body pillow, buyers should first get information about the characteristics of these pillows and the various styles available in order to make a wise investment.

What is a Body Pillow?

A body pillow is specifically designed to support the body when sleeping and provide as much comfort as possible at the same time. Body pillows come in various designs, sizes, and fillings in order to cater for a wide range of needs. They are an ideal choice for people suffering from neck or back pains as well as for pregnant women who have difficulties when it comes to sleeping on the side. Body pillows improve the quality of sleep by relieving pressure, redistributing the weight, and providing good support for the entire body.

Body pillows are ideal for people who have trouble sleeping because they help maintaining a consistent position throughout the night. Regular neck pillows cause many people to feel the need to change position often when sleeping. Even though many people do this without actually waking up, there are some people who do and cannot fall back to sleep immediately. By eliminating the need to change positions, one can get an excellent night's sleep.

The Benefits of Body Pillows

A body pillow provides support for the entire body when sleeping and this comes with several advantages. Firstly, by sleeping on a body pillow, one can maintain a proper alignment of the arms, legs, and spine even if they change their sleeping position throughout the night. Side sleeping is important for those who suffer from back problems and for pregnant women, who can find more comfort in side sleeping as compared to back sleeping. Moreover, a body pillow can reduce neck ache and provide a good level of comfort for injuries by promoting muscle relaxation.

Another benefit of sleeping on a body pillow is the fact that it may alleviate insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia by promoting a healthy blood circulation. Snoring can also be alleviated by a body pillows, as generally people tend to snore almost exclusively when they lie on their back. A body pillow is not only ideal for sleeping, but it can also prove very comfortable for those who like to sit up in bed to watch TV or read.

Types of Body Pillows

Body pillows differ in size, shape, and stuffing and buyers should consider their particular needs carefully before making a purchase. Different types of body pillows serve certain purposes, so it is up to the buyer to select the ideal one for their needs.

Fibres and Stuffing of Body Pillows

Body pillows can be made from different materials and buyers can choose the ideal one for them according to their preferences as well as their budget. For instance, a cotton body pillow is inexpensive and ideal for travelling, but it may wear quicker than body pillows made from other materials. Foam body pillows are perfect for those who need muscular relief and support when sleeping, as they tend to conform perfectly to the body. They are, however, more expensive than their cotton counterparts. Another option is a down pillow, which is very plush and soft to the touch, but it does not offer the same level of support as a foam body pillow.

Synthetic fibres provide users with plenty of comfort, but their main downside is that they tend to become uncomfortably warm, which can be a problem especially in the hot summer months. Feathers are another popular option for body pillow stuffing, but they may cause allergic reactions in some people mostly because they are a natural product. Smaller pillows are often filled with buckwheat and the main benefit of this type of stuffing is that this natural product has the ability of adapting well to the human shape. Hypoallergenic body pillows are also available for those who are prone to different kinds of allergies.

Shapes and Sizes of Body Pillows

When it comes to shapes, buyers have a variety of choices. Body pillows come in full-length, as well as especially designed for particular body regions. For instance, one can buy a body pillow targeted at the hips and abdominal region. A standard body pillow is usually as long as the body and it has a rectangular shape. However, buyers can also opt for other shapes, including the L-shaped body pillow, the U-shaped style, and the bean-shaped pillow, which has an oval shape.

Most body pillows feature a certain degree of flexibility, but buyers can also choose to purchase a body pillow with a more exact form in order to make sure it fits perfectly around the curves of the body. Most body pillows come with a washable cover, which is important because body pillows that are washed frequently tend to become less effective over time.

Pregnancy Body Pillows

Body pillows are very popular with pregnant women, whether they are in the early or late stages of their pregnancy, because they help women get a good night's sleep in a comfortable position. Pregnancy body pillows are designed to alleviate problems such as back pain or hip pressure. Pregnant women who are looking for a body pillow should consider their specific needs before choosing a product. One of the best options for expectant mothers is a bean-shaped body pillow, because it wraps around the midsection and provides excellent support and great comfort.

Before purchasing a pregnancy body pillow, women should also take into account their height and size and whether they are likely to travel during their pregnancy. Flexibility is also important and, if one wishes to use the pillow in multiple positions, they should opt for a longer pillow that allows them to sit up comfortably in bed to read or watch TV.

How to Buy a Body Pillow on eBay

When shopping for a new body pillow, there are many things to consider and thus the buying process can sometimes be a rather difficult one. You should not worry, however, because there are so many models you can choose from that it is unlikely not to find on eBay a suitable one for your needs. Shopping for a new body pillow online on eBay is also the perfect way to get the chance to browse through a large selection in order to find a body pillow that fits both your requirements and budget.

eBay offers a great selection of body pillows and, moreover, it is very easy to find what you need on the website. All you need to do is type the words ‘body pillow’ in the search bar and start browsing through the results immediately. If you feel that the number of results you get is overwhelming, you could try narrowing your search by different criteria, including size, type of stuffing, colour, or shape. For example, by using keywords such as 'feather body pillow', eBay's search results will reflect the exact item you are looking to make a final purchase on.

Body pillows are sometimes heavy or bulky, which you should take into account when buying them from eBay, especially when it comes to the delivery costs. Make sure you read the product description carefully in order to be able to buy a product that fulfils your particular needs.


A body pillow is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a solution to improve their sleep. Whether they are pregnant, suffer from back or neck pain, or simply have trouble sleeping, buyers can enjoy the enhanced support and comfort offered by a body pillow. When buying a new body pillow, one needs to pay attention to several important characteristics such as shape, size, and stuffing in order to make the most out of it.

Body pillows can be bought in various department stores, specialised sleeping stores, and online. eBay has an assorted selection of body pillows for all needs and budgets. Thanks to the user-friendly search system of the website, one can find the perfect body pillow in just a few minutes. Buyers should browse through as many styles as possible before committing to buy a certain model of body pillow, in order to make sure it is the right choice for their needs.

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