How to Buy a Breakfast Bar Set

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How to Buy a Breakfast Bar Set

Whether your home is too small to accommodate a full-size kitchen table or you just like the aesthetics of a barstool atmosphere, purchasing a breakfast bar set is a great way to functionally decorate. With a variety of styles and designs perfect for any decor scheme, breakfast bars fit into country kitchens and modern flats equally. However, there are several considerations to make when designing a kitchen with a breakfast bar which range from the use and placement of the bar to the height of its stools.


Utility of a Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar, also known as an eating bar, to distinguish it from one that provides alcohol, serves the same function as a dining table, but in a more compact and elevated form. Though some homes with compact kitchens and no defined dining space require breakfast bars, others make use of them as convenience areas that double as a homework space for children and friendly entertaining space for parties. Whether on its own or an addition to other dining options, bar-style eating is usually done in shifts, making it a good option for large families or those with rotating schedules.


Considering Space and Function

The size of your kitchen and the function you hope to achieve with a breakfast bar dictates the table size and number of chairs needed. Common breakfast bar sizes generally include two to four chairs. A breakfast bar table is long and narrow or small and round. Some breakfast bar worktops have leaves, which when raised, turn rectangle or half circle bars into full circles. This makes seating additional people or spreading out for a more formal meal or work project easier. A leaf-style breakfast bar top is ideal for a very narrow area where space is at a premium, such as a studio-style flat. Lowering the leaves allows users to push the bar against a wall when it is not in use.


Special Note on Breakfast Bar Stool Height

Although many breakfast bar sets come with chairs, some buyers prefer to buy additional seats or buy breakfast bar table and stools separately, to create a more personal style and look. In this case, it is important to consider the bar stool height in relation to the tabletop height in order to maximise comfort and function. The chart below outlines the optimum stool height for common breakfast bar table heights.


Table Height

Suggested Stool Height

75 cm

43 to 48 cm

90 cm

65 to 70 cm

110 cm

75 to 80 cm


An important rule of thumb when sizing breakfast bar stools is the goal of comfortable seating. In order to fit into a stool and tabletop comfortably, people need leeway for their legs beneath the table with room to move and shift. Especially tall or large people may want to specifically try out different stool sizes to ensure their legs fit into the breakfast bar comfortably.

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