How to Buy a Built-In Combination Microwave

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How to Buy a Built-In Combination Microwave

A microwave has become a staple of the modern kitchen, but this kind of appliance may take a lot of space on the countertop. Opting for a built-in combination microwave helps you save space in the kitchen. This type of appliance combines the functions of a microwave and an oven. You can easily attach this kind of microwave oven to existing cupboards and shelves. Reading more about how to choose a built-in combination microwave can help you optimise the space in your kitchen.


Consider the Functions and Benefits of Built-in Combination Microwaves

Built-in combination microwaves combine the speed and efficiency of microwave cooking with cooking through convection. Unlike regular microwave ovens, combination ones use a heating element and they can bake and roast food in a short time. Since combination ovens combine the power of microwaves with flowing hot air, you get a crisp outer surface for your favourite foods. A built-in combination oven is especially useful for baking. Most combination ovens come with a variety of functions and features that can make cooking quick and easy. They also come in various styles, with a popular option being stainless steel microwave ovens.


Choosing the Size and Wattage of a Built-in Combination Microwave

Built-in combination microwave ovens often have a larger capacity than other types of microwaves do. The capacity is similar to that of a double oven, but with all the functions and convenience of a typical microwave oven. The typical capacity of a built-in combination oven is 30 litres or more. Microwave power is measured in watts (W) and the higher the wattage, the quicker the food will be ready. For built-in convection microwaves, wattage varies between 800 W and 1100 W. Some models feature shelves that allow you to cook foods on different levels, whereas others come with larger turntables that allow you to put more food inside. When choosing the size of an integrated microwave, remember that larger models use more electricity, so only opt for them if you usually cook for a family.


Functions to Look For in a Built-in Combination Microwave

Most built-in combination microwaves come with a variety of features intended to make cooking simpler and safer. Digital displays are useful for setting the timer and cooking preferences. If you have small children in the house, opt for a microwave that comes with a safety lock. Programmable microwaves are a good option if you tend to use the appliance regularly for the same recipes. Finally, check whether the microwave you buy comes with a defrost function, as this allows you to defrost meat and other food items quickly and safely.

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