How to Buy a Bumper Bar Cover

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How to Buy a Bumper Bar Cover

Bumper bars are an important component of pushchairs and prams. They help to keep children safe and ensure that they do not fall out of the pushchair. Bumper bar covers are a great way to add an extra layer of protection and make the bumper bar easy to keep clean. Buyers should learn about the materials available from popular brands.


Overview of Bumper Bar Covers

Bumper bar covers are similar to pushchair handlebar covers, and add padding and protection. They are essentially pieces of cloth and foam that fit securely around the bumper bar in order to add a protective layer of cushioning when transporting a child in a pram or pushchair.


Materials for Bumper Bar Covers

Bumper bar covers are often made from fleece because it is soft to the touch. Some fleece bumper bar covers consist of only a layer of fabric, but others also have a layer of foam. Fleece bumper bar covers are a good choice for children with sensitive skin. Bumper bar covers made from canvas covered foam are also popular. They provide a good deal of padding and are durable, but they are fairly coarse to the touch. Finally, there are plain foam covers, which consist entirely of foam with a thin plastic layer holding them together. These are extremely soft, but tear easily, and it is possible for older children to bite off pieces.


Popular Brands of Bumper Bar Covers

Bugaboo bumper bar covers come in many sizes, colours, and patterns. Some are even customisable with personalised embroidery. There are covers to fit any model of Bugaboo pushchair. Another popular brand is iCANDY. These covers come in a variety of patterns, colours, and sizes that fit any iCANDY pushchair or pram. They also fit a number of other brands of pushchairs. Quinny bumper bar covers fit all models of the brand's pushchairs, including the popular Quinny Buzz.

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