How to Buy a Bunk Bed Mattress on eBay

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How to Buy a Bunk Bed Mattress on eBay

Using a bunk bed is a great way of creating extra space when two people have to share a room together. It is basically two identical beds stacked on top of each other, so vertical space is utilised instead of precious horizontal space. A bunk bed is most commonly bought for children, however, they are found wherever space is at a premium. Most bunk beds are constructed with a bedstead-style frame; however, many of them use a series of metal bars instead of slats. One of the consequences of having such a rigid frame is that mattresses can take extra punishment. Cheaper mattresses with individual coils will become misshapen and damaged over time, as they are forced to bear pressure on both sides. As most bunk beds are bought for children, it is essential that the mattresses are of a very high standard. Children need a good night’s sleep more than anyone, as it is crucial to their physical development and learning capabilities. However, parents are not always sure what the best mattress looks like, and they may also be concerned about the price. Unfortunately, there is no right and wrong answer when it comes to selecting the best type of mattress for bunk beds; it is often simply a case of trial and error. This guide will detail the different types of mattress currently available in the UK, and it will describe the individual benefits to be gained from each one. Some mattresses are more suited to bunk beds, but it normally comes down to personal preference. The eBay website makes searching for mattresses very easy, and customers can use the simple search functions to compare prices. Finding the best deal possible can save the consumer a significant amount of money on the purchase of a new or used mattress.

What are the Most Suitable Mattresses for Bunk Beds?

Children usually love to play on their beds. They can be very active on their mattresses, so choosing a durable model is essential. Too many parents simply opt for the cheapest mattress possible in order to save money; however, this can be a false-economy. Cheap, open coil mattresses generally have shorter life-spans than most other spring systems, so a replacement may be needed after only a few years. Although many bunk beds can be bought relatively cheaply, it is always worth putting a little time and extra cash into buying the most suitable mattress possible. The mattress has to sit snugly in its frame, however, they can quickly become loose, and that has the potential to cause accidents. Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts when it comes to choosing an appropriate mattress for a bunk bed. The very nature of most children’s bunk beds means that mattresses usually have to provide all of the comfort. Rigid metal bars on the base mean the mattress has absolutely no downward movement, and that can be very demanding on springs. A particularly well- constructed mattress may cost a little extra, but it should be worth it in the long-run. With that in mind, the eBay website performs a valuable function, as its friendly system of categorisation makes comparing prices easy.

Spring Mattresses

Most mattresses sold in the UK are made with spring interiors. Tightly coiled lengths of metal wire are intended to provide support to the body, and the firmness of a mattress is controlled by the size, height and thickness of the springs in use. However, there are several types of spring mattress to choose from, and they all offer very different benefits. The eBay website has each type of mattress categorised, and that makes the search for the perfect mattress quick and simple. There are thousands of these relatively expensive mattresses on the eBay website, but narrow the search by entering the desired price range. In the mattresses category, there will be a Price link on the left of the page. Clicking that will open up two boxes where users can set a minimum and a maximum price.

Open Coil

An open coil mattress is usually the cheapest option, but it may not be the most suitable for bunk beds. This mattress is designed with several separate coils that are wired together in rows. However, the rigidity of the metal bars on a bunk bed may damage the springs.

Continuous Coil

A continuous coil mattress is usually more expensive than the open coil varieties, yet they deliver a more personally defined sleeping experience. The springs are woven from one long piece of wire, so the entire spring system works in unison.

Pocket Spring

The pocket-sprung mattress is usually the most expensive of all the spring interiors, yet it delivers the most responsive sleeping surface. Each spring is completely independent from the next, and they work to deliver support to areas of the body that require it. Springs are held in place inside pockets of fabric, and so the support the particular body-shape and weight requires will be given.

Spring Interior Fillings

Most consumers never ask about the filling used inside a mattress, however, the material used is integral to the overall sleeping experience. The filling will be even more important on a bunk bed, as it will provide a barrier between the body and the metal bars of the base. The properties of different fillings differ greatly – and so do the prices. Shoppers should check listings on eBay carefully for details of the fillings used in mattresses. Any questions can be asked using the direct messaging service on the website.


Cotton is a natural insulator, so it can take heat away from the user during warmer months. During the winter, it can help to keep warmth in. Cotton-filled mattresses feel soft, and they have a natural ‘spring’.


Polyester is a manmade fibre that is quite common in cheaper mattresses. It provides adequate protection from springs, but it simply doesn’t feel as luxurious as other fillings.


Foam-filled spring mattresses are known for providing extra support and comfort. They are also ideal for allergy-sufferers.


Hair is only found in the most expensive mattresses, yet it provides a cushioned support that is hard to replicate with any other material.


Wool is one of nature’s best insulators, and it offers great protection from springs. However, wool-filled mattresses may not be ideal for people who live in warm houses.


Coir is taken from the inner lining of coconuts. It is only found in the cheapest mattresses, and the level of comfort it provides is severely limited. A coir mattress is not suitable for a bunk bed, as it can become misshapen and flattened very quickly.

Foam Mattresses

A foam mattress is ideal for a bunk bed, as it rarely loses its shape. A high-quality foam mattress will revert to its original shape when getting out of bed, and it will provide an excellent barrier of protection from the harshness of a metal frame. There are three main varieties of foam mattress, but they all offer a very similar sleeping experience.


The majority of high-quality foam mattresses are made from latex.. Latex is taken from the rubber tree, and it is ideal for equally distributing weight. People who suffer from sore muscles after sleep are often subjecting certain areas of their body to undue pressure, so equally dispersing body-weight is the best way to ensure this does not happen. There is an entire section of the eBay website dedicated to memory foam mattresses, so comparing the best deals is extremely easy.


This ingenious system relies on the pressure and heat generated by the body. The foam moulds itself to the exact contours of the body, and that provides a much more tailored sleeping experience.


People who are concerned about the cost of a mattress for a bunk bed may find some very reasonable polyurethane mattresses on the eBay website. This foam-based material is not as responsive as latex, but manufacturers create extra support by using multiple layers.

Selecting the Correct Surface-Type

The surface material of a mattress for a bunk bed will need to be very strong indeed. A combination of a firm metal frame and boisterous children will take their toll. The main covering of a bed is sometimes referred to as ‘ticking’, and it comes in two different forms. Quilted ticking is a smooth, flat surface that is stitched directly to the filling material. Tufting results in gentle mounds on the surface of the mattress, and it is put into place with strips of tape which are tied to each side with tags. Deciding on which type of ticking is entirely a matter of personal preference, as there are virtually no differences in price. Shoppers who are in doubt about the surface-type of a particular mattress can use eBay’s messaging service in order to make contact with the vendor for clarification.

How to Find a Bunk Bed Mattress on eBay

The eBay website is not just a large marketplace in which to buy a wide range of goods, it is also a useful resource for comparing the prices of different mattresses. A mattress for a bunk bed is usually for a child, so it is important that it is chosen with care. However, most people have a strict budget to work with, so the ability to search and compare is very useful. The search for a mattress often begins by simply entering a search term in the text-entry box towards the top of the homepage. However, consumers can have more control over search results by using categories to narrow the search. The All Categories link towards the top of the homepage will lead to a drop-down menu. Listed in that menu will be Home, Furniture & DIY, and that link should be clicked. The Search icon should then be clicked; presented will be a menu of sub-categories at the left of the page. Clicking the furniture link will lead to a further menu in which the beds & mattresses link will be displayed. There are then many different search filters to select that will show only the most appropriate results.


Shopping with eBay makes finding the most appropriate mattresses at the best possible price very easy. A number of payment methods including PayPal are available, and spending money in the knowledge that the purchase is guaranteed against fraud is very reassuring. Although buying a new mattress for a bunk bed can be a costly affair, use the eBay search facilities to ensure the best deal possible has been found.

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