How to Buy a Cable Cross-Over Machine on eBay

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How to Buy a Cable Cross-Over Machine on eBay

Fitness is an important element of healthy living and regular exercise brings many benefits – such as a healthy heart, a strong body and a happy mind.

There are many different varieties of exercise equipment and machines on the market and each one is designed to train different or multiple parts of the body. Cable cross over machines, for example, are excellent tools for working the chest and shoulder muscle groups and are appropriate for a number of different exercises.

When looking to buy a cable cross-over machine, use this guide as a reference point and consider the different elements and benefits that they can provide.

There is a wide range of exercise equipment on eBay – such as cable cross-over machines, exercise bikes, weights, clothing and many more.

What is a Cable Cross-Over Machine?

A cable cross-over machine is a large piece of exercise equipment that is designed to work the chest and shoulder muscle groups. They provide extra depth and variation to a workout and purchasing one for the home can help eliminate the need to visit the gym.

Muscle Groups

Cable cross-over machines predominantly work the chest muscles. However, they also provide a workout for the shoulders.  This, in turn, brings many benefits to health and the body as a whole.

Benefits to Working the Chest Muscles

There is a range of benefits to working the chest and shoulder muscle groups. These include:

  • Improved muscle support for the spine, meaning less strain on the back when lifting other weights and equipment.
  • Leaner muscle mass means greater strength.
  • Better posture due to the increased muscle strength.
  • Can help aid fat loss in other areas of the body.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes and heart problems due to lower amounts of fat around the chest and stomach areas.

Features of a Cable Cross-Over Machine

Cable cross-over machines are very distinctive items of exercise equipment and are easy to differentiate from other training set-ups. They include:

  • Frame

The sturdy, freestanding steel frame supports the pulley system and holds the weight stacks on either side of the exercise space.

  • Pulleys

The pulleys are attached to the framework of the cross-over machine. They are held in the user’s hands and pulled in order to lift and lower the weights. The height of the pulleys can be adjusted in order to vary a workout.

  • Cable

The cable is an essential component of the equipment and connects the weights to the pulley system.

  • Weights

Either side of the cross-over frame holds a set of weights which can be adjusted for different workouts. The weight can be adjusted by inserting a pin at different intervals. Some machines may possess different ranges of weights, so it is important to take this into consideration before making a purchase.

Cross-over machines can also vary in size, with smaller variations available if room space is an obstacle.

Due to their ease of use, cross-over machines can be used by beginners.

How to Use a Cable Cross-Over Machine

When using a cable cross-over machine, it is important to follow the correct procedures in order to allow the body to gain the maximum amount of benefit and avoid any potential strains or injuries.

  • Step 1 Select the required weight and stand in the centre of the floor space between the two weights stacks
  • Step 2Stagger the feet so that one is in front of the other. Hold the pulley handles out to the sides, ensuring the arms are level with the shoulders. One’s palms should be facing the floor.
  • Step 3 Pull the handles down towards the ground in front of the body, making sure the back is kept straight.
  • Step 4 Stop pulling once the handles have reached a point where the palms of the hand are facing each other, and then slowly raise them again.
  • Step 5 Repeat the process in order to complete the amount of reps and sets required.


When using a cable cross-over machine, it is important to remember to:

  • Keep the back straight.
  • Maintain a slight bend of the elbows to relieve stress on the muscle tendons when pulling the weights.
  • Keep the arms and torso still and only move the shoulders.
  • The same motion should be used when returning the weights to the stack – only in reverse.

Types of Exercise

Adding some extra accessories to the cross-over machine can allow for different workouts. Adding items such as bars can allow for the training of different muscle groups. Workouts can include:

  • Chest fly
  • Tricep push-downs
  • Cable laterals
  • Lateral pull-downs
  • Dual Bicep curl

Additional Equipment

When using exercise equipment, like cable cross-over machines, additional accessories can be useful and aid with muscle protection and comfort. These can include:

What to Consider When Buying a Cable Cross-Over Machine

There is a wide range of exercise equipment available on the market and it is therefore important to consider various factors when looking to purchase a cable cross-over machine.

  • Size

Consider the amount of space available in which to store a cable cross-over machine, as they are large items of equipment. Not having the required floor space will restrict the use of the machine.

  • Muscle Groups

It is always important to consider the muscle groups that require training. A cable-cross machine predominantly exercises the chest and shoulder muscles although other workouts can be done to train other muscles such as the biceps.

  • Safety

Always perform exercises in the safe and correct manner. Take the appropriate precautions when using a cable cross-over machine, like keeping the back straight and elbows at the correct angle.

  • Workout Plan

Design and come up with a workout plan in order to get the most from the exercise equipment. Doing too many reps can lead to strains and injuries, whilst not doing enough can mean the muscles are not receiving the correct amount of training.

  • Other Exercise Accessories

Also consider any other accessories and tools that may be required. These can include items such as mats, weights, certain types of clothing and muscle and joint supports.

  • Price

It is always a good idea to shop around in various places in order to find the best deal. If purchasing with eBay, be sure to compare products from different sellers and take into account how much time is left to run on an auction.

Where to Buy Cable Cross-Over Machines

There are thousands of various exercise products on eBay, ranging from small weight sets to larger equipment, such as cable cross-trainers, treadmills and cross trainers.

eBay sellers are well known for their reliability and the competitive prices offer excellent value for money. Flexible payment options make the process even easier to give the shopper more opportunities to purchase the right product.

Access the huge range of exercise and fitness products by visiting the Exercise & Fitness portal. From there you can search items such as ‘weights’, ‘cross over machines’, ‘treadmills’ and more.

In addition, it is also possible to search for terms in the search box that is present on every eBay page. Many buyers use this tool if they already have a clear idea about the item they are after.

If deciding to go ahead and buy from eBay, there are a few tips that will ensure a smooth and safe transaction.

Always read the item description carefully – including its features and any conditions that it comes with.

Ensure the delivery terms are acceptable - If it is a ‘collection only’ listing, make sure it would be possible to travel to collect the item from its location. Similarly, acknowledge the postage costs.

Ask the seller a question if there are any doubts over the product or questions about its specifications.

Be sure to review the seller and leave a feedback rating in order to help maintain the reliability of the eBay online marketplace.

Use eBay’s various purchasing options - BidBuy It Now, or put down your Best Offer to ensure you don’t miss out on the product.

eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Programme.


With health and fitness being such an important part of day-to-day life, it is important to use equipment that is suitable and efficient.

Cable cross-over machines are an excellent way in which to train large muscle groups – predominantly the chest and shoulder areas - without needing to sign up to a gym. There is a range of exercises that can be done using the machine, making it a flexible and effective piece of gym equipment.

When shopping for a cable crossover machine, use this guide as a reference and consider the advantages and specifications before deciding to buy. Decide whether the machine is the most suitable and shop around online to find one at a price that is within the desired budget. Be sure to read reviews of the product, as reading up on other buyers’ experience is always an invaluable tool.

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