How to Buy a Cake Baking Case

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How to Buy a Cake Baking Case

The domestic kitchen may be furnished with plenty of hi-tech equipment to prepare, cook, and process both sweet and savoury dishes, but for the cook who loves to bake cakes, having a supply of cake baking cases is an essential addition. Cake baking cases generally refers to smaller containers for preparing cupcakes, however, there are many larger varieties that deal with muffins, loaf-shaped treats, and bigger cakes. Finding the right cake baking case to buy means deciding on exactly what the baking requirements are, then researching online to identify the items that are best suited to the occasion. For regular bakers, having a reasonable supply of several different sizes will allow both the consistent production of sweet treats and the occasional experiment with different shapes to make more demanding or substantial cakes.

About Cake Baking Cases

Baking cakes has been a part of cooking traditions for many thousands of years, and historians point to the Ancient Egyptians for the first examples. The development of cakes and how they are made means that there are an enormous number of recipes available, from the simple to the complex. The first cakes were probably more similar to bread, but as techniques developed, they became sweeter and richer. There is little information about what cake baking containers were used in the early days, but it is likely they would have been fashioned from tin or perhaps bronze to get an even cooking temperature. The name “cake” is said to derive from the old Norse word “kaka” and the term has been used in English since the thirteenth century. As the knowledge and experience of cake making moved on, so did the types of cases needed to bake them. Although recipes vary all over the world – for example France developed very light pastries whereas in more northerly areas of Europe and Russia they were much heavier and more substantial, often with fruit and sometimes alcohol as ingredients – the cases needed to bake them were standardised. Today, cake baking cases range from disposable items, ideal for parties and events, to durable tins that can be used time and time again in the kitchen to turn out perfectly formed cakes, large or small.

Materials for Cake Baking Cases

Cakes are best made in a case that is accurate in size to the recipe. Recipes are carefully worked out so that if a cupcake size is required, then a cupcake case should be used, but if an 8 inch tin is needed, then the recipe will have been written to get the best result with that size. Cake tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is always useful to have a choice in the kitchen so that large or small cakes can be baked for particular circumstances. These types of case transfer heat quickly to the mixture inside them, and recipes will always state the time and temperature needed for effective cooking. It is important to remember that larger and heavier cakes will need longer cooking times, and they should be tested with a skewer to ensure that the inside is fully cooked before being taken out of the oven to cool. Generally muffins are cooked in metal trays with four or six deep indentations; in aluminium cake baking cases; or, in paper cases coated with silicone to prevent the muffins sticking. These non-stick cake baking cases also come in different sizes, such as loaf tins, but the most well-known are cases for fairy cakes, the small, individual cakes perfect for children’s parties or for special occasions, such as wedding receptions. Choosing the right type and size of cake baking cases is dependent on two things: firstly, are the cases for long-term use? Secondly, are they only for occasional use and therefore disposable? eBay offers a very wide range of choices of both options, so being sure about how cases are to be used before buying will help determine what is required.


A common metal used for many thousands of years, tin was combined as an alloy in manufacturing bronze. Tin is still mined in very large quantities, and though it was a major industry in Cornwall, UK for a long time, production has moved overseas where mining it is more prevalent. Tin is often used used to coat other metals, because it is highly resistant to corrosion. As a very flexible material it is well suited to making a range of shapes suitable for cake baking cases.


As a soft, pliant, synthetic material and formed from chains of oxygen atoms that alternate with silicone atoms, silicone is ideal for coating paper cake baking cases. Silicone resists chemical attack and does not react to changes in temperature. Silicone polymers are used as well in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, lubricants, and polishes. Most silicone-based products are non-stick, and they resist damage or tearing. As such, they are a good option when deciding on what cake baking cases to use.


Aluminium is a very light metal and is the most plentiful metal available in the world. Derived mainly from bauxite, it is strong and resistant to corrosion, and its lightness means that it has always been in demand for making domestic utensils. Other attributes of the metal include the construction of aircraft and making parts for engineering. For cake baking tins, aluminium is often used for small cupcakes or muffins, but they are also useful for loaf tins or for small cakes.

Choosing and Buying Cake Baking Cases

Decisions on buying the most appropriate cake baking cases depend on what the cook is going to use them for. There are various options for both small and large cases, and in a variety of materials. If the required use is for small, special items, cupcake cases are the perfect choice. Larger cakes need cases that will allow the given recipe to work properly. Too small and the cake will spill over the case and could make unpleasant deposits on the oven, too big and the cake may rise but spread out and be flat and unattractive when taken out of the oven.

Aluminium Foil Cake Baking Cases

These types of case hold in heat, necessary for cakes that rise well, but also come in all shapes and sizes to suit the individual cook’s preferences. They are disposable, but many cooks choose to reuse them, so they can be a very cost effective way of baking. Small aluminium cases are good for fairy cakes and cupcakes. They can be taken out of the cases and arranged attractively on a plate. Larger ones work well for cakes that need to be rectangular and then sliced for a larger gathering.

Paper Cake Baking Cases

These types of cases used to be a uniform white, providing an excellent base for baking cakes, especially small cupcakes or fairy cakes. Now there is a great variety of cases for all sorts of occasions. Imagination has been set free for cake baking case providers, and the novelty varieties are a great way to get children interested in baking and to get them involved with cake themes.

Themed Cake Baking Cases

Teaching children and adults to bake often means introducing an element of fun into the proceedings and there are many cases that can help to encourage this. Ideas to explore include skull and crossbones cases, to bring out the pirate imagination when making and icing cakes, or for Christmas there are fun Santa and Rudolph cases available. Imaginative cake baking cases can go off into different themes and motifs, especially for children and even for teenagers. A party with a dinosaur theme can be accessed with special dinosaur cases, and science fiction gets a look in with astronaut motifs and space themed containers.

Find Cake Baking Cases on eBay

The range of cake baking cases available can be researched online and the decision on choosing the right ones is usually up to the main cook in the household. An experienced cook will be comfortable with matching the way that particular items will work, with the cooking equipment with which they are familiar. For the less experienced cook, research into sizes of cake baking bases for the types of cake they want to make is very important. eBay has choices of sizes and shapes, and of different materials, and there are both commercial and individual sellers to explore. With the wide variety available, there will be no problem finding cake baking cases on eBay. For the shopper looking to locate cake baking cases quickly, using the search box at the top of the eBay homepage can yield quick results. Simply click on the box and enter a term such as "aluminium cake baking case" and browse the available listings. To refine the search a little more, use the options on the left hand pane to filter by price, style of auction, location, and postage options.


If cake baking is a regular occurrence in the household, then durable cake baking cases are the best option, but for the occasional baker there are many disposable options that can be bought, and that will give a high quality baking result.

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