How to Buy a Camera Lens on eBay

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How to Buy a Camera Lens on eBay

A visit to eBay in order to buy a camera lens is well worthwhile. Being an online auction site any of the items for sale can be looked up on the internet through an independent search to discover more about the product.

Types of Sales on eBay

Making a purchase on eBay is done via bidding at auction, Buy It Now, or Best Offer options. Bidding in an auction where there is no reserve price offers opportunity to grab a bargain camera lens for very little, if no one else enters the bidding. To bid in an auction, a visitor must be signed in as a registered user and have an account with eBay. This costs nothing, but it provides sellers and purchasers with peace of mind knowing that the bidder has contact details available to the eBay team should there be any security issues or disputes regarding sales or purchases. Once an account has been registered, the whole site is available for browsing camera lenses or anything else.

Organising the Information

Auctions may last as little as a week or as long as a month. The length of time remaining in an auction is clearly visible on the listing page on the right hand side. There is the option to change the view of the listings page. Choose from a range of criteria that would be most helpful in a search. Many people set the page to Best Match for sorting the order of products displayed and select options from the Customised View function to show how results appear, the number of items per page, and whether they are shown as small, medium, or large thumbnails. The columns shown on the page may or may not include Picture, Bids, Time Remaining, and Accepts Paypal if those boxes are checked. Further details are also available for display, such as Seller Information, Watch This Item link, and Item Number, although the default setting shows only Convert Prices to Pounds Sterling and Show P&P cost.

Grabbing a Bargain

To take a chance on trying to find a particular lens for a specific camera model, the sequence might be as follows: choose the Auction Only tab, select the Brand (Canon, for illustration purposes) and the Condition (Seller Refurbished, for example) and then customise the view to suit needs of the moment. In the Sort by box, clicking on the arrow will open a drop down menu, and there listed are options such as time ending soonest or newly listed, nearest distance to postcode, condition new or used first, and number of bids most or fewest as the criteria for listing the products. If time is important, choose time ending soonest to see which items are nearing completion.

Making the Purchase

The eBay search function will always return suggestions for Related Searches, which is useful as an alternative should the original search fail to turn up the desired item. A few clicks are all it takes to see what is on offer. If an ideal item is found, the user needs to place a bid. After clicking on the desired product, a new window will open with a larger picture and description details about the item. If satisfied that it does indeed fit the bill, a bid is made by typing in the amount at least as much as the box indicates. Another window will come up asking for confirmation of the bid and commitment to buying it. Once this has been done, the bid enters the system, and if it is currently the highest bid (in the increments pre-set by eBay), the user receives notification they are leading. If another bidder exceeds the offer made by the user, notification is given that a higher offer is required to become the highest bidder. The bid amounts only progress in steps, so the request for further funds depends on what level the bidding has reached. Early on in auctions the bids progress in increments and as the price climbs, so do the automatically generated bids.

Bidding Once or Multiple Bids

So, a camera lens might currently show 2 bids. A user wishing to purchase the item is invited to make an higher offer than the bid displayed in order to take the lead. More than the displayed amount can be bid and will be processed automatically by eBay in response to further new bids being made. A user who typed in a specific amount as the ceiling for their bid may perhaps pay a lower final price, depending on the preceding activity. The whole amount offered will only be considered if the increments take it that high or until another bidder matches it. Once the ceiling amount is exceeded, the user must make a new and confirmed higher bid to remain in the auction. When two bidders make a bid of similar amounts, the earlier bidder will take the lead in the auction.

Watching the Item

Some users like to place the highest bid they are willing to make with their first entry and are happy to wait and see if they receive an email notification about their status. Notifications are issued for being outbid or winning an auction. Others prefer to watch the countdown and monitor rival bids by clicking on the number of bids displayed in brackets on the item information page until they are ready to join the fray. For items which have some time until their countdown expires, there is the option to click Add to Watch list for the item to be displayed in the user’s eBay summary. The information about time remaining and any bidding activity will be displayed and updated each time the page is refreshed.

Making Payment

If the user’s bid stays in the lead and they win the auction, a request for payment is made. Paypal is a preferred option for many sellers, and as well as offering a secure means for transactions, it also can act on behalf of buyers or sellers if there is dispute or monies need to be reimbursed to the payer’s account for any reason. Other methods of payment acceptable to the seller are listed on the item description page. Once payment has been cleared, the item is usually dispatched by the seller.

Shipping of the Item

Types of postage or shipping are displayed and may have check options for delivery preference. Tracking and estimated date of delivery all appear to inform the buyer with details about when to expect the goods and whether they require a signature upon receipt.

Straight Payment Without Bids

The Buy It Now option is just like making a purchase in any store. Having viewed the ideal camera lens and made the decision to buy it, a purchase is made directly for the asking price without any bidding. The camera lens is bought there and then in an online transaction.

Negotiating a Price

To enter the Best Offer option, the user enters the amount they are willing to pay for the camera lens and the amount is forwarded to the seller who then decides whether to accept or decline the offer made. Most Best Offers have a minimum reserve price that must be met to be considered. Notification either way will be given to the user from eBay via email. If the bid is accepted, the process for payment continues as described earlier.


Shopping on eBay is convenient, available 24 hours daily, and transactions are completed securely and promptly with notifications informing a buyer about every step they have taken. Safe, transparent, and user-friendly online shopping is easily done with helpful guides and information to take users through the process. Buying a camera lens on eBay is a trouble-free process with plenty of models and sellers listed for product and price comparisons.

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