How to Buy a Carburettor for a Mini Cooper

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How to Buy a Carburettor for a Mini Cooper

In a car, the carburettor performs many important tasks. It can even be said that its performance is vital to both the car and its passengers. The carburettor is integrated into petrol or injection-combustion engines and there it atomises the petrol, controls the petrol's mixture with air, and finally regulates the engine's intake of the petrol-air mixture. Mixing the fuel with air is required in order to generate the power that is needed in order to operate the car.

A Mini Cooper is a compact, reliable vehicle, loved by many people who do not need too much space in their car and who value fuel-efficient vehicles. The Cooper model from the Mini comes equipped with the SU carburettor. In case the carburettor breaks or wears out, it should be replaced with a new one. When buying a carburettor for a Mini Cooper, it is important to know how the carburettor works, because this provides an idea of how and where to install it and of what kind of carburettor to buy. The carburettor can be obtained from a garage, a shop that deals with car parts, or ordered via an online auction site, such as eBay.

Working Principles of a Mini Cooper Carburettor

The Mini Cooper comes equipped with a single-unit SU carburettor that supplies the engine with the fuel-air mixture in all driving conditions. The mixture must have the right strength, so that the car and engine work properly. For this, the carburettor chokes the incoming air and then directs it forward. The part that speeds up the velocity of the incoming air is, accordingly, called the choke. As a result of the choke operating, the pressure is reduced. This, in turn, draws fuel from the float chamber, a cavity in the carburettor that has a floating device, the task of which is to shut off the flow as the level rises. From the float chamber, the fuel is directed through a jet hole that reaches the engine. If the carburettor is a good one, it provides an optimum mixture that serves the engine with maximum power as well as requiring minimum consumption.

A needle inside the fuel chamber can be adjusted in order to influence the strength of the air-fuel mixture. The exact proportions of air and fuel in the mixture determine how hard the engine has to work. The needle can be easily tapered into the chamber. When the motor is idling, the needle is at its lowest, while it rises as the motor starts working at full throttle. Ensuring the right mixture is crucial, because this determines whether the engine runs rich or lean. An engine running rich means that more fuel is used than required, wasting the fuel. If the mixture contains less fuel than required, the engine runs lean, and may be damaged.

Choosing a Carburettor for a Mini Cooper

In order to find a Mini Cooper carburettor that is compatible with the car, several factors should be considered. These include choke size, carburettor type, and some other considerations.

Choke Size

The choke is a valve located in the carburettor. Once the engine starts, the choke reduces the amount of air in the air-fuel mixture. There are two different types of chokes, which have fixed and variable sizes, respectively. In case of a fixed choke, the depression over the fuel jet hole is varied according to engine demand, while the choke itself does not change in size. The varying depression needs to be controlled in order to ensure correct fuel flow. If the fixed size choke is too small, the car loses in terms of its performance. On the other hand, if the choke is too large, the fuel metering suffers.

In case of a variable choke, the choke size changes depending on the demand for fuel. This means that the choke enlarges when the demand increases and narrows when the demand is smaller. The choke size is varied by the fitting piston and suction disc, which are attached to each other inside the carburettor. Holes in the sides of the piston are mainly responsible for this movement. The holes sense depression between the butterfly and the jet hole. Constant depression and air velocity are thus provided.

Mini Cooper Carburettor Types

Basically, the carburettors found on Mini Coopers can be divided into single and twin carburettors. As the name implies, the single carburettor contains one device, while the twin carburettor is comprised of two carburettors. The two carburettors are mechanically balanced and coupled, and thus require some extra work from the car user's side.

The carburettor types may also differ from each other in terms of their applications. Today, carburettors are manufactured for several applications. Carburettors with excellent throttle response are best suitable for race cars and other Mini Coopers for which performance is of the utmost importance. If the Mini Cooper is used for everyday tasks, such as driving around in the city, the carburettor does not have to be so powerful. The high-end carburettors are generally also more expensive.

Other Considerations About Mini Cooper Carburettors

Besides finding the right type of carburettor, it is important to choose one that is easy to install and maintain. Compared to fuel injection systems, carburettors are easier to install, because there are no electrical components included. The carburettor should be totally compatible with the Mini Cooper in order to ensure that it performs its tasks properly and can safely provide the car with the correct air and fuel mixture.

Replacing a Mini Cooper Carburettor

Be it either old or new, the Mini Cooper carburettor should be checked and cleaned occasionally. Dirt, debris, and varnish can damage the carburettor over time. Sometimes the cleaning does not help anymore, because small particles have accumulated and clogged the system. In this case, the carburettor needs to be replaced.

When replacing the carburettor on a Mini Cooper, the fuel, battery, and vacuum lines should first be disconnected. This can be done with a wrench. If the Mini Cooper has an automatic transmission, the throttle linkage should be disconnected as well. The lines should be somehow marked, so that they are easier to put back on later. After the nuts that connect the carburettor to the intake manifold are loose, the old carburettor can be removed.

Before mounting the new carburettor, the area should be cleaned. Then, the gasket can be put in place and spread with a light coating of gasket sealer. The carburettor is then installed and secured by tightening the nuts. This should be done in a crisscross torque pattern. Next, the fuel and vacuum lines are reconnected and then the battery pack follows. The carburettor should be primed with some gas several times before starting the engine. This enables the gas to reach the carburettor. If there are any gas or vacuum leaks, these should be repaired before going out for a drive. Tightening the bolts once again does no harm as long as they are not tightened too much.

Buying a Carburettor for a Mini Cooper on eBay

When you start looking for a carburettor for a Mini Cooper on eBay, it is best to first type the keywords into the search box, which you can find at the top of any eBay page. After you perform the initial search, you receive a list of results. In order to narrow them down, you can sort the list by auction time or price. Moreover, you can decide whether you want a completely new or used car part by setting the item condition. If you cannot find the kind of carburettor you are looking for, try clicking on some of the related searches. These have similar keywords, and may help you get closer to the desired product.

Read the detailed item listing in order to ensure that the carburettor is a perfect match for your Mini Cooper. Pay particular attention to the carburettor's choke size, for instance. If in any doubt, you can contact the seller and ask whether that specific carburettor is compatible with the Mini Cooper model you have. You can also enquire about delivery, payment methods, packaging, refunds, and exchanges.


In a car, the carburettor performs several important tasks. It atomises the petrol, mixes the petrol with air, and directs the mixture into the engine. If the carburettor operates smoothly, it provides the right air-fuel mixture and makes for optimum performance.

Mini Coopers, which are compact and reliable cars, are equipped with carburettors rather than the electrical fuel injection systems that some other cars have. The carburettor chokes the incoming air, reduces its pressure, and draws fuel from the float chamber. When buying a carburettor for a Mini Cooper, it is important to pay attention to its choke size. The choke is a valve inside the carburettor, responsible for regulating the amount of air in the mixture. The choke can be either fixed or variable. The size should be matched to the specific Mini Cooper model in order to guarantee correct fuel flow.

Carburettors for Mini Coopers are either single or twin carburettors, depending on how many carburettors they contain. Installing twin carburettors is slightly more difficult, as they need to be coupled and balanced mechanically. For a beginner, a carburettor that is both easy to install and maintain is the best choice.

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