How to Buy a Carp Fishing Rig

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How to Buy a Carp Fishing Rig

Fishing is the most popular participation sport worldwide, whether people pursue it competitively or take it up simply for enjoyment and relaxation purposes. The element of getting back to nature is certainly attractive and with many different types of fishing to choose from, the sport offers great variety too.

Carp fishing is a specialist art that requires patience and dedication, but the rewards can be tremendous. Big carp are a thrill to catch and many fishermen are attracted by the large sizes these fish can reach as mature adults. They are also elusive creatures that tend not to give up easily.

At eBay there are always plenty of carp fishing accessories available and it is easy to buy them online.

The trick to successful carp fishing is undoubtedly having the right tackle, although this really applies to all types of angling. Carp fishing rigs are often portrayed as complex and specialised pieces of equipment, but many an experienced angler will explain that the best way to catch carp is to use simple and traditional rig systems that have stood the test of time. Confidence in one’s equipment is crucial to success.

The Basic Carp Fishing Rigs

The most experienced anglers will have found a niche set-up that they are happy with, usually after a period of experimentation. There are five basic forms of carp fishing rigs and they all have their own attributes and particular advantages. The following are absolutely essential components:

  • The ideal kit will include a variety of leads such as flat pear, inline, tri-pear and grippa leads, giving the angler the perfect selection for different types of water.
  • Lead clips are also vital. The reliable, known brand varieties tend to be the most recommended. There are always many lead clips for sale on eBay.
  • Swivels are essential for the perfect carp rig.
  • Running lead clips, tear drop links and beads are important.
  • Rubber tubing is always a sensible accessory.
  • A tension tool, knot picker, lead core splicing needle and latch gate baiting needle are all essential tools.
  • Lead core, hybrid braid, 10lb monofilament line and a selection of hooks are vital.
  • Bait and tackles boxes should not be forgotten either. Keeping the tackle dry, clean and in a sensible order makes things much easier and less stressful.

Carp fishing is a serious sport. Having the best possible carp fishing rig will automatically create a competitive advantage.

Type of Carp Fishing Rigs

This guide looks at the simple, and most popular, types of carp fishing rigs and intends to educate and inform. Anglers may, in turn, move on to more complex and personalised set-ups, as that is how things progress. There are five basic, standard types of carp fishing rig:

All follow the same concept, and are successfully used to catch good-sized carp, but each is very much individual and can offer many advantages.

Basic Mono Rig

This is the simple, standard and time honoured carp fishing rig, one that is used all over the world to great effect. It is recommended as the place to start because of the simplicity involved. The key to the basic mono rig is the so-called ‘knotless’ knot, a major innovation that is used across the board. Choose the bait to be used, and the hook size accordingly, and begin as follows.

  • Using monofilament, make a loop knot in the end; keep it simple and quick.
  • Use the baiting needle and attach the chosen size of bait.
  • Attach the hook in the standard fashion.
  • Now, using the appropriate tool, wrap the mono around the shank of the hook.
  • Thread the line back through the hook eye, and there is the famous ‘knotless’ knot.
  • Next, attach a swivel and a lead.

The basic mono rig is now ready to go. This type of rig has been used for many decades to catch sizeable carp in all types of water. It is simple, tried and tested. You may also want to expand on this version with the running ledger rig, mentioned above, which is the same but with a loose, running lead. This gives the ability to cast in different ways and to fish in more challenging environments. There are hooks of different sizes on eBay, all at affordable prices.

The Hybrid Rig

One common problem with the above standard rig is that it is susceptible to tangling, and this is largely due to the monofilament and its properties. The hybrid rig overcomes this by following the same procedure, but using coated braid. This is heavier than monofilament and has more ‘natural’ properties in the water. Experts recommend that anglers perfect the basic rig, and then try the hybrid version to see if it offers any additional advantages.

The Bolt Rig

Fishing with the bolt rig, also known as lead clips, has caused some controversy. In competitive settings, this advanced technique has been criticized, paradoxically, for its reliability. This means it might create an unfair advantage, which is sometimes seen as not very sporting. It is a worthy rig, and one that offers many advantages, but in competitive settings it may be necessary to check how much leeway is allowed.

Inline Leads

Inline leads are not fixed to the line but move along it, a system that offers many advantages. While the inline lead is considered a simple and basic rig, it is one that needs a great deal of experience to master and use correctly. It is recommended that novice anglers master the original, basic rig before advancing to the inline method. It should be said that this rig is not to everyone’s taste and many people do dismiss it.

Carp Fishing Tips

Like all forms of fishing, carp fishing is about matching experience with skill. No doubt an element of luck is involved too. Many tips could be offered, but here are some of the more simple, common sense ones:

  • Ensure the correct tackle is available. eBay always has a large amount of fishing tackle of all types.
  • Be comfortable with your equipment, Make sure you choose the right rod and line and other accessories.
  • Know the water. It helps to fish in a familiar carp pond.
  • Fish with a more experienced carp angler and listen to their advice. Some people can offer excellent tips based on their own experience.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Fishing magazines are full of advice about the correct bait to use for carp angling. The way the bait is presented is often more important than the type of bait used however. In some swims, carp will only feed in one particular spot. In others, they will only be attracted by bait that looks different to that which has been used to hook them in the past. Popular baits include homemade dough balls and canned corn. In Europe a bait known as ‘boilies’ is commonly used. This is made from milk proteins, eggs and artificial flavours which are then boiled in water.
  • The most rewarding type of carp fishing tends to be in rivers, specifically in the stretch just before a river mouth where salt water and fresh water can be found in roughly equal parts.

How to Buy Carp Fishing Rigs On eBay

There are many different brand, types and styles of carp fishing rigs to be found on eBay, and all at a range of affordable prices. There is an extensive range of fishing gear, videos and fishing accessories of all types, and many vendors offering free delivery and affordable prices.  Using eBay is extremely easy. Once you have decided upon the type of carp fishing rigs you want, simply go to and choose the Fishing section under the Sporting Goods header. Next, select the Coarse Fishing section, and the Carp Fishing link will appear. The choice of fishing equipment is comprehensive, and you can narrow your search down by entering a brand name or model number into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop-down menu to the left. If you need further advice on buying carp fishing rigs on eBay, you can visit the Search Tips page, and you can also look in the eBay Stores section for a wider choice of fishing reels


Buying carp fishing rigs on eBay is a great way of getting excellent choice and value for money, and with free delivery on many items, there are bargains to be had. Carp fishing is one of the most invigorating of all angling genres, and offers that sense of waiting followed by the rush of excitement when the big catch comes. The benefits of having the right carp fishing rig are many, and it only adds to the enjoyment when things feel right and comfortable to begin with. Whether the angler is fishing for fun or for sport, at eBay the carp fishing tackle and equipment on offer can make sure they have the perfect kit for the job, and it has never been easier to shop online.

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