How to Buy a Ceramic Bread Bin on eBay

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How to Buy a Ceramic Bread Bin on eBay

Bread bins are used in kitchens as a means of storing bread. When not kept in cool and other appropriate conditions, bread can easily and quickly begin to go off and become stale.

This is why bread bins are so useful. They provide a functional and suitable place for bread to be stored, all the while becoming a decorative element of the kitchen. Their tendency to be appreciated for their aesthetic nature, as well as their functionality, is a reason as to why they are made in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Bread bins are also made from a manner of different materials and one of the most widely bought and popularly used are those that are ceramic. There are many advantages of owning a ceramic bread bin, and this guide will discuss the best ways of choosing and purchasing a bread bin of this ilk.

Components of a Ceramic Bread Bin

Whilst it may not seem that there are many elements that make up a bread bin, there are a number of quirks that can play a role in determining the price. Here is a detailed explanation of the components that make up a ceramic bread bin and the design twists that make them so popular:

Ceramic Bread Bin Component

Function of Component


The bin is the part of the bread bin that houses the bread itself. Whilst it may seem like the bin is not a valuable component to think about, it actually plays a pivotal role in the preservation of the bread. It has to be thick enough to preserve the bread, yet also not too thick so as to make the bread bin too heavy if it needs to be moved around. This is especially the case for ceramic bread bins. There is also an enormous amount of variety in the sizes of bin on the market. There are those which will fit one small loaf, as well as other that can house a number of loafs or types of bread. What is more, there are also bread bins available with bins that are separated into individual compartments for individual bread types. These tend to be both larger in size,, as well as marginally higher price wise than the smaller bin sizes.

Bread Bin Lid

Again, the lid is undervalued in the role it plays as far as a bread bin is concerned. The lid on a bread bin is an extremely useful component. Firstly, the lid provides a seal between the bread inside of the bread bin and the air outside of the bread bin. It serves an important function in the protection of the bread. When buying a ceramic bread bin it is important to buy one that is well made as cheaper versions can chip when the user places the lid onto the bin. Most bread bins have lids with specially designed ridges to lessen the impact, as well as providing a tighter seal between the lid and the bin. The lid of a bread bin may also serve not just as a means of protecting the bread, but also as another important piece of kitchen equipment. A modern twist on the bread bin lid is that it can be doubled up and used as a wooden bread board for cutting the bread. Ceramic bread bins with breadboard lids tend to be more highly priced than those with ceramic, matching lids.

Bread Bin Handle

The handle of a bread bin usually sits on top of the lid of the bread bin. Ceramic bread bin handles tend to be small and rounded and made in a similar fashion to the materials used for the rest of the bread bin. However, more modern designs of ceramic bread bin feature varying styles of handle, such as a raised portion at one end of the lid or a lift off handle designed for an easier lifting of the lid. Ceramic bread bins with breadboard lids tend to have handles that are less obvious and protrusive to allow for the breadboard to be laid flat down on the kitchen surface whilst being used. Handles for breadboard lids are often ridged at either end of the bread bin, and neither affects the seal of the bread bin, nor affects the use of the breadboard. 

Styles of Ceramic Bread Bin

There are many different styles of ceramic bread bin available. From those based on the antique bread bins that were used before the introduction of bread based preservatives, to those that would be considered to be of a more modern design. The styles that are popular amongst ceramic bread bin owners are detailed below and are all available for sensible prices on websites like eBay:

-   Rustic: rustic ceramic bread bins are very traditional in that all of the components in the design of the bread bin are of the same ceramic material. Bread bins of this style tend to be shaped and based on those that were used in farms and country houses to preserve the freshly made bread purchased. In terms of shape, they are commonly found to be more rounded than more modern bread bins as they were designed for one loaf to be placed inside vertically as opposed to horizontally. The handles of rustic ceramic bread bins are much like the small, rounded handles mentioned above.

-   Traditional: ceramic bread bins that are considered to be more traditional are those that adhere to the conventions of the typical bread bin. In comparison to the rounded, rustic ceramic bread bin, a traditional ceramic bread bin is one that is more rectangular and box-like in shape. This allows for the horizontal placing of a bread loaf, as well as allowing room for perhaps more than one bread product to be stored. Traditional ceramic bread bins also tend to have three sided handles, as this design fits in more with aesthetic of a box shaped bread bin.

-   Modern: modern ceramic bread bins are popular amongst people who have other modern kitchen fittings but wish to keep a sense of the traditional by owning ceramic items. Modern ceramic bread bins tend to have breadboard lids, and these lids are used by designers to add a contemporary twist to the traditional ceramic nature of the bread bin. Another common feature of modern ceramic bread bins is that they come in a variety of colours, usually those that are brighter than traditional ceramic bread bins.

Considerations When Buying a Ceramic Bread Bin

With there being a number of styles and features of ceramic bread bin available, there are some considerations that need to be contemplated before settling for a specific bread bin. Here are some of the things that need to be thought about before buying a ceramic bread bin:


With there being a number of styles of ceramic bread bin available for purchase, one needs to think about which style would fit in best with the design of the kitchen that it is to be used in. Whilst the choice of ceramic bread bin is entirely subjective, a modern ceramic bread bin may look out of place amongst other kitchen utensils and equipment that are more traditional in design. One may also wish to take into consideration the colour of the bread bin being purchased so as to ensure that it fits in with the colour scheme of the kitchen.


Commonly, ceramic bread bins can be purchased as part of a set with other kitchen storage equipment included. For example, on eBay, one can purchase an entire set of tea, coffee, sugar, pasta and bread storage equipment all of the same aesthetic and all made of ceramic materials. This may be worthwhile if one is concerned as to whether an individual ceramic bread bin will fit in with the other kitchen fittings. 

Lid and Seal

One should be aware that due to the hard and solid nature of ceramic bread bins, they will need to be manufactured in a way that the ridges of the bin and the lid fit together perfectly to create a seal that prevents the bread from going stale. This can be done by purchasing a ceramic bread bin from a popular brand or manufacturer, who will ensure that the ceramic bread bin is both suitable in design, as well as function.

Buying a Ceramic Bread Bin on eBay

eBay provides buyers of ceramic bread bins with the opportunity to find the same products that would be found in high street stores or online retail sites at much more reasonable prices. The option to Bid on items on eBay allows for buyers to pay a price that may be lower than that advertised in a high street store. If the option is available one may also be able to put in a Best Offer to be able to buy the product quickly, or perhaps make use of the Buy It Now facility if put in place by the seller.

Whilst there are many specialist sellers of kitchen equipment that sell ceramic bread bins on eBay, there are also independent sellers. If one wishes to use these sellers be sure to read the product description carefully and look at the seller’s feedback from other buyers to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

To visit the listings of ceramic bread bins, go to the Home & Garden section of the site and click the ‘Kitchen’ link, and then choosing the Food and Kitchen Storage option from the drop down menu. From here one can use the keyword search bar and the filter tabs to tailor the search to more personal sensibilities.


There is no better way of ensuring that the ceramic bread bin that is being purchased is suitable for the kitchen in question, is reasonably priced, as well as serving its originally intended function than by being knowledgeable about what is available on the market.

There is a good range of buying options available. For example, one may wish to purchase a bread bin individually or if it is a desire of the buyer to have matching kitchen equipment, then a set can be just as easily purchased.

By using eBay one can match all the necessary requirements whilst buying a ceramic bread bin that is sensibly priced and in a secure environment. 

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