How to Buy a Corner Sofa

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How to Buy a Corner Sofa

A well-decorated home is the desire of most homeowners. From entertaining guests in the home to simply creating a certain ambience in a room, the decor of a room is of the utmost importance. Furniture, in particular, has a large impact on the impression of guests when they enter a room. Corner sofas are especially popular pieces to add to a home, primarily because they maximise both space and comfort, and they do it in style.

Having said that, not just any corner sofa can be placed in a room. Several factors must be considered when searching for a sofa that is the right fit for a particular room. For example, the sofa frame, the sofa materials, and the sofa size are all important characteristics. A corner sofa must have the appropriate look and feel to suit the room in which it is placed.

Corner sofas can always be found at brick-and-mortar furniture shops, as well as in some department stores. These sofas and other furniture can also be found on some online platforms, such as eBay. Equipped with the proper knowledge, shoppers can easily find the perfect corner sofas for their homes.

Advantages of a Corner Sofa

There are many advantages to owning a corner sofa. This particular type of sofa forms a right angle with the different segments of the sofa, and this allows it to fit comfortably into the corner of a room. Some types of corner sofas have adjustable segments that allow the owner to create different sofa lengths on each side of the corner. The sofa could be one segment long on one side and three segments long on the other side. This allows the owner to adjust the sofa to suit the room and the space. These sofas are generally referred to as sectional sofas.

Most corner sofas do not have segments that can be moved and rearranged, but they still maximise the available space in a room by cosily fitting into the corner. Corner sofas that do not have removable segments are often categorised as left-handed or right-handed, depending on which side of the sofa is longer.

Taking Measurements

The first step in finding and buying an appropriate corner sofa for a home is to determine the exact measurements of the space designated for the sofa. The length, width, and height of the area should be measured as accurately as possible.

A frequent issue with furniture in general, and especially with sofas, is getting the furniture into a room. Many pieces of furniture cannot be dismantled and, thus, must be able to fit through all the entryways leading into the house and into the specific room. This may mean that some sofas have to be eliminated from consideration, even if their size is appropriate for the space. Knowing whether or not a sofa can fit through a doorway is critical before making a purchase. In scenarios such as this, fractions of a centimetre can make a difference, so it is important to measure doorways as precisely as possible.

Corner Sofa Frames

The frame of a sofa is especially important when it comes to the decor in a room. Frames can be made from a variety of different materials, each of which has a different impact on the durability and strength of a sofa. Some materials are definitely stronger, while other materials may be more attractive.

Wood Frames

Wood is a material that is often used to build the frames of many types of furniture. Although there are many different kinds of wood used in furniture, common wood frames are not generally very durable or reliable when it comes to supporting a corner sofa. Soft woods, such as pine, are not good at supporting weight over time in comparison to other types of materials. Pine can bend or warp over the years, and this may leave buyers needing to purchase another couch in a short time span. However, pine and other soft woods are typically less expensive when it comes to buying a wood frame sofa.

Hardwoods, such as oak or beech, are more durable for use in sofa frames, and shoppers who want sofas with better support and longer lifespans often purchase sofas with hardwood frames. However, these types of sofas tend to come with larger price tags.

Metal and Plastic Frames

Frames made from metal or plastic frames, or a combination of the two, are not particularly reliable when it comes to durability. Similar to soft wood frames, these materials are more susceptible to bending or warping, and this can cause damage over time. Plastic, in particular, does not typically handle significant weight very well. Corner sofas with these types of frames are usually available at affordable prices.

It is also important to note how the frame is held together, as different construction methods can either add to or take away from the stability of the frame. Frames should preferably be held together with screws or pegs. Glue by itself is not enough to maintain a durable frame. Staples are also not an ideal tool for holding a frame together, as they can easily detach over time.

Corner Sofa Fabrics

Aside from the frame, the soft and appealing part of a sofa can be made from numerous materials. Cotton, linen, and leather are all popular sofa fabrics, and there are advantages to each type. Some fabrics are stain resistant, while others are very durable.

Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen are common fabrics used in the creation of corner sofas. They are also typically on the less expensive side, which is a distinct plus for many buyers. These fabrics are also somewhat stain resistant, although serious stains are likely to be untreatable.

These fabrics are comfortable, but they do have a few disadvantages. The fabric threads in cotton and linen sofas sometimes loosen or come unwoven. This causes threads to be susceptible to snagging, and this can lead to large runs in the couch. This is the key reason that cotton and linen sofas are less than ideal for homes with pets.

Wool and Leather

In some ways, wool and leather are on the opposite side of the material spectrum from cotton and linen. Whereas cotton and linen are inexpensive and not very durable, wool and leather are expensive and very durable. Wool and leather are not susceptible to individual fibre damage, and they are also highly stain resistant. Aside from expensive prices, the only disadvantage to a leather corner sofa is that a pet’s untrimmed claws or nails can cause scratches on the fabric if pressed hard enough.

Matching a Corner Sofa to a Room

How a corner sofa fits into a room and suits its ambience is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a sofa of this sort. Given how much money is typically spent on even the cheapest of sofas, these furniture pieces should be given careful thought and consideration, as they are intended to be in a person’s home for quite some time.

The physical characteristics of a particular room should play a large role in choosing a sofa. If a room is wide and spacious, a large corner sofa can be bought without overwhelming the area. On the other hand, if a room is small and already crowded, a simple two-segment sofa may be much better for the room.

The ambience of a room is yet another factor in choosing a corner sofa. Whether a shopper is in the process of furnishing an entire room or simply wants to replace a single sofa, the desired atmosphere of the room should be chosen before shopping for a sofa. The style of sofa should be chosen based on the rest of the room, as opposed to the other way around. The same is true for choosing a particular colour for a sofa. Operating in this manner prevents buyers from having to change an entire room’s decor to suit a new sofa.

How to Buy Corner Sofas on eBay

Given the plethora of options for corner sofas, shopping for such sofas may seem overwhelming and even a bit frustrating at times. There are many factors to consider that can have a large impact on how a sofa suits a particular room. Considering what a large investment furniture tends to be, it is to the buyer’s advantage to find exactly the right sofa that should last for many years.

One way to ease the frustration is to shop for corner sofas on a website with extensive inventory, and eBay fits the bill. The site makes it easy to navigate to different types of sofas by simply typing keywords like "red corner sofa’"or "leather corner sofa" into the search bar.

Contacting sellers on eBay is quick and easy when you have questions. You can always ask the seller to clear up any confusion about a product’s description or shipping options. This gives you the chance to find out everything you need to know about a given product before you decide to purchase it, and this makes your time spent shopping on eBay more efficient and satisfying.


Buying furniture is a large investment, albeit a worthwhile one. Corner sofas, in particular, are space efficient pieces of furniture that help create the desired environment in a room. The numerous options available for corner sofas can make shopping for one challenging and time consuming, as all homeowners want to find exactly the right sofa for their particular rooms.

All of these factors make understanding the benefits and disadvantages of possible options very important. From choosing the right fabric to choosing the right size, a buyer has a lot of decisions to make before settling on the corner sofa that best suits his or her room. Although corner sofas can be found at typical furniture stores and in some department stores, shopping for these furniture pieces on eBay or on other online sites is a headache-free process that often offers a greater variety of style choices.

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