How to Buy a Cottage Holiday on eBay

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How to Buy a Cottage Holiday on eBay

Cottage holidays offer business people, students, retirees, and others an opportunity to get away for a while, and this helps reduce stress and re-energise the soul. Before going on holiday to cottages, vacationers have a lot to consider. They need to know how long they plan on staying, what time of year they want to go, if pets are allowed, and how many beds they need, for example. These questions and more require consideration by the vacationer before a holiday package is purchased.

In addition to the above questions, vacationers need to consider the locations they want to visit and the budget amounts they have for their trips. Another important thing they need to think about is whether cottages include areas to store and prepare food, such as kitchens or kitchenettes. As always, those going on holiday need to find out all pertinent information before purchasing cottage holiday packages on eBay.

Cottage Definition

Most holiday cottages are small in size, as local legislation dictates how big these structures can be. Usually one story in height, they do occasionally feature two floors, sometimes with a half-story for use as a storage area. Most accommodate anywhere from two to eight people. Cottage construction materials include wood, stone, or wattle and daub, with roofs ranging from tiled to thatched to shingled, depending largely on the region.

Designed for comfort, cottages come in a variety of designs. Cosy and minimalist in living style, these vacation homes are usually detached from a main building. Deliberately designed with a rustic look and feel, many feature hand-carved woodwork, exposed ceiling beams, and plank floors.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cottage Holiday on eBay

As stated above, vacationers need to determine certain information about cottage holiday offerings before they agree to purchase them. This includes location, time of year, and price, among other considerations. The sections below cover many of the pertinent questions individuals and families should ask before buying.


The holiday location plays a large part in the type of cottage that is available. Whether this is somewhere close to home or in another country primarily depends on the vacationer and how far he or she wants to travel. When going on holiday, vacationers should always allow for enough time to buy holiday packages, as last-minute arrangements can fall through or be expensive. The following table lists some of the more common areas where vacationers choose to go on holiday.

Country of Choice



Coastal plains in the north and west

Alps and Pyrenees in the south

France offers a wide variety of holiday locations


Mountainous and rocky in the west with low central plains

Ireland boasts verdant vegetation, panoramic vistas, and plentiful rainfall


The iconic Scottish Highlands lie to the north

In the centre of the country, the central Lowlands

Uplands occupy the south


A mountainous country, Spain also has many major rivers

Spain also holds various islands in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

United Kingdom

Consisting of mostly lowland terrain, England accounts for a little more than half of the country

Mountainous areas lie to the northwest


Generally mountainous, though containing many areas of natural beauty

Also has award winning beaches on its coastline

Buyers should remember to consider the different areas that offer cottage holidays, as well as the time of year they wish to go on vacation, before purchasing holiday packages. This way vacationers can keep in mind weather patterns when planning a holiday.

Time of Year

The time of year that individuals and families take holidays can have a big impact on price, as trips taken during the off-season usually cost less. As a whole, Europeans traditionally take off during the summer months running from June through August, as their children typically get out of school for summer vacation during this time. The first week in August, in particular, sees a lot of people taking time off for vacations, as does the time around the Christmas holiday. Some vacationers, mainly those who do not have children, go on holiday at other times of the year. Holidays in the Mediterranean prove especially popular, as the weather tends to stay good for most of the year in the area.

Length of Holiday

The typical holiday ranges from a weekend or extended weekend to a few weeks. With this much time to relax and take it easy, vacationers need to make sure where they plan to stay offers packages that include an extended amount of days, if needed. Vacation shoppers can avoid this by shopping well in advance of their holidays to give themselves enough time to find packages that fit their needs and time constraints. A lot of planning can go into a holiday. By taking adequate time beforehand, vacation goers can avoid the problems that might crop up by planning a holiday at the last minute, especially when it comes to finding a place to stay for the time they have off to travel.

Overall Price

One important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for holiday packages centres on overall price. Shoppers need to keep in mind their overall budgets so that they do not overspend. Holiday packages come in a range of prices to fit all budgets, from family vacations to romantic weekend getaways and more.


When purchasing packages for a holiday at a cottage, shoppers have a wide variety of amenities to choose from and decisions to make. These include whether the cottage accepts pets or children and whether the cottage provides items for self catering, among other concerns. The following sections detail some of the amenities holiday cottages may offer.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Some holiday cottages offer a pool for use by those staying on the property. If holiday goers wish to have this option, they should look for locations that offer private indoor or outdoor pools. A hot tub represents another popular amenity that makes a holiday even more fun and relaxing for those seeking to relieve stress.

Self Catering

Self catering holidays mean that the cottage chosen includes the appliances necessary to cook and store food. This includes storage cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and microwaves. This capability can save travellers the expense of eating out while away from home on vacation.

Children and Pet Policy

Other important issues to keep in mind when planning a holiday centre around children and pets. While a wide selection of holiday cottages deem themselves child and pet friendly, some do not offer this option, especially when it comes to pets. If those going on vacation plan to bring their children and/or pets with them, they need to determine which holiday packages allow kids and pets.


With the advent of the digital age, staying connected proves important even while away on holiday. Some cottages offer a Wi-Fi feature. Those who require a stable Internet connection, Wi-Fi or otherwise, should check the package details or ask the seller about this feature if it is not clear.

Find Cottage Holidays on eBay

Finding cottage holidays on eBay is an easy and secure process. Begin by searching the website for available packages. First, enter keywords into the search box on any eBay page, using terms like 'French cottage holiday' or 'week holiday cottage', for example. Remember to use words and terms that closely describe the products of choice. Once the list of results pops up, narrow the results down by clicking on the category options. This displays the listings that match the particular details you want. Remember to read eBay's Search Tips page before beginning your search. You can also visit eBay Shops that are run by a wide range of sellers.

Before making any purchases, read through the details of each product listing to make sure you find the perfect product based on cost, package quality, location, amenities, and any other terms of sale. Click the Ask a Question link on the seller's listing page if you want to contact the seller directly. Read the seller's feedback comments to make sure other shoppers rated him or her highly.


When looking for a holiday package, the questions asked can prove to be just as important as the location chosen. For this reason, the next time vacationers decide to go on holiday, they need to keep the above information in mind. That way they can find the holiday packages that best fit their needs for their vacations. When they want to take their children or pets along, they need to make sure that a cottage owner allows kids and/or pets. Otherwise, travellers need to make alternative arrangements for their children or pets while they go on holiday.

Other factors that determine which holiday package a shopper should opt for include other available amenities, such as a pool or hot tub. If they plan on cooking their own meals, travellers need to check out which appliances, if any, cottages offer. As long as shoppers keep in mind what they require out of holiday cottages, they should have no trouble finding the exact holiday packages they need on eBay.

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