How to Buy a Cotton Cushion

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How to Buy a Cotton Cushion

A simple and ordinary room in the house can look elegant and extraordinary just with the addition of a few colourful cotton cushions. However, to achieve this dramatic change in the decor, the cotton cushions should be selected with care.

Cotton Cushion Basics

A cotton cushion should be eye-catching and vibrant. It should be used as decorative accent that can enhance the colour palette of a room and add a personal touch. The cushion’s colour and texture can be used to create a contrast in the room, making the cotton cushion the focal point.

Cotton Cushion Shapes

There are endless varieties of cushion shape to choose from. Cushions can be squares, rectangles, or tubular. When selecting a cotton cushion, take into account the intended use to make sure that the most ideal shape is chosen. For instance, a square cotton cushion offers support and comfort to the full back, while a rectangular cushion is better for the neck or the lower back. Here are some of the most common cotton cushion shapes that are to be found in the market:


These are tubular-shaped cushions and are recommended for leather sofas and daybeds, as they do not slip like the square cotton cushions.


As the name suggests, they are rectangular in shape. These cushions offer lumbar support when used on armchairs and sofas. If the cushions are really long, they can also be used on king-size beds.


This is the most commonly found shape and a square cotton cushion can be used on hard chairs, sofas, beds, or even on the floor. Even pets can use square cushion to sit on or sleep comfortably.


These circular cotton cushions can soften up a hard-surfaced sofa or chair and make it comfortable to sit on.

Depending on the shape, the cushion will have different edges. Some of the edges that are common include the following:

Box edge

In this type of edge, a number of different pieces of fabric are used to give the cushion a box-like edge. The top, side and the bottom parts of the fabric are joined to form the box edge.

Knife edge

Here, the top and bottom parts of the fabric come together to form an edge that is thicker towards the middle and narrower towards the outer edges.

French edge

This type of edge is a combination of box and knife edges. The edges of the cotton cushion have a pleat, so that they are box-like in appearance.

Types of Cotton Cushion

Just as there are several types of shapes, there are also several types of cotton cushion. Some of them are as follows:

Seat Cotton Cushion
This type of cotton cushion is used primarily for outdoor and dining chairs. The shape of the cushion can be round, square, half circle or rectangle. Often, the cushion is specifically made to fit into the chairs.

Bench Cotton Cushion

Bench cotton cushion are used on seating places that are uncomfortable and hard, such as garden benches, loveseats and swings. Once again, the cushion is made to fit into the seat.

Chaise Cotton Cushion

Chaise is a type of a long lounge chair that is mainly used in patios. The seat of the chaise extends outwards, giving it an appearance of a footrest. This type of cotton cushion is long and runs along the entire length of the chaise.

Ottoman Cotton Cushion

An Ottoman is a kind of footrest used while sitting in the living room or on the patio. The Ottoman cotton cushion can be colour co-ordinated with the fabric of the seat and can be of any shape or size, as long as it fits into the Ottoman.

Other Features to Consider When Buying Cotton Cushion

Cotton cushions can come with a number of additions, such as piping, cording, welting, buttons or ties, to give them a different look or to enhance their overall appearance.

Button Tuft

When plastic buttons are inserted into the cushion, it gets a button tuft appearance. The inserted buttons are kept in place with the help of a string. Sometimes, the buttons can also be sewn to achieve the same look. The buttons draw in the cotton filling and the fabric to give a tufted appearance to the cushion.


With this feature, a matching fabric is placed in the seams of the cushion so that it can be tied to the seat in a secure manner. Often, the ties are located at the corners or the folds of the cushions.

Cording, Piping, and Welting

The corners and edges of the cushion are strengthened with the help of some cording, piping, or welting. This also helps to give the cotton cushion a nice look. These edges can be of the same colour fabric or of a contrasting colour.

Fabric Used to Make Cotton Cushions

Consider the quality of the fabric used to make the cotton cushion. When it comes to cotton cushions, colour fastness is important. The colour from the cushion should not rub off onto the sofa or seat that it is placed on, and especially not onto the clothes of the seated. Cotton is a sturdy and durable fabric and, therefore, cushions made from cotton fabric and cotton filling are great for houses with pets or in areas, which are used frequently.

Used or New Cotton Cushion

When buying a cotton cushion, there is always the option of selecting a either a brand new cushion or an already used one. Choosing a used cushion may also be the more eco-friendly option, as used cushions lend themselves to customisation. Using of old curtains or scarves, for example, a new cover and totally new overall look of the cushion can be achieved. That said, however, there is nothing which quite matches the feeling of buying new; a special treat or investment for the home. Of course, there will be a price difference between the used and new cotton cushion, so do not forget to take the price factor into consideration.

How to Buy Cotton Cushion on eBay

eBay is an excellent online source to buy cotton cushions and above all, the eBay guarantee gives that added sense of protection and comfort. When looking to buy cotton cushion on eBay, enter the words “cotton cushion” into the search box. This will give the entire listing of all cotton cushions that multiple sellers have put on sale. Alternatively, use the category search; from the homepage select Home & Garden followed by Home & Garden again. This brings up a page where the cushions can be searched for by selecting the room they will be placed in, or by navigating the links on the left hand side in the Furniture & Living category. For a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, opt to buy cotton cushion from a local seller, as this will allows the cushion to be inspected in person before purchasing and also ensures that it the cushion meets all of the requirements and needs. It is also possible to consult the eBay community to find a suitable cushion if search results give little back. It is also wise to find out about the seller’s return policy before buying any cushions. This is to avoid complications, since noone likes to receive damaged products or cushions that do not meet the specifications on the seller’s website. Find out clearly what the shipping charges are if the cushions need to be sent back. Furthermore, ask the seller to provide some form of guarantee to back the claims for product features, such as colour fastness of the fabric or shrinkage of the fabric after washing.


Buying and placing cotton cushions in the house can be a satisfying experience, as they can completely change the way the house appears. However, to ensure quality and affordable cotton cushions, always buy from a reputed source, such as eBay. Given the immense selection available, finding the most appropriate cushions for any home is made easy.

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