How to Buy a DVD Player on eBay

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How to Buy a DVD Player on eBay

Years ago, the word ‘DVD’ did not make sense to anyone. Now, it is probably the most common form of disc used for storing media. If the buyer does not already know, DVD stands for ‘digital video disc’. DVDs are the physical discs that most movies and games come nowadays. They offer high-quality images that are better than those available in the regular CD format of the previous decade, but less sharp than images that a Blu-Ray disc can offer. However, since Blu-Ray discs are quite expensive when compared to DVDs, DVDs still remain the disc of choice for most people.

Over the years, the number of different types of DVD players has increased greatly and buyers can be forgiven if they find it confusing to choose a suitable DVD player for their entertainment needs. Therefore, they can look forward to learning about the types of DVD players, as well as tips on choosing one in this guide. Additionally, a detailed explanation on the purchasing process of a DVD player on eBay can be useful for anyone shopping on this marketplace.

The Different Types of DVD Players

There are various kinds of DVD players available to cater to different needs of various users. The features that a DVD player has usually determines its price, so the more features the buyer expects on the player, the bigger the budget of the buyer needs to be. The buyer can get a brief idea about the different kinds of DVD players and their features from the information presented in the table below.

Type of DVD Player


Standard DVD Player

Simple DVD players

Single tray and changer

Plays regular video DVDs

Universal DVD Player

Slight upgrade to standard DVD players

Can play audio DVDs as well as SACDs

DVD Player/VHS-VCR Combination

Can also play VCRs and VHS cassettes

DVD Player/AV Recorder Combination

Can additionally record audio-visual materials

DVD Player/TiVo Combination

It also has a TiVo DVRs built-in

DVD Player/Video Projector Combination

Can additionally act as a video projector

Portable DVD Player

Mostly used when on the go

Connects to LCD screens and stereo speakers

DVD Player/Video Game Console Combination

Mainly video game consoles, with ability to play DVDs

Playstation 3

Xbox 360

TV/DVD Player or TV/DVD Player/VCR Combination

Televisions with built-in DVD and/or VCR players

Other than the types of DVD players mentioned above, players with systems that supersede the DVD system, such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, also have the ability to play DVDs. The buyers may choose to invest in these players if they also plan to play HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

Tips on Choosing a DVD Player

With the many different kinds of DVD players available, the buyer may feel overwhelmed when trying to choose one. However, by systematically narrowing down the type of DVD player that is suitable, buying a DVD player can become an easy task.

Purpose of a DVD Player

The first thing the buyers should consider is what they need in their home. For example, the buyers should consider if a standard DVD player that only plays video DVDs would suffice, or a universal one that plays audio DVDs too is needed. If they plan on using the DVD player while travelling, then they should consider buying portable DVD players. If, however, the buyer is an avid gamer, he or she can buy a video game console with DVD playback capabilities, such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 3.

Features of a DVD Player

DVD players of the same type can come with varying features and quality. The buyer should decide on which features are needed accordingly. For example, to complement a high-definition television and surround sound speakers, a DVD that supports these features is to be considered, as otherwise the full potential of the other devices is likely to be compromised. Other features that a DVD player should have can depend on the buyer’s preferences, such as whether the DVD player has a remote control, if it can play video in slow motion and frame-by-frame, whether it can hold single or multiple discs, and more.

A DVD Player in a Set or Standalone?

A DVD player is available as a separate purchase or included in a home theatre system, but can also come with a television set or just with the speakers. If the buyer has the budget for it, than purchasing the player in a combination set is a good idea as this usually means better compatibility among the different device components in the buyer’s entertainment system.

Budget for a DVD Player

Last but not least, the buyer should set a budget, as DVD players can come in a wide range of prices. The price of a particular DVD player is dependent on many factors, including its brand, quality, features, purpose, and more. Because of this, the buyer should set the budget last after deciding on the other aspects of the desired DVD player, as only then can a realistic budget be created.

After carefully considering the kind of DVD player that is needed, the buyer can proceed to shop for one. When shopping on eBay, it is useful to know how to look up product listings, how to find out more information regarding a product, as well as how to analyse the information and decide if it is the right product. These details are given in the following sections.

Looking for DVD Player Listings on eBay

If you are new to eBay, you should be pleased to know that looking up listings on eBay is a simple process. All you have to do is go to the eBay home page and use the search bar there by typing in a search term that best describes the DVD player that you are looking for. As an example, you can search for ‘portable Sony DVD player’ instead of just ‘DVD player’ to get relevant results if you are looking for a portable DVD player by Sony. Once you have done this, hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and the product listings page appears. If you need to narrow down the search results even more, use the options panel and select the features you want in the DVD player you are looking for.

Getting More Information Regarding a DVD Player

If you see a DVD player listed that you are interested in, just click on the name of the listing to be brought to the item page. There you can see all the information about the item that the seller has provided, including the condition, features, price, location, and so on. Do not worry if you read through the information and find that you need to know more; you can just contact the seller and they should be glad to assist you by answering your inquiry.

Deciding on Your Purchase

Before you purchase a listed DVD player, take the time to look at the seller’s feedback rating as well. A good rating, coupled by positive reviews from previous buyers, usually reflects on the seller’s reliability. If the item you are planning to buy is being sold by a new seller, correspond with the seller to gauge whether you should buy from them.

Another thing you should check is whether the payment method you are planning to use is supported by the seller. PayPal is usually the most accepted way, though sellers sometime accept other payment methods as well. Also, make sure that the cost of shipping (if any) is reasonable. If you are happy with your choice, you can proceed to purchase the DVD player. However, not all listed items on eBay are up for direct purchase; some need to be bidded on as they are for auction. If the item is up for auction, you can only own the item if you win the auction by placing the highest bid.

After Completing Your Purchase

Once you have completed the transaction with the seller, the seller then ships the item to you by the agreed upon shipment method. If the seller is in the same area, you may have the option to arrange for a local pick-up, if the seller agrees, but only after the transaction has been completed on eBay. After you have received your item, do not forget to leave feedback for the seller to help future buyers.


While new technologies such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are available, they are still away from meeting the affordability and popularity of the DVD. Over the years, a number of different types of DVD players have emerged, some combining the regular DVD player with other devices such as AV recorders, video game consoles, VCR players, and video projectors. For those who want to watch DVDs while on the road, there are even portable DVD players.

Before purchasing a DVD player, the buyers should narrow down their purchase choices by considering several aspects, including the purpose of the device, the budget, and whether to purchase the DVD player alone or to buy it in a set with other devices. Once buyers have a rough idea about the kind of DVD player that is needed, then purchasing it on eBay according to the steps provided in this guide should be a simple and enjoyable process.

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