How to Buy a DVD and Video Player on eBay

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How to Buy a DVD and Video Player on eBay

The combination DVD and VHS player is a device that offers the marriage of two types of video technology in one machine. When switching from one format to another, many consumers find that they still need to use the older technology from time to time. This is true of consumers with large VHS libraries or home movies that have yet to be transferred to DVD. For these consumers, the combo player is an advantageous piece of home entertainment equipment.

In addition to being a space saver in the the entertainment unit, the combo player also saves the auxiliary connection slot on the television for an additional media player. For the budget-conscious consumer, this option saves them money, because it is not necessary to purchase two different players when one player will do.

A buyer can find combination DVD and video players in high street electronic shops or the electronics section of most department stores. However, because of the declining popularity of the VHS player, it is possible that a retailer only offers a limited selection. Shopping online allows for more freedom of choice. An online marketplace like eBay allows for convenient side-by-side comparison shopping, where the different features can be compared. eBay’s search tools are also very easy to use.

The Basics of the DVD and Video Player

When searching for a combo DVD and video player, begin with assessing the device’s basic features. It is important that both players, DVD and VHS, have recording and playback capabilities. The following table introduces the basic features of both a DVD player and a video player. When combining two types of players into one, you should expect that the basic features of both types of players be included in the combo version.


Type of Player


Play Various Media Types


Plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s, JPGs

Dolby Digital Output


Digital audio format

Progressive Scan


Improved way of displaying moving images for a better picture

Simple Playback


Plays and records on various types of media



Ability to record from television

Forward and Reverse Scans


Ability to scan the media

DVD players evolved in the digital age, whereas VHS players were developed in the analogue age. High-definition television is also a product of the digital age. While a buyer with an HDTV can watch both formats, DVD and VHS, the VHS format was not created for a high-definition television. It is possible, depending on the size of their television, that the picture from the VHS player may not fill the entire screen. Trying to stretch the image distorts the picture. Additionally, the clarity of the VHS image is not on par with the crispness associated with digital media designed for HDTV. Because a non-HDTV has a lower resolution, this difference in quality is not noticeable.

The same applies when talking about a DVD player, but to a differing degree. DVDs are a digital format, so the resolution of the picture is crisper on an HDTV. However, a DVD player that is made specifically for hi-def TVs, like the Blu-ray player, offers the best in picture and sound quality. For best results, a HD-capable player must connect to the TV via HDMI cables..

DVD and Video Player Extras

There are plenty of extras that come with DVD and VHS players. They are by no means necessities, but they can enhance the viewing experience and extend the functionality of the device. When searching for the right combo player for their home, the buyer must consider which of these extra features they would like to see included in their home entertainment system. The features are often listed in the vital specifications of each type of player. Not every player has the same features, therefore, one needs to do a bit of comparison shopping.

Four Heads

A video player with four heads is better for recording and playback than a player with two heads. When reviewing the specifications for the VHS end of the player, the buyer should be sure to choose a player with four heads to ensure optimal performance. The four-head model offers the user a higher quality picture, and easier, more precise slow-motion and fast-forward scanning.


As technology continues to evolve, so do the features and options of media and media players. The media that was developed specifically for HDTVs is Blu-ray. This technology was developed specifically for the recording and playback of high-definition video. A Blu-ray disc has larger capacity. It is able to store larger amounts of data than the standard DVD. For anyone with an HDTV, the Blu-ray player is a must-have.

If this feature is important, the buyer should be sure to seek out combo players where the standard DVD player has been substituted for a Blu-ray player. If the word ‘Blu-ray’ is not evident in the description for the combo DVD and video player, it is not Blu-ray and therefore is not able to play Blu-ray discs.

Video Recording

Recording on both DVDs and a hard drive (or DVR) are extra options that are not offered as a standard with every type of player. These options allow recording onto either type of format for playback at any time. In addition, it is possible to record VHS content, such as old home movies, onto a DVD. This ensures that the content on the older media source, in this case VHS tape, is preserved in a new and more durable format. As VHS continues towards obsolescence, this capability to transfer content from one format to another is essential for consumers sitting on substantial libraries of home movies.

Additionally, the data that is recorded onto a hard drive can be transferred to a DVD. By simply playing the data from the hard drive, the DVD recorder can record a movie or TV programme to a recordable or rewritable disc.

A DVD recorder can record using several types of formats, including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM. If the buyer prefers one format of another when it comes to DVD recording and playback, the buyer should make sure that the unit can record and play in the preferred format. It is also important to discern which types of discs the buyer can playback on their computer. This ensures seamless transition from one device to the next.


More advanced DVD players bookmark the scenes that have been viewed. The next time the DVD is placed into the player, the player resumes playing from where the viewer last left off.


The buyer should search for a unit with optical or coaxial digital audio outputs. These outputs allow for digital sound to be routed to a home theatre system, speakers, or a receiver. If the buyer has a home theatre surround sound setup, having the correct audio outputs is vital to achieving the surround sound experience.

Parental Controls

A DVD player allows the parent to activate parental controls. This allows the parent to manage what DVDs their children are able to watch. Parental controls are set up in the device’s menu using a passcode to turn this feature on and off.

How to Buy a Combo DVD and Video Player on eBay

To locate a DVD and Video combo player on eBay, begin with a general search from the homepage. Simply enter the keywords ‘dvd video combo&’ or ‘dvd vcr combo’. If you have particular features in mind, you may want to narrow your search by entering more details into the search query. For example, you can search for a player by specific functions, such as ‘DVD recorder vcr combo&’, or by brand name such as ‘panasonic dvd vcr combo&’. The more specific the search query, the more targeted the search.

When deciding on a player, it is important to carefully review all of the listed specifications. If there is a particular feature you are very interested, make sure that it is listed among the product details. A seller should provide all of the necessary product details, however, if there is a question about something that is listed or not listed, be sure to contact the seller directly. Contacting the seller is very straightforward. Simply click on their username, go into their profile, and then click on the contact link.


It is important to remember that technology is constantly evolving and improving. When building a media collection, you may want to remember that eventually certain types of media fall by the wayside to make way for other formats. A combination player allows for an easier crossover from an older video format to a newer one, without having to give up the convenience of one type over the other. Purchasing a player with playback and recordable capabilities on both DVD and VHS allows for the transfer of content from one media type to another.

To choose a combo player that is right for you, be sure to review all of the features of both types of players. Because there are essentially two pieces of electronic equipment combined into one, you have to consider the features of both players, and make sure that the combo player offers these features. eBay lists a variety of home entertainment devices with a plethora of features, including combo DVD and video players.

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