How to Buy a Daewoo Kalos

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How to Buy a Daewoo Kalos

When traffic snarls up, as it often does, drivers that would rather not take part in the usual sighing and posturing find the Daewoo Kalos just the thing for dashing past everyone else. Students, first-time car owners, learners, and small families love the supermini, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, because it offers reliable, fun, and very practical transport. It is also a great option for those that want excellent value for money or are looking for a city car with plenty of interior room and features that is a safe bet for all their transport needs.

While some buyers walk into local bricks and mortar car dealers to set up test drives, others choose to shop online on sites like eBay, which are easier, faster, and cheaper, without the middleman. A good seller may just drop the Daewoo Kalos off at the front door. Shopping online also gives buyers more control over the price and financing options, as well as a diverse and unmatched catalogue for all budgets.

Daewoo Kalos by Any Other Name

Daewoo Kalos launched in 2002 under General Motors South Korean subsidiary, Daewoo. The T200 Kalos has as many names as it has mod cons in its surprisingly roomy interior, depending on which of the six GM brands releases it and where, although there are some differences in the features here and there.

Names and Locations

The Daewoo Gentra is one name, and is a rebranding of Daewoo Kalos intended to market it as the gentleman's transport of choice in South Korea. Another name, Chevrolet Aveo, took over from Daewoo Kalos as the new name in Asia and Europe. Down under, they call it Holden Barina and in the United States, it answers to the name Pontiac G3. The Canadians went through the names Pontiac Wave and Pontiac G3 Wave, before settling on Pontiac G3 for the same car. Suzuki Swift+ was another Canadian version, while China had the name Chevrolet Lova. Other names include Chevrolet Kalos and ZAZ Vida. Whatever name tag it boasts, the Daewoo Kalos offers a good deal to anyone striving to stretch their pound.

Research the Daewoo Kalos

The most important step to take for anyone buying a Daewoo Kalos is to research the car. Extensive research reveals a wealth of information that comes in handy when searching, and the wise always say to buy only what you know well enough. Start with visits to local dealers, garages, and car shows to get a feel of the make, ask questions, and get advice. Go online for access to more information from the car manufacturer's website, such as model specifications, the manufacturer's recommended retail price (MRRP), and consumer and expert reviews.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Daewoo Kalos

There are many factors to consider when buying a Daewoo Kalos and these include the year of the model, vehicle mileage, body style, and condition. These help buyers to get an idea of what they need, but are not sufficient alone, so make sure that the car undergoes a thorough assessment.

Model Year

When selecting a Daewoo Kalos, consider the year of the model. The Daewoo Kalos launched in 2002, and later changed its name to become a Chevrolet Aveo in its first generation, which lasted until 2011. Its earliest models are the 1.2S and SE, 1.4SE, and 1.4SX, as well as the pocket-friendly 1.4Xtra and the 1.4 16v Blue Edition perfect for racing around the tracks or showing off. The second generation cars from 2011 include the Sonic Dust and Sonic Super 4, to put Chevrolet Sonic firmly on the frontline.


The mileage indicates the distance a car has travelled over its lifespan, and with use comes wear and tear on the brakes, tyres, belts, and engine. Mileage is an essential factor to consider for those buying used cars because it affects the price. The rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing used cars is that the lower the mileage and the better the condition of the car, the higher the price. Thus, with a mileage of less than 10,000 miles, expect a higher price tag, other factors notwithstanding, when compared to Daewoo Kalos with more than 100,000 miles on its odometer. An average mileage would be about 15,000 miles per year for an ordinary car.

Body Style

The Daewoo Kalos comes in three body styles: three-door hatchback, four-door saloon, and five-door hatchback. The four-door saloon and the five-door hatchback debuted in 2002, with the three-door hatchback arriving later the same year. The sporty hatchbacks are bolder and sleeker for a younger market, while the bland saloon is styled for families. The five-door hatchback is spacious enough to work for small families too. The cars are manufactured with three trim levels, the S, SE, and the SX, with features like remote and central locking, electric windows, side airbags, air conditioning, and a CD player.


Choosing between new and used cars is not just an option for those with a limited budget because there are many benefits for all buyers. Those that wish to buy a new Daewoo Kalos can choose all of the features of the vehicle from an extensive selection. The car is also in immaculate condition straight from the factory, and therefore costs a pretty penny. A used Daewoo Kalos, on the other hand, costs a fraction of the price of a new model, offering excellent value for money. However, it may have some degree of wear and tear. Also, sometimes supply cannot meet demand and buyers have to settle for slightly different features from the ones that they really wanted. The following table shows how the new and old cars measure up against each other.

Condition of the Daewoo Kalos




First ownership

Immaculate condition

Straight from the factory

More choice for precise features


Loses value quickly over the first year


Costs a fraction of the price of a new car

Good value for money

Models no longer available as new

Difficult to get precise features

Wear and tear to be expected

As is clear from the table above, cars in new and used conditions offer different advantages and disadvantages. Wise buyers should understand these in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Assess The Daewoo Kalos Thoroughly

Many people shy away from buying cars online because they are not sure if they can inspect them in the same was as a vehicle on the forecourt of a bricks and mortar dealer. However, this is not the case because buyers can ask for a vehicle history report to check for accidents and the maintenance history of the vehicle. It is also possible to arrange for an independent inspection and appraisal to get a thorough assessment of the Daewoo Kalos.

Used car buyers should ask questions of the seller about the car's history, previous owners, and condition, including any faults or cosmetic wear. Other checks to do include examining key car documents, such as the logbook and Ministry Of Transport (MOT) certificates that test roadworthiness. Buyer should make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the car matches the one provided in the documents.

Buying a Daewoo Kalos on eBay

Start by searching on the eBay homepage with the keywords "Daewoo Kalos" for the most varied results. Alternatively, search by using the specific model year. To whittle down large results to a manageable number add extra keywords, such as mileage, colour, and condition to get closer to a specific Daewoo Kalos. It is also possible to limit results to a specific price range.

Read the item description and if the images posted are stock photos, ask the seller to take some of the car and send them to you. Ask the seller questions and request more photos until you are satisfied that you have sufficient information to make a decision. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have clarified any doubts. Visit the seller's profile and read the feedback left by previous car buyers to assess his or her reliability. When in doubt, choose a reputable Top-rated seller with an established and positive record of providing excellent products and good customer service.


Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro had a dream and came up with a nifty, convenient, and user-friendly vehicle for the masses in the Daewoo Kalos supermini. The inexpensive price tag and features have buyers hankering to drive it as soon as possible, but it is crucial that they research and are quite familiar with the Daewoo Kalos to get the most out of any purchase.

Buyers should consider factors like the car's model year, mileage, body style, and condition. Before making a decision, buyers should have a comprehensive independent inspection of the car to ensure that the item description is accurate and that they get their money's worth. Check all of the documentation, such as the logbook, and ensure that the VIN on the car matches the one on the paperwork. When shopping for a Daewoo Kalos, buyers have the option to choose from a range of vehicles online at eBay.

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