How to Buy a Devil Mask

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How to Buy a Devil Mask

Devil masks are popular fancy dress and Halloween accessories. However, these masks have not always been associated with these types of celebrations. In ancient cultures across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, masks were crafted for three main purposes: to hide, protect, and scare. In addition, masks were worn to entertain. An excellent example is traditional Japanese Noh masks, which are still used in theatres today. Although they are no longer made of natural materials like wood, bone, or leather, masks are still used to hide, scare, and entertain.

Devil masks are available in a range of colours and designs. Some are downright terrifying, while others can be worn to hint at a naughty, devilish side to a person’s character. They are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, plastic, and lace. When shopping for a devil mask, consider choosing a themed mask, a mask with cultural significance, or a mask from a well-known film. Choose the right material and mask type, and find the best fit for the wearer. Devil masks are available from costume shops and other speciality stores, and from online sources such as eBay.

Choosing a Devil Mask with a History

Devil masks are readily available and a firm favourite for fancy dress parties. One way to find a special mask is to choose one with a history. The devil mask’s cultural or historic significance can be carried over into the rest of the costume.

Noh Devil Masks

Noh devil masks are used to portray the devil or, conversely, to ward off evil spirits. They are usually colourful and ornate. These masks can be coupled with traditional Japanese dress.

Mexican Devil Masks

Mexican devil masks were traditionally worn to depict a force that had to be overcome. Contemporary masks are more focused on the naughty or mischievous, and the devil is portrayed as a comic character. Masks range from the grotesque to the ridiculous.

Film-Based Devil Masks

A devil mask can be used to recreate the depiction of the devil from a favourite film. Examples include Hellboy masks, Legend masks, or, for a sexier satan, she-devil horns from Bedazzled. The entire costume can be based on the mask chosen.

Materials Used to Create Devil Masks

Devil masks are no longer made solely of natural materials or papier mache. Manufactured materials offer the opportunity to customise the design, colour, and fit of masks. The most common materials used include latex, silicone, and plastic.

Latex Devil Masks

Latex is a rubbery material that can be harvested from natural sources or manufactured. It is easy to decorate, economical, and soft. If cared for correctly, a latex devil mask will last for years. However, full-head masks can get hot inside, making the wearer feel claustrophobic. If the eye holes are not big enough it can be difficult to see out of these masks. In addition, people with sensitive skin often cannot use latex products as they can cause irritation.

Silicone Devil Masks

Silicone is a rubbery manufactured material. Tight fitting silicone masks are often pliable enough to move with the face. They do not contain latex and are kinder to sensitive skin. However, as with latex masks, silicone masks tend to become unbearably hot after a time and may be difficult to see out of. Due to the nature of the material, silicone devil masks can be heavier and hotter than latex. They also tend to be more expensive.

Plastic Devil Masks

Plastic devil masks are made from hard or soft plastics. These are usually the least expensive and least durable option. Hard plastic face masks tend to be scratchy and uncomfortable. A soft plastic devil mask may be the best option for those who intend to wear the mask only once.

Fabric Devil Masks

Fabric masks are most often worn to masquerades and cover only the top half of the face. Reinforced lace is a popular option for this type of mask. Although the fabric may irritate the skin if no backing is present, a lace devil mask is light and allows the skin to breathe.

Devil Mask Styles

Devil masks are available in various styles that cover the whole head or parts of the face. Horror, whimsical, or comic designs are available in these styles.

Full Head Devil Masks

As the name indicates, full head devil masks cover the entire head. Full head masks are constructed entirely of rubber, silicone, or latex, or feature a cloth back that reaches to the shoulders. The latter may be more comfortable in warm weather, but may not look as realistic as masks made entirely of the main material.

Face and Eye Devil Masks

Face and eye devil masks cover only the face or eyes. These masks are usually attached to the face by a string or elastic that runs around the back of the head. Those who feel claustrophobic in full head masks may prefer these styles.

Headdress Devil Masks

Headdress devil masks are worn on top of the head like a hat. These masks offer a comfortable alternative to face and full head masks, allowing the wearer to get into the spirit of a fancy dress party without obscuring the face. These masks are also a cooler option.

Masquerade Devil Masks

Traditional masquerade masks are made of papier mache and cover only the top half of the face. They fasten around the head with ribbon or string. Contemporary masquerade devil masks are available in a range of colours and materials, including fabric and plastic designs.

Finding the Right Fit for a Devil Mask

Devil masks are intended for wear by both children and adults. The mask should be big enough to accommodate the wearer’s head and the eye slits should be in line with his or her eyes. Children have difficulty seeing out of adult masks and full head masks may be too heavy for them to wear comfortably. Adult masks tend to be one-size-fits-all, but a roomier mask could be sourced, if needed. If the wearer is unable to try the mask on before buying, it is best to ask the seller to supply the mask’s dimensions in order to compare them to those of the wearer’s head.

Tips for Finding the Best Devil Mask

Some additional considerations should be taken when shopping for a devil mask. Younger children should not wear masks with embellishments that pose a choking hazard and full head masks should be worn with caution. The mask chosen should allow the wearer a clear field of vision to avoid trips and falls. A partial mask may be the best option in hot weather. The material chosen should be comfortable, should not scratch the wearer, and should not cause skin sensitivity. Those who are more adventurous should consider decorating a plain mask to create a truly unique look. Paint, feathers, beads, glitter, and other craft supplies can be used to personalise devil masks, and is a fun activity for children.

Finding a Devil Mask on eBay

Devil masks can be found on eBay by using the search box on any page. Simply type a search word or phrase (for example, "children’s devil mask") into the search box to see the available listings. To see more or fewer listings, use the advanced search feature.

Before You Buy on eBay

eBay’s features are designed to make your shopping experience easy and convenient by allowing you to get to know the seller before you make a purchase. Check the item listing page for more information about the product and the buying process.

Check the Seller’s Feedback

eBay’s seller feedback feature allows buyers to leave feedback for sellers after each transaction. Detailed seller ratings provide additional information about aspects such as the seller’s communication, whether the seller’s item description on the listing page was accurate, whether the seller’s postage and packaging fees were reasonable, and how long it took for the seller to dispatch the item. This information can be accessed by clicking on the number next to the seller’s username.

Check the Item Listing Page

All the information you need about an item or transaction can be found on the item listing page. Check here for the item’s description, the seller’s details, postage and packaging fees, the seller’s returns policy, and the seller’s accepted payment methods. If you have any questions about a listing, use the "Ask a question" link to contact the seller.


Devil masks can be used to entertain or to scare and are popular fancy dress accessories. They are available in a wide selection of materials, styles, colours, and designs. A devil mask with cultural or historical significance can be used to create a themed fancy dress outfit. Of course, the whimsical nature of fancy dress allows the wearer to create his or her own mask that tells a unique story.

The style of devil mask chosen depends largely on the wearer’s personal preferences and the occasion. Masks can cover the whole head or parts of the face. Elegant masquerade masks are generally worn to formal functions. The devil mask chosen should fit the wearer, and adult masks are seldom appropriate for children due to sizing differences. Devil masks are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, latex, and plastic. The material chosen should be comfortable and should not irritate the wearer’s skin. Safety should always be considered and the wearer must have a clear field of vision when wearing the mask. eBay sellers offer a range of devil masks, guaranteed to terrify or titillate.

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