How to Buy a Diamond Necklace on eBay

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How to Buy a Diamond Necklace on eBay

Diamond necklaces have long been pieces of jewellery that make a marked impression in our culture. Whether given as a gift or purchased for oneself, diamond necklaces can be symbols of status, beauty, and appreciation. For individuals who have never purchased a quality piece of jewellery before, the process of buying a diamond necklace might be a bit intimidating at first.

Shoppers might also be unaware of the retail options that offer the best range of choices when shopping for diamond necklaces, such as the online auction site, eBay. As an aggregator of various vendors, eBay extends a diverse array of choices to jewellery consumers and offers numerous styles and price points to shoppers. The site's user-friendly interface also makes buying an item as complex as a diamond necklace easy. By learning a bit about diamond necklaces and then leveraging the diverse catalogue of options on eBay, any consumer can quickly find the exact diamond necklace to satisfy his or her needs. 

Buying a Diamond Necklace on eBay

The online auction site eBay provides visitors with an easy entry point to the purchasing process, a search interface that is conveniently located on every page of the site. You can use this interface to enter a keyword term to find listings relevant to your search for a diamond necklace. Before undertaking this process, however, consumers may wish to learn something about diamond necklaces, including how to judge the quality of a necklace and the various styles of diamond necklaces.

Understanding the Four C's in a Diamond Necklace

In the jewellery business, a diamond is often defined by the four C's: carat, cut, clarity, and colour. These four factors affect the size, look, and quality of a diamond and are important to understand when shopping for a diamond necklace.

Carats in a Diamond Necklace

An individual diamond's carat is how much the stone weighs. Many people assume carats define the size of a diamond, but it really only addresses size in terms of the weight of the stone. Each carat is divided into 100 points. Carats are often combined with the diameter of the diamond's girdle, which is the outermost edge of a cut diamond, to define the size of the stone. The following chart illustrates some of the most common carat weights for diamonds along with their corresponding points and diameters.




0.125 carat

12.5 points

3.25 mm

0.25 carat

25 points

4.1 mm

0.50 carat

50 points

5.15 mm

0.75 carat

75 points

5.9 mm

1 carat

100 points

6.5 mm

2.5 carats

250 points

8.8 mm

5 carats

500 points

11.1 mm

10 carats

1000 points

 14 mm

The carat weight of a diamond is often the factor that correlates most directly to the cost of a diamond. Cut, clarity, and colour can then further delineate the price within the different carat sizes. When shopping for a diamond necklace, understanding carats is probably one of the most critical factors in finding a good value.

Cut in a Diamond Necklace

A common misconception is that the cut of a diamond refers to the shape into which a diamond is cut. In terms of defining a diamond's quality, cut specifically refers to the symmetry and polish of a diamond and can affect how brilliant it is.

The most popular diamond cut in the world is the round brilliant cut. This cut is popular because of its brilliance and the fact that it is a very safe cut that can protect the integrity of a diamond over the long term. Other popular cuts include several fancy cuts, the names and characteristics of which are listed in the chart below.

Fancy Cut



Square shape

Known for its brilliance


Shaped like a rain drop

Often seen in earrings but not uncommon in pendant necklaces


Octagonal in shape with stacked layers


Rectangular in shape

Blunt corners

Geometric shapes within the stone


A modified brilliant

Diamond shape


One of the simplest edgings

Pure oval shape

Selecting certain shapes is important in matching the style and aesthetics of a style to the woman who is going to wear the necklace. Certain personality types might covet the stark geometry of an emerald cut, while others might enjoy the femininity of a marquise cut. It is important when purchasing a diamond necklace to consider whether the cut of the diamonds reflects the wearer's taste and personality.

Colours in Diamond Necklaces

The colour of a diamond is defined on a scale of D to Z. D-colour diamonds are colourless and completely transparent. As diamonds climb the scale, they increase in colour saturation until they reach Z-colour status, in which a colour is clearly visible. From D to Z, the changes can be quite subtle and not obvious to the layperson. There are also fancy colour diamond necklaces on the market. There is no international standard for fancy colour diamonds, but, in general, these diamonds are typically yellow, black, or brown in colour.

Clarity in Diamond Necklaces

Diamond clarity defines how many blemishes or inclusions a stone has. A blemish is a surface mark, while an inclusion is an internal imperfection within the body of the stone. The following chart lists the various clarity ratings and their meanings.





No blemishes or inclusions

Very rare


Internally flawless

Some surface blemishes

VVS1 and VVS2

Very, very slightly included

Inclusions are typically difficult to spot, even with magnification

VS1 and VS2

Very slightly included

Some inclusions may be readily visible with magnification

SI1 and SI2

Slightly included

Inclusions are easily seen with magnification

I1, I2, and I3


Inclusions are visible to the naked eye

Clarity is the secondary factor after carat that can most affect the price of a diamond. By and large, most flaws are not visible to the average person in any of the categories above SI1 or above. Consumers in the market for a diamond necklace should consider whether flaws that are not visible to the naked eye really matter to them, as fewer flaws drive up the cost of a piece.

Different Styles in Diamond Necklaces Available on eBay

There are several different styles of diamond necklaces on eBay, each with their own unique attributes. Styles span from the refined and elegant to the more ornate and ostentatious.

Pendant Diamond Necklaces

Pendant-style diamond necklaces are the largest category of necklaces available on eBay. These necklaces typically feature a light chain with a diamond set in a pendant that hangs on the chain. Pendant shapes can vary from classic round shapes to abstract shapes. Other pendant designs include crosses, hearts, and solitaires. Solitaires leverage a very minimal setting to offset a larger, quality stone in a particular cut and shape.

Cluster Diamond Necklaces

Cluster necklaces can actually be pendants in overall design, but the element that contains the diamonds on the necklace features a clustered design with several stones. These stones can form nostalgic shapes like flowers and hearts or geometric shapes like circles and squares. Cluster necklaces also sometimes feature a different central stone, such as a sapphire, with diamonds arrayed around this contrasting gem.

Lariat Diamond Necklaces

Lariat diamond necklaces are long ropes of precious metal that can be loosely tied at the front. The diamonds on a lariat necklace are usually found at each end of the lariat. Lariats can be quite long and may reach down as far as below the breastbone or to the abdomen.

Choker Diamond Necklaces

Chokers are close-fitting necklaces that typically sit at or above the clavicle. These necklaces are usually arrayed with diamonds around their entire length. Popular choker variations include pearl chokers, in which multiple strands of pearls form the necklace and a central plate with the diamond or diamonds functions as the centrepiece. Chokers can also feature solid metal designs and can be quite modern and geometric.

The Purchasing Process on eBay

Once you have learned about the different styles of necklaces available, as well as how to select a diamond for quality, you can begin the purchasing process on eBay in earnest. Armed with your new information, enter a specific search term to begin looking through listings. When you see a listing that seems relevant to your search, click on the title to look at the item in more detail. Look for specifics on cut, clarity, colour, and carats, and keep an eye out for additional details, such as what payment methods a vendor accepts or the shipping methods used. All of this information can help you select an ideal necklace.

Evaluating the Sellers on eBay

When purchasing fine jewellery on eBay, it is important that you take a moment to evaluate the seller as closely as you do the item itself. Look through your seller's past auctions by clicking on the seller's name from the item's listing page. Assess the past auctions to make sure that the vendor carries the type of item you want. Also, take the time to read through any feedback submitted by other customers to further help clarify your choice.


Purchasing a diamond necklace is well within the capabilities of any consumer who is armed with the right information. Understanding details as to the cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour of a diamond can help those interested in a diamond necklace make a more informed decision. By combining this knowledge with the comprehensive catalogue of necklaces available on eBay, consumers can be confident that they can enjoy a fulfilling and productive purchasing experience on the site.

With necklace styles such as pendants, chokers, lariats, and more in abundance on the site, a customer can find almost any type of necklace to satisfy his or her needs. By taking the time to read each listing in detail and vet the seller involved, individuals looking for a diamond necklace for themselves or to give as gifts are sure to find an option that can more than fulfil their diamond jewellery desires.

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