How to Buy a Divan

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When buying any type of new bed it is important to understand the different options available. There are two types of divan base to choose from, one offering a soft surface and the other a firmer surface. The type of mattress also needs to be considered carefully, as it has the most impact on the level of comfort and support that the buyer receives while sleeping. Mattress options include open sprung, pocket sprung, and memory foam, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The size of the bed is another factor that needs to be considered: the bed should fit into the bedroom and allow for other furniture.

Divans can be purchased from furniture shops and specialist bed retailers, as well as from some DIY stores and department stores. For a large choice of divans, buyers can shop at eBay, where beds can be found in both new or used conditions. eBay offers great prices on all divans and shoppers can purchase a complete divan, just the base, or just the mattress.

What is a Divan?

A divan is a simple bed with two parts, consisting of a box spring base and a mattress. The box springs in the base are either made of metal or wood, then covered in fabric. This increases the durability of the springs, causes less wear and tear on the mattress, and provides a firm, rigid base on which to rest the mattress. Some divans have fixed mattresses, while others can be removed.

Divans are among the most common and least expensive types of bed. Divans are less decorative than other types of bed, such as bedsteads, but decoration and appearance can be enhanced by the addition of an attractive headboard. The mattress of a divan is usually tufted to prevent the filling from shifting around, thereby preventing the mattress from becoming unsupportive and uncomfortable.

Features of a Divan

There are many advantages to buying a divan over other types of bed. Divans are less expensive and some have storage space built into the base, either in the form of drawers or a sliding compartment. Very little assembly is required when purchasing a new divan as it comes in large, solid sections. Divans have very few moving parts, so there is less squeaking when the occupants move during the night. Divans generally offer better support than other types of bed, provided both the base and mattress are of good quality. This is because body weight is distributed evenly over a solid surface. Divans usually take up less space than other beds and have mattresses that are the same standard size as the base.

Types of Divan Base

Buyers have two main choices when it comes to divan bases. Each has a slightly different quality and level of support.

Pocket Sprung Divan

A pocket sprung divan base has large springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. The springs in this type of divan work individually, allowing the base to adjust to the movements of the body more accurately. This type of base provides a slightly softer feel and also gives more comfort.

Platform Top Divan

A platform top divan has a hard wooden top with standard box springs beneath. This type of base is generally less expensive than a pocket sprung base. Platform top divan bases provide a firmer sleeping surface and are slightly less comfortable.

Mattresses for a Divan

The base is important, but the choice of mattress has far more impact on the level of support and comfort provided. Mattresses include open spring, pocket sprung, and memory foam.

Open Spring Mattress for a Divan

A standard open spring mattress is the least expensive mattress for a divan. It has wire stitched into the mattress border to help it to maintain its shape. It has linked springs that move as the sleeper moves. However, these mattresses are notorious for causing a sleeping partner to be jostled, as the springs are interlinked, meaning that many springs move across the whole bed instead of just a few. These mattresses are reasonably durable.

Pocket Sprung Mattress for a Divan

Pocket sprung divan mattresses are very popular. The springs are sewn into individual pockets and are not entwined. This means that they move independently of each other. As the springs are not joined, they react much faster and in a more supportive manner to a shift in body weight as each spring can depress as much as necessary. Pocket sprung mattresses are also preferred by couples who share a bed, as the movement of one person does not cause the springs to move across the bed, so the other person is not jostled, making for a better, more restful sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress for a Divan

Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic, which was first used by NASA in the 1960s. Memory foam moves and shapes according to weight and body heat. The foam gently cradles and supports the body, helping the sleeper to maintain good posture, thus preventing stiff necks and back pain. When the weight and heat are removed, the foam reverts back to its original shape. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, and resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. They have a very long lifespan, so although they are more expensive initially, they maintain a high level of support and require less frequent replacement. Memory foam mattresses help to relieve stress placed on sensitive pressure points, creating a high level of comfort and support, and reducing the likelihood of skin and tissue damage for those with sensitive areas.

Divan Sizes

Buyers need to know how much space they have available for a new bed. While the idea of a super king size divan may well be very appealing, especially if a buyer shares a bed with a partner, it is not necessarily practical if there is not enough space in the room, or if a large bed will mean that no other furniture can be accommodated. The chart below provides the standardised sizes of divans so buyers can assess quickly which size will be the best fit.

Bed Name



King size

Super king size

Imperial Size (ft/in)

3ft x 6ft 3 in

4ft 6 x 6ft 3 in

5ft x 6ft 6 in

6ft x 6ft 6 in

Metric Size (cm)

90 x 190

135 x 190

150 x 200

180 x 200

The chart above enables buyers to select the most appropriate divan size for their bedroom. Buyers should remember that different manufacturers may use slightly different measurements, so the chart above is a rough guide only.

How to Buy a Divan on eBay

eBay has a wide range of divans available for purchase. Buyers can search for a divan from the eBay homepage,, by entering a phrase like, "double divan&", into the search box and then narrowing down the results with the available filters. These filters help buyers to find the divan that they are searching for by choosing their price range and the distance from the seller. Using the distance filter is useful when buying large objects such as a divan. Buyers can choose a seller that is located relatively nearby. This may make delivery more straightforward, and there may even be an opportunity to see the bed before making a purchase. Buyers should factor in the cost of collecting an item if the delivery is collection only. The delivery options should be given in the item listing, along with payment methods, and the seller's returns policy. If any of the information is not present or if there are any questions, then contact the seller directly using the "Ask a question" feature.

Buyers should read the seller's feedback carefully before making a purchase. Feedback is left for a seller once the transaction has been completed. It can be positive, negative, or neutral depending on the quality of the service that was received. Sellers who have a high percentage of positive feedback are likely to offer a great and speedy service.


Divans are a simple, affordable type of bed that can offer great support and comfort if the base and mattress are chosen correctly. Buying a divan can be easy with some research. It also helps for buyers to imagine how refreshed they will feel after a few nights in their luxurious new bed.

Before buying the divan, it is useful to understand the different divan bases, mattresses, and sizing to make an informed choice. Some people prefer a sumptuously soft bed to sink into, that cradles their body, while others prefer a firmer, more supportive sleeping surface. For buyers sharing a bed with a partner, consider whether a light sleeper will be jostled awake with every movement. These buyers should consider a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress as they provide the least movement across the bed, and isolate the activity just to the person moving. Those with fragile skin should consider a memory foam mattress as it relieves the stress placed on pressure points. Whatever sleeping requirements a buyer has, they can find new and used divans on eBay to suit any bedroom.

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