How to Buy a Double-Strap Golf Bag on eBay

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How to Buy a Double-Strap Golf Bag on eBay

For years, golfers have strained to lift heavy golf bags of excessive weight around the golf course. The weight of the clubs, plus further accessories and equipment, often had crippling affects for individuals - even after only one round of golf. Designed to take the pressure off the caddy and individual golfer, the double-strap golf bag enables can be carried using both shoulders.

Double-strap golf bags can be purchased in a variety of different locations, from the high street to specialist golf stops. If looking for a second-hand, new or near new bag, eBay offers a wide range of choice from a variety of different sellers, making it the perfect location to purchase an affordable option and suitable for any budget.

Advantages of a Double-Strap Golf Bag

A dual strap arrangement on a golf bag replaces the more traditional one-strap bag. Whilst the single option is designed to be slung casually across one shoulder, the dual alternative offers two identical straps to be worn on both shoulders. These straps will often be designed in one of the following ways:

  • Two single straps sitting on either side of the pack designed for one strap to be worn on each shoulder – similar to a backpack.
  • Two straps that sit either side of the pack but come together into the middle of the pack to join in an ‘X’ shape, providing additional support. (Note: it is still designed to be worn one strap on each shoulder.)
  • Two single straps that sit on either shoulder but come together in the upper-back to form one “Y’ shaped strap.

This system enables the user to wear the bag like a backpack across both shoulders, thus dispersing the weight evenly across the wearers back.

The advantages of using a double-strap golf bag are numerous. They include:

  • The even distribution of weight across the back via the double straps allows for easier movement when walking on the golf course.
  • Improvements in comfort.
  • Improvements in metabolic demands.

Golf Health and Safety

Alongside the regular health and safety routine observed by players on the field, using a double-strap bag distributes the weight more evenly across the users back and shoulders. This means there is less chance of obtaining a serious back injury.

A double-strap bag accompanied by a simple health and safety routine means any golfer can be sure they are taking positive steps towards a safe round of golf. Some other ideas on how to stay safe on the golf green are:

  • Warm up with slow and gentle stretches.
  • Wear the correct clothing.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes.
  • Wear sun protection.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids (non-alcoholic).

Double-Strap Golf Bag Features: What to Look For When Purchasing a Bag

The key to a good purchase is to assess and compile a list of all the features required to buy the best possible golf bag for your individual requirements.

Features of the double-strap golf bag to take into consideration are:

  • Easily adjustable straps from a number of points on the strap.
  • Hip pads that offer additional padding where the bag rests on the hip.
  • Accessory and apparel pockets, including zip pockets, ball pockets, beverage pockets and easy-access penholders.
  • A stand for when the bag is not on your back.

Where possible, it is advisable to try the bag on before purchase. This may not be possible when it comes to purchases off eBay, however can be overcome by asking around at the local golf club to see what makes are available and having a short trial run in the club house or on the green.


The double-strap golf bag comes in a number of different brands. These include (but are not limited to):


Izzo offer a double strap bag with a lifetime guarantee called the Ionetix dual strap.  Features include:

  • Holistic technology, including negative molecular therapy via minus ions.  These ion therapies help to reduce any joint issues and stresses on the back.
  • Suitable for left or right handed players.
  • Fits to the contours of the back.
  • Simple adjustment mechanisms.


Masters double strap bags offer:

  • Flat feet to stand on when it is not being carried.
  • Dual strap technology.
  • Dry pocket with waterproof zip for valuable items like mobile phones.
  • Additional pockets that can house scorecards.
  • Penholder.


Skymax offer a variety of different models including:

  • Skymax pencil golf bag
  • Titilest dual strap pencil golf bag.
  • Each bag offers a variety of different features including:
  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Room to carry a full set of golf clubs.
  • Comfortable additional padding on straps.
  • Internal structure of the bag is made of aluminum.
  • Additional pockets zipped and unzipped for accessories and beverages.


Cleveland offers a wide range of golf bags, including hybrids (single to double strap golf bags). Features include:

  • Rubber grip feet for standing position.
  • Easy fit into the back of a golf cart.
  • Conventionally placed accessory pockets.
  • Mesh hip pads with airflow channels.


Slazenger golf bags include the following features:

  • Lightweight.
  • Additional padding on straps for comfort.
  • Suitable storage for all accessories and clubs.

How to Buy a Double-Strap Golf Bag on eBay

eBay offers literally hundreds of different golfing products which include the double-strap golf bag. All of the different brands outlined above are available on eBay. eBay sellers are known for their competitive pricing and reliability making it an ideal choice for buyers. The additional advantage of eBay is the large selection of goods available for purchase, as well as the flexible payment options.

The easiest way to locate double-strap golf bags on eBay is to shop by category. To locate the bags, simply visit the Sporting Goods portal. From there, it is easy to navigate to the Golf section where Golf Bags has its own category.

If the exact product is known, you can type in a specific search term into the search box. This search box is conveniently located on each page of eBay. This search function will send you directly to the product making it a faster route then the category portals. However, if the exact product is not known, the search function can serve as a useful tool to explore all of the products listed. This is useful when the shopper wants to browse the products available before defining the search further.

It is advisable to read through listings and assess all of the information available. This will help to ensure the product being purchased is exactly what you had in mind. Listings will often include photographs, which are a great way to assess the quality of the product along with the description provided.

eBay also offer the buyer the option to ask the seller a question if additional details wanted. A useful page to visit is the buying tips page, which will offer more information on these procedures.

When a product is chosen, the buyer has a few options to purchase. These are Bid,, Buy It Now,, or you can put down your Best Offer.. The available option will depend on the seller. PayPal is the most commonly used and the safest way to exchange money for the product. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program..

How to Wear a Double-Strap Golf Bag

In order to wear the double-strap golf bag in the best possible way, it is important to keep in mind a few points.

Ensure the straps are adjusted to fit your body. The straps should sit just below the lower part of the back, so it elevates strain from the back.

To pick up the bag, collect the top part of the right strap and place it on the right shoulder.

Once the right shoulder is secure, reach around with the left arm to put the other strap on like you would a jacket. The bag will now sit horizontally to your body with the golf clubs pointing out to the side (not vertically as with a one strap golf bag).

If carried in this way, the even distribution of the weight will sit off the back meaning fatigue levels will go down and the wearer will have free arms to do whatever is required.


The double-strap golf bag is a fantastic invention that will revolutionise any golfer’s game. It offers the opportunity to not only preserve energy, strain and stress on the back, but frees up the golfers body when walking. Designed like a backpack, the bag will mean having a well-earned drink of water between holes, or adjusting your strap, is achievable.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of the double-strap golf bag is the comfort factor. Given the vast distance the golfer is required to cover over the process of the game on foot, it requires a certain amount of stamina to play. A comfortable bag will alleviate the pressure and stress caused on the walk between holes, which in turn will lower heart rates, reduce stress and stop long term back issues arising from regular misuse of bags, whilst still providing exercise.

With plenty of products to choose from on eBay, there really is a suitable golf bag for everyone and any personality.

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