How to Buy a Drum Kit for Kids

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How to Buy a Drum Kit for Kids

Children develop the ability to bang out a rhythm at a very young age. Drumming does not require the same sort of dexterity as playing many other musical instruments. Because of this, and because of their love of making a noise, a drum kit can be an ideal choice for a first musical instrument. When deciding to buy a drum kit for kids, consideration must be given to a number of factors: the age of the child, style of drum kit, space, and budget. These variables will influence the type of drum kit required. eBay is the ideal place to search for children’s drum kits as it offers a full range of instruments and its search functions make narrowing down the selection far easier than in a bricks and mortar store.

About Drum Kits for Kids

A drum kit can be bought for a child as a toy, or as an introduction to serious musical practice. The basic set up for a drum kit is a stand with three drums attached to it and a cymbal. A drum stool and drum sticks are also usually included. Drum kits for older children may include more drums.

Set-Up and Age

Drum kits aimed at younger children are essentially toys, although as they are replicas of proper drum kits, they are also a good introduction to drums. They are generally suitable for children aged three and over, although there will be some variation depending on brand and style.
The drum kits feature three drums, of varying size, and a cymbal. The arrangement of the drum kit can be like a traditional drum kit, with the bass drum being at the centre in a vertical position, and the other drums arranged around the bass drum at varying height and angles. Some drum kits aimed at younger children have three drums, all lined up in a row, to make it easier for them to hit. These types of kits may or may not also include a cymbal. Because these drum kits are for younger children, they are usually constructed of plastic rather than wood, and include plastic drum sticks. They are available in many different colours, either mimicking real drum kits or in more child-like colours and patterns. The drum stools are adjustable, so can be altered as the child grows. A toy drum kit will generally be suitable for a child until they are 6 years of age.
Drum kits for older children, and those to be used for proper drum practise, are also known as junior drum kits. They are suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12, depending on size and ability. A basic three-drum configuration drum kit will contain the bass drum, two other drums, usually a snare and tom, and a cymbal. The smaller drums are arranged around the bass drum at varying heights and angles, like in a full-sized drum kit. More advanced drum kits will include more drums, such as three separate tom toms and a high hat. As the drum kits get larger, some of the drums will be on their own individual stands to allow them to be positioned around the drum kit in the best way for the drummer. The bass drums on these more advanced kits will also come with a kick pedal to allow it to be played with the foot

Four- and Five-Drum Configurations

Four-drum configurations will include an extra tom drum. This extra tom can either be a floor tom or a hanging tom, which is attached to the bass drum. The addition of a floor tom is most commonly found in jazz drum arrangements, although not exclusively. Four-drum kits often also include an extra cymbal, which can also be mounted on the bass drum or on a separate stand on the floor.
Five-drum configurations are the considered to be a full drum kit set up, and a good entry level for those serious about learning to play the drums. In a junior kit, the sizes of the drum diameters will slightly less than those of a full-sized kit, but the layouts and drum types are the same. A five-drum kit will have a bass drum, snare, three toms, and two cymbals. The toms will usually be arranged with two of them hanging and the other one on the floor. Once a drummer has reached this level of drum kit, it is more normal practice to buy additional drums, stands, and pedals individually to suit the drummer’s needs.
Stools and drumsticks are also usually included in drum kits. It is worth considering buying a drum kit that comes with bags for the drums if the kit is to be moved around, so that they are well protected. Because these junior drum kits are for more serious drummers, they are usually made of wood, rather than plastic, to give a more authentic sound. Junior drum kits tend to mimic full-sized drum kits in their designs and colours, and many of the major drum kit manufacturers also produce junior-sized kits.
Below is a summary of some of the main features of drum kits for kids.



3-drum kit 3 plastic drums of varying sizes, arranged either in a straight line or as a traditional kit. Includes a cymbal, stool and drumsticks
3-drum kit Bass drum, snare drum, one tom and a cymbal. Made from wood rather than plastic. Arranged as a traditional kit, with a stool.
4-drum kit: hanging tom Bass drum, snare drum, 2 cymbals and 2 toms. The additional tom will be mounted on the bass drum.
4-drum kit: floor tom Bass drum, snare drum, 2 cymbals and 2 toms. The additional tom will be mounted on a floor stand. This is traditionally a jazz arrangement.
5-drum kit Entry-level drum kit for serious drummers. Bass drum, snare drum, 2 cymbals and 3 toms. 2 toms will be hanging toms and the other will be a floor tom.

Purchase Considerations

When buying a drum kit for kids, consideration must be given to a number of factors to ensure that the correct item is purchased.
The child’s age must be considered. It is important to check the manufacturer’s details about the age suitability of a drum kit before purchase. Most children's drum kits are suitable from age 3 and upwards, however, more advanced kits may have a higher recommended age.
There’s the question of whether the kit is intended just as a toy, or whether it is for the child to be taught on. If the drum kit is simply for a toy, it may not be necessary to buy a full drum kit. A junior drum kit will be larger and louder than a plastic toy kit, and also more expensive. If the drum kit is to be taught on, it is essential to make sure that the correct configuration of drums is purchased.
Because children grow out of junior and toy drum kits relatively quickly, second hand drum kits are often available on eBay. As with all second hand purchases, it is essential to read the information very carefully and study any photos to ensure that you are happy with the condition of the drum kit. A used drum kit will not come with any guarantees; therefore, it is up to the buyer to assess if the item is in good condition.
Like most hobbies, drum kits have many related accessories that can be bought in addition to the kit itself. It is not always necessary to buy all of these things at the beginning but can be added to over time. There are different styles of drumsticks, drum brushes, dampening pads, different styles of stools and additional drums that can all be purchased separately. When setting out to buy a drum kit for kids, it is wise to set a budget beforehand and make a list of the essential criteria, so that the correct item can be found.

Buying a Drum Kit for Kids on eBay

From the eBay homepage, hover over the All Categories icon on the left hand side of the page. From the list that appears, select Musical Instruments. From this new page, select Drums. On this page, select Drums and Drum Kits from the left, then Acoustic Drum Kits. Once within the drum-kit section, search for junior drum kits or toy drum kits. Alternatively, from the homepage, use the search function on the top of the page to search for specific items. For example, if a pink junior drum kit is required, search for “junior drum kit pink.” Once this search has been carried out, it can be further refined by using the categories on the left to narrow down the search and find the perfect item. By using the categories function, it is possible to search for very specific criteria, such as colour, drum arrangement and budget, making it far easier to make the correct purchase.


Whether buying a drum kit as a toy or as a precursor to a full-sized drum kit, it is possible to find the ideal item on eBay. Before searching for the drum kit, it is a good idea to work out which type of drum kit is required, what is an appropriate level for the child and what the budget is. If all of these things are kept in mind, it is easy to narrow down the search and find the perfect drum kit to keep the child entertained for many hours.

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