How to Buy a Dumbell Set on eBay

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How to Buy a Dumbell Set on eBay

When people think about getting fit, an automatic thought that often follows is gym membership. However a gym is not always needed to get fit. It is possible to take your fitness into your own hands. Home gyms are a great way to get fit at a time that suits you. The purchase of a dumbell set means you can be the master of your own exercise routine. There is no need to leave the comfort of the living room to complete a workout.

Dumbells can be purchased from a variety of different locations that include high street shops, gyms, online stores and auction sites. eBay is one auction site that offers not only a wide selection of goods to choose from, but is also a secure and safe trading platform.

This guide will outline some ideas and tips on what to look for when purchasing dumbell sets on eBay.

Dumbell Sets

There are a number of different dumbell sets available on the market. The main one is adjustable dumbell sets. These include collar dumbells, spring clip dumbells,iron dumbells and ring dumbells. The other type is fixed dumbells.

Each type of dumbell set offers different advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider all options before making a purchase on eBay.

Adjustable Dumbell Sets

An adjustable dumbell set is a great way to build a home weight set. Because they are adjustable, you do not require as many individual dumbells. This means they take up less floor space leaving more room for other fitness aids.

It is extremely important to undertake adequate research when purchasing this type of dumbell set. Because of the nature of the set, the user is required to change the plates frequently. So as not to disrupt the exercise and maintain the required heart rate level, it is important to take the following points into consideration before purchase:

How easy is it to move the plates off and on to the weights?

Does the set include the weights required for both heavy and light regimes? The easiest way to figure this out is to assess the weights according to your workout. Do they cover heavy lifting, strength gains and light tonings?

At what increments do the weights increase? This will help decide whether the weights are appropriate for your fitness regime.

How does the set store? This will help to ascertain if there is adequate space for the set in the desired workout room.

How good is the securing mechanism on the plates? This is what stops the weights from falling off the dumbell. A mechanism that isn’t working as it should will have adverse effects on the dumbell set.

Does the set come with a dumbell stand? This may not be included in a set, so it is a good idea to purchase one as it will offer a safe place to store the weights and help look after them. This is particularly true if a back injury restricts bending movements.

A great way to ascertain the answer to the above questions is to read books on the different types of products available. 

Fixed Dumbells

Fixed dumbells are weights of a fixed amount that do not accommodate a change of plates. The only way to change weights when using fixed dumbells is simply to pick up one of a different weight. Fixed dumbells can be preferred over an adjustable dumbell as they provide a quicker workout. There is no stopping to change the weights between each exercise.

Due to the nature of fixed dumbells you do require a lot more of them to complete a collection. This quantity of individual weights and the changing plates are the major differences between fixed and adjustable dumbells. As a result, for those who do not have a great deal of space, it would be worth investing in either adjustable dumbells, square stackable dumbells or a storage system that keeps them together and out of the way.


As with any product, it is important to assess the quality before purchase. There are products available on the market made out of cheap materials that are of poor quality.

It is of particular importance to look at the quality when purchasing an adjustable dumbell set. If the latch was to break or falter, the weight plate would fall off and this could cause considerable damage to the user.

Colour-Coded Dumbells

In order to assist with a quick change of weight, whether that is via adjustable or fixed dumbells, a colour coding system is recommended. This can really help an exerciser who has difficulty reading the engraved inscription on the weight that identifies what it is.

Another advantage to colour is the aesthetic of the weights themselves. Whilst this isn’t a major player in the decision-making, it is nice to take into consideration if possible. After all, it can sometimes be difficult to work up the motivation to exercise, so weights that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye could perhaps work as an incentive to complete a workout.

Cushioned Grips

Some dumbells will include a cushioned grip on the handles. This can offer a more comfortable workout. A cushioned grip can help to reduce the following regular complaints and issues when using dumbells:

  • Chafing of the fingers.
  • Chafing of the palms.
  • Slipping due to sweat.

The can also offer additional comfort while the grip and colour can create an attractive and ergonomic design.

Shaped Dumbells

Most dumbells will come in one of the following designs:

  • Round heads
  • Square heads
  • Hexagon heads

Generally speaking the design preference of the dumbell is down to personal choice but it is worth noting some of the advantages to the designs. The most notable is the fact that both square and hexagon heads can be stacked easily. This is great for a small space that requires organization to function practically. Being able to stack the dumbells on top of each other frees up floor space.

Dumbell Safety

It is important to know how to use a dumbell before attempting your own exercise regime at home. Seeking professional assistance from a trained professional is the best way to gain this knowledge. Ultimately free weights will offer a more holistic workout, but if used in the wrong way will cause more harm than good.

A great way to ensure that the correct technique is used after seeking professional advice is via books, videos and online resources.


Having a set of dumbells in a household can offer the opportunity for flexible and holistic workouts at any time. No longer does exercise have to include a trip to the gym. It is extremely easy to incorporate weight lifting into an exercise routine that includes cardio activity like walking and running.

Purchasing dumbell sets on eBay, whether they are fixed or adjustable weights, is an easy thing to do. eBay’s sheer range of choice and secure platform hundreds of other fitness and exercise products to enable you to create a full home gym, making it an attractive starting point.

With eBay’s huge variety of dumbells and other fitness items, there is no reason why a buyer can’t start getting fit right away.

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