How to Buy a Fender Electric Guitar on eBay

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How to Buy a Fender Electric Guitar on eBay

The electric guitar is a popular musical instrument, and it is one of the essential components to many modern musical ensembles, especially rock bands. The Fender brand is a long-standing leader in electric guitar manufacture, providing good-quality instruments across the globe. There are Fender styles to suit every desired sound and budget, many of which can are available to purchase on eBay. New and used instruments, in modern and vintage models, can be easily compared to find a suitable electric guitar that will provide years of music-making enjoyment.

About Fender Electric Guitars

The sound produced by an electric guitar is the result of string vibrations converted by pickups into electrical impulses, which are then amplified before being played through a loudspeaker. Fender have been manufacturing electric guitars since the company was created in 1946, producing models to suit all ability levels, from novice guitarists to professional musicians.
Fender also produce a range of amplifiers and accessories, including cables, cases, stands, strings and straps, all of which are also available to purchase on eBay.

Choosing Fender Electric Guitars

Each Fender model is designed to produce a different sound, which means that the preferred style of electric guitar will largely be a matter of taste. However there are a number of features that will affect quality of sound across all models, including date and location of manufacture, and the condition of the individual item. These features should be outlined in the description for each electric guitar listed on eBay.

Fender Body Shapes

The core instruments within the Fender range are each popular for particular modern music genres. Each model is identifiable by the shape of the body of the electric guitar. The most popular guitar body shapes are listed eBay sub-categories to help narrow the search. The following table provides a brief description some of the more popular styles.


The Stratocaster is one of the most popular electric guitar body shapes. The design is double-cutaway with an extended top horn, which, along with its contoured body shape, makes the Stratocaster one of the more comfortable instruments for guitarists to play. The Fender Strat was designed for country music, but has also been used successfully for rock and pop, rhythm and blues, and jazz music.


The Fender Telecaster is typically a solid body, dual-pickup guitar. The Telecaster can produce a bright twang tone, or a more mellow sound, depending on the selected pickup, resulting in a versatile instrument that is suitable for a variety of musical genres.


As its name suggests, the Jazzmaster was originally marketed at jazz musicians, but became a popular choice for 1960s surf rock guitarists. Its slanted body enables ease of playing when the guitarist is seated. The Jazzmaster has less sustain than the Stratocaster, has string resonance at certain fret positions, and has a tendency to produce feedback.


The Jaguar shares the Jazzmaster’s offset waist body shape and floating tremolo arm, but has a shorter 22-fret neck and is less prone to interference. This guitar has a bright timbre, largely unsuitable for blues music. Vintage Fender Jaguars are popular with indie rock and punk rock bands.


This Fender guitar was designed for advancing student players, offering an economical but good quality instrument in the Fender range. Mustangs are available with a choice of two fret board lengths, with the longer 24-inch neck still comparatively short for an electric guitar. This model is therefore ideal for guitarists with smaller hands. Its use by alternative rock bands in 1990s gave the Mustang cult status.

Each Fender model has a range of variations and special editions, for example, Stratocaster American Standard Series. These may have slightly different design elements, so it important to research the quality and timbre of each particular guitar. Consider contacting the seller to ask any particular questions relating to the model. It is also worthwhile to read reviews placed on the eBay site by others who have purchased the model.

Signature models

Fender produce a range of guitars which are customised versions of their popular standard guitars. They might have unusual paintwork, or be reissues of previously successful guitars. Signature Fender electric guitars might be modeled on popular celebrity custom designs, for example, the Eric Clapton 'Brownie’ Tribute Stratocaster.

Vintage Fender Electric Guitars

Fender has reissued some of their more popular guitars, meaning that not all vintage Fender guitars are original vintage models, but might be modern recreations. Check the production date and serial number to identify when the guitar was produced. It is especially important when buying a vintage guitar on eBay to contact the seller and arrange a viewing of the item, as it can be difficult to convey the overall condition, especially sound quality, of vintage items through text and photographs alone.

Modern Fender Electric Guitars

In 1985, Fender employees repurchased the company from CBS, and Fender guitars are now manufactured in the USA, Mexico and Asia. There have been many design alterations since original models were first produced, resulting in different timbre and sound characteristics among the newer models. These modern Fender guitars are still considered some of the best-quality instruments available for purchase.


To compete with comparatively inexpensive versions of the increasingly popular Stratocaster shape, Fender produce electric guitars under the Squier label. These instruments are more affordable variants of classic Fender designs, the majority of which are manufactured in Asia. Their lower cost makes them an ideal choice for novice guitarists. Squier offer numerous ranges with variations in models, and also produce Signature series, including Artists Models, which are based on custom guitars of famous musicians.

Used Guitars

As Fender electric guitars are good-quality musical instruments, it is possible to purchase a second-hand guitar and retain both sound quality and aesthetics. In fact, authentic vintage guitars are highly regarded for excellent sound quality, and so are often worth considerably more than modern, unused varieties.
Used electric guitars might have suffered some cosmetic wear and tear, or might need retuning or restringing. These are acceptable defects. However, any bending or warping of the wood on the guitar body or neck, or any damage to the pickups, will have serious adverse effects on the sounds, so be certain to clarify the condition of the item with the seller before agreeing a purchase. Always view musical instruments before making a purchase where this is at all possible. Check for any modifications that might have been made by a previous owner, including replacement parts that might not be Fender originals. Contact the seller to seek any necessary information that is not already provided in the listing.

Fender Electric Guitar Accessories

There are many accessories that are necessary to effectively play a Fender electric guitar. Most importantly, players will require an amplifier to be able to produce sound. Guitars and amplifiers might be sold together on eBay as part of a kit or lot. Electric guitars are connected to the amplifier by a cable, which may or may not be included, so it is important to check. Most electric guitarists choose to play the instrument with a strap to bear its weight; Fender electric guitars are not always supplied with a strap, so check what is included before making a purchase. Guitarists may require a pick or plectrum to play, and replacement strings may also be necessary.
Safe transportation and storage of a Fender electric guitar is best achieved by using a guitar case, although instruments may also be stored on a stand. More advanced guitar players might look for additional accessories, such as effects pedals to introduce greater variety of possible sounds, and tuning devices to help keep the electric guitar in tune. Several eBay sellers will have these items available for sale, and may offer a postage discount for several items purchased at the same time.

Comparing Fender Electric Guitars on eBay

Having decided on a guitar to purchase, it is important to research sellers and individual items to ensure a good purchase. Before making a purchase, compare several listings to find the right item at the best price. Read listings carefully, taking note of the condition of each item, method of delivery, which payment methods are accepted, and the status of each seller. A trustworthy seller will have a high percentage of positive feedback. Read feedback comments as well as noting the percentage score of a seller to gain a full understanding of the level of service that is offered. Ensure that the seller will post the item responsibly; electric guitars are delicate items, so will need suitable packaging and a trustworthy delivery service. If any questions or concerns arise, raise this with the seller as soon as possible.

Find Fender Electric Guitars on eBay

To purchase Fender Electric Guitars on eBay, start by opening the eBay homepage. Highlight the All Categories tab, and select Musical Instruments from the floating menu. Next, locate the Guitars category and click on the link for Electric guitars. In the new menu on the left of the page, narrow the search by selecting Electric Guitars under Guitar Type, and Fender under Brands. Alternatively, use the search bar located at the top of any eBay page to locate specific items. For example, to search for a Stratocaster, type ‘Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar’ into the search field. Browse available listings and compare items and review sellers to identify a good value product from a reputable seller.


A Fender electric guitar is a good-quality electric string instrument. Different guitar designs produce different sounds, and further variations of each design are available. Choosing a Fender electric guitar is largely a matter of taste, depending on required sound or preferred genre of music. Squier-brand Fenders offer quality electric guitars at exceptional value. Guitarists will require a number of essential and optional accessories to enable play. Conduct research into sellers and individual items and contact the seller if necessary to be confident in making a good purchase.

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