How to Buy a Fender for Your Vehicle

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How to Buy a Fender for Your Vehicle

Fenders, or mudguards, are valued both for their functionality and beauty. They can be found on the exterior of the car and encase the wheel. Their primary use is to keep mud, dust, and road debris from getting into the wheels, the front braking system, or damaging the body of the car. They are also a design feature and can be customised to enhance the overall look of the vehicle.

Over time, the mudguards can be damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, or an accident, so drivers need to find replacements in order to ensure the continuous protection of the car. Older car models have both front and rear mudguards that are replaceable. However, most modern cars have them only at the front. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or third party mudguards are available for different types of car. To find the right versions and to install them properly, the driver should take into account some helpful information and tips. Fenders, or mudguards, can be bought from specialist garages or online at eBay.

Choose the Material

Fenders, or mudguards, are available in a range of materials and finishes produced by both the OEM and third party manufacturers. In order to find the right parts, look at those already on the vehicle and decide whether similar or complementary items are best. The material should fit perfectly well with the design of the car, especially if the goal is to enhance the look.

Common affordable materials for mudguards are steel, aluminium, and plastic. The expensive varieties are typically made of magnesium, silicon, and carbon fibre. They are available in unprimed, painted wings, and unpainted varieties. If buyers are experienced in painting car exterior parts, they may choose to purchase unpainted mudguards and perform the paint job at home. This allows for a wider selection of colours so there can be a perfect match for the car. Alternatively, take the item to a garage for a professional finish or buy painted mudguards.

When buying products online, do not rely on the colour on the computer screen. It is recommended to use the vehicle's VIN number, contact the manufacturer or the dealer, and match the paint codes to get the exact colour.

Choose Customised or Upgradeable Versions

OEM fenders, or mudguards, are guaranteed to fit the car and provide excellent performance. However, these are often plain in their design, so drivers that require more style or wish their car to reflect their personality should buy customised versions.

Consider buying upgradeable versions, which have pre-drilled holes for drivers to install add-ons. These provisioned mudguards allow the fastening of mouldings that vary in style and shape. Certain mudguards are also made to accommodate rubber flaps that sweep away mud, rocks, liquid, and sand; these are especially useful for off-road vehicles. A lining made of a synthetic material, such as foam or felt, can be added under the mudguard to muffle sound and to allow debris to bounce off without causing damage.

Find Good Quality Products

It is important to research the brand before purchasing fenders, or mudguards. Product review sites and forums are excellent sources for finding out about a particular brand or gaining knowledge on problems that other buyers have experienced. It is always recommended to buy products from manufacturers that have a good reputation in terms of quality. Cheaper products may seem like a good idea, but they may not be of high quality, may not fit well, and may require replacement in a short time. Also, avoid buying an expensive version until finding out whether the price is justified. To do this, check the material and finish.

Use Body Kits

A body kit is packaged not only for replacing mudguards, but to improve the quality and look the car overall. Body kits may include mudguards, as well as rear panels, front or rear spoilers, and bumpers. Each component matches perfectly well with the other, which is helpful when it is difficult to find separate parts that fit well and match the design of the vehicle. Body kits are useful if buyers have no time to search for individual components.

The total price of each component should be less that the cost of the body kit in order for it to be cost effective. If buyers decide to replaced the fender, or mudguards, using a body kit, they should be familiar with the contents of the kit. Some are equipped with ancillary parts that may not be required.

Installing Mudguards

It is easy to replace the mudguards on a car provided the correct tools are available and the driver has some basic mechanical skills. The tools required are as follows:

  • pliers
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • spanner set
  • dust mask
  • permanent marker
  • goggles

The first step is to remove the bumper of the car so that the mudguard can be detached. All of the hardware must be kept safely, while the old mudguard can be thrown away or sold to a scrap metal dealer. Using the pliers, and remove the headlights from the vehicle. Then place the mudguard on the side of the car and use the marker to indicate the points that need to be drilled for the bolts. Put on the dust mask and goggles, and started drilling 0.6 centimetre-wide holes at the markings.

Fit the mudguard loosely to the car using the bolts, and ensure that the door can swing open and closed without scratching against the tip of the mudguard. Also, check if it fits against the headlights. Finally, double check that it is placed properly, tighten the bolts with a spanner, and repeat on the other side.

Summary of Buying a Fender

The table below provides a summary of the steps in buying a fender, or mudguard. The table also provides tips for each step



Choose the material

Affordable materials are steel, aluminium, and plastic

Expensive materials are magnesium, silicon, and carbon fibre

Choose a finish that matches or complements the car

Consider unpainted products and select paint that matches the car

Choose customised or upgradeable versions

Customise the design to suit the personality of the driver

Use upgradeable versions to allow add-ons, such as rubber flaps that sweep away mud and stones

Find good quality products

Read product review sites and forums

Buy from manufacturers with a good reputation for offering high quality parts

Ensure that the product fits the car

Use body kits

Find a kit that has all of the components required

Other parts of the kit can be useful to improve the entire car

The table above is a quick reference guide when buying a fender, or mudguard, for a car. This can be very helpful when looking for ways to choose the best product for a reasonable price.

Buying a Fender for Your Vehicle on eBay

eBay is an online marketplace that sells a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories. eBay sellers have a range of fenders, or mudguards, for a variety of cars. To find the right product, just type the keywords into the search field on the home page, such as "mudguards", to see the listings. Refine your search by using the category links, or the filters for price and condition.

Read the Product Description

Before making the final purchase read the product description carefully and if anything is unclear, do not hesitate to contact the seller. It is recommended to buy from Top-rated sellers on the site because they have a reputation for providing high quality products and excellent customer service.

Delivery Costs

To save money on delivery, you can find a seller that is nearby. However, there are sellers that offer free delivery to some parts of the UK as an incentive.


Fenders, or mudguards, have both a protective and aesthetic function on a car. Sometimes they need to be replaced, due to daily wear and tear, and damage. Before replacing the mudguards, drivers should check whether they are only on the front of the car, as in modern vehicles, or the back and front, as for older cars. There are some useful steps to take to ensure that buyers find good quality products at a reasonable price.

Determine the material and ensure that the desired finish matches or complements the exterior of the car. Buyers can choose customised or upgradeable mudguards. The customisable versions allow drivers to add a design that fits their personality. Upgradeable versions enable the driver to install decorative add-ons. It is important to choose a good quality brand that fits the make and model of the car. Review sites and forums are excellent places to find information on different manufacturers.

To enhance the quality of the entire car, buyers can consider purchasing a body kit, containing not only mudguards, but bumpers and other exterior components. Choosing to purchase on eBay gives buyers a better overview of the different brands of fenders, or mudguards, on the market. Buyers can compare prices and read the seller feedback to find a reliable source of products.

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