How to Buy a Fuel Pump for a Nissan Car

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How to Buy a Fuel Pump for a Nissan Car

The Nissan is well known for value and reliability. But even as reliable as this make of car is, eventually parts like the fuel pump cease to function properly. Fuel pumps are not necessarily hard to replace on most models so many people decide to replace the part themselves instead of paying a mechanic a lot of money to do it for them.

Depending on the model of the Nissan, the fuel pump may be a little pricey. Fortunately, if car owners find themselves in need of replacing a fuel pump for a Nissan car, there is more than one option available, but there are things that should be taken into consideration before the purchase. Fuel pumps can be located at auto parts retailers, car dealerships that sell Nissan parts, as well as online at eBay. Knowing what options are available before the purchase of the fuel pump not only helps the buyers make a more informed decision, but it can help them save money as well.

Overview of the Fuel Pump

Even though a Nissan fuel pump can be relatively simple for people to replace themselves, it is helpful to know how a fuel pump functions before they begin the exchange process. Knowing how the fuel pump interacts with other vehicle parts and how these parts are tied together is helpful when performing this type of mechanical work for people who are not experienced with working on cars. Becoming familiar with some other engine features surrounding the fuel pump can make the process of replacing a fuel pump a more comfortable one.

Purpose of a Fuel Pump

The purpose of the fuel pump is to get fuel into the engine. Although not every type of engine requires a fuel pump, the Nissan make of car does, since it is not a gravity fed fuel system. Gravity fed fuel systems allow the gas to travel down hoses because of the pull that gravity has on them, and therefore do not need a pump to complete the process of getting fuel to the engine. Because of the manner in which the majority of cars are designed, the fuel pump is necessary because the fuel tank is not in close proximity to the engine itself.

Types of Fuel Pumps

One of the first things that needs to be determined before buying a new fuel pump is what type of pump it is. There are two main types of fuel pumps for Nissans. If the car is one that comes equipped with a fuel injection system, the fuel pump is most likely going to be an electrical one. On the other hand, if the car features a carburettor, the fuel pump is traditionally going to be one that is of the mechanical variety. These two types of fuel pumps are not interchangeable between Nissan cars models, or any other type of car for that matter, unless many other parts are going to be changed out as well.

Engines which use carburettors have mechanical pumps that use low pressure to get fuel to the engines. This type of engine has a pump that is outside of the fuel tank. Fuel pumps for engines that are fuel injected are often located inside of the fuel tank. It is important to note which type of fuel pump is required so that it can be installed in the proper location, especially since some vehicles are even trickier and have both a fuel pump located inside the tank as well as one located near or on the engine.

How the Fuel Pump Works

Before replacing a fuel pump on a vehicle, it is helpful to understand how a fuel pump works before buying one. There are two main types of fuel pumps for a Nissan car and each one works differently than the other. Knowing how a fuel pump works can help troubleshoot problems should they arise after the pump has been installed.

Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Many Nissan cars have carburettors, especially some of the older model vehicles. In vehicles such as these, the carburettor is responsible for getting the fuel to the engine via a vacuum system. The vacuum takes in air and mixes it with the fuel which helps to drive the fuel to the engine. Since the vacuum is unable to complete this process entirely on its own, a mechanical fuel pump is necessary. This particular type of fuel pump can usually be found in close proximity to the engine.

Electrical Fuel Pumps

Nissan cars that use a fuel-injected system normally come equipped with an electrical fuel pump. Fuel systems such as this one spray fuel into the engine chambers. The electrical fuel pump model can be located inside of the fuel tank or next to it. Some Nissans even go a step further and have a fuel pump both inside and outside of the fuel tank.

Before buying the fuel pump, it is important to check the vehicle to make sure where the fuel pump is and how many there are. In vehicles with two fuel pumps, it is most likely that only one of them has failed. If possible, have the fuel pumps tested to see which one needs to be replaced. Taking this extra step saves both time and money in the long run.

Making the Purchase More Affordable

As previously mentioned, replacing a fuel pump can be expensive depending on what type of fuel pump is needed or how many are needed. There are ways to cut the cost when purchasing a fuel pump for a Nissan car in order to make the cost less prohibitive. Looking for a quality pump is the first step in making the most out of every dollar spent for this type of project. Finding fuel pumps that are of high quality and are affordable is the ultimate goal.

Quality Counts

When buying a fuel pump, one of the first things in the buying process that should be considered when one is ready to be purchased is how great the overall quality of the product is. No matter whether a person needs an electronic fuel pump or a mechanical one, it is essential to buy one that is expected to last for quite some time.

Fuel flow is an important factor for fuel pumps. Fuel flow is important for not only allowing the engine to turn over, but for increasing horsepower as well. It is a good idea to make sure the pump has a fuel flow at least comparable if not better than the one being replaced. Although a really good fuel pump may cost more at the register, buying a good one to begin with saves money in the long run when it does not have to be replaced as often.

Buying Used Fuel Pumps

Buying a used fuel pump for a Nissan car can have its ups and downs at times. Again, the quality of the fuel pump should be considered and buying a high-quality pump can be worth its weight in gold when it keeps the vehicle running like it should. There are ways to cut the cost of a high-quality fuel pump by purchasing a used one. Some vehicle owners prefer to invest extra money into their vehicles and only replace worn out parts with ones that are of extremely high quality.

If something happens to a vehicle that makes it inoperable, like a car accident for example, people often part out these vehicles to help recoup some of the cost if they are damaged beyond repair. Often, a person can find a great fuel pump at a fraction of the cost by purchasing one from a car owner who is parting out a vehicle, however it is important to make sure that the fuel pump is not damaged in any way. Buying a remanufactured Nissan fuel pump may also be another good way to save money, especially if the fuel pump comes with a warranty or other guarantee.

How to Buy a Fuel Pump for a Nissan Car on eBay

There is no better place to shop for a fuel pump for a Nissan car than on eBay. One of the things that makes eBay so attractive to customers is that there is a wide variety of individuals and businesses who sell their items there, and often at a fraction of the cost that you can find elsewhere.

Finding the fuel pump you need is easy by performing a keyword search at the top of the eBay home page or any subsequent web page on the site. For example, if you need a fuel pump for a Nissan Skyline, simply type the keywords "Nissan Skyline fuel pump&", and in no time at all every item attached to those keywords is returned within the search results to you. It is a good idea to always read the full description listing before making a final purchase decision. When in doubt, always try to contact the seller with any questions you may have.


Although buying a fuel pump for a Nissan car may sound fairly simple, to the untrained eye and inexperienced mechanic, there could be problems if they are not properly armed with the correct information. Sometimes it is easier for people to perform new vehicle mechanical work such as replacing a fuel pump, when they know more about it.

Understanding the different types of fuel pumps and how they operate can often help all the pieces fit together when people know what to look for. Making the purchase more affordable by buying a quality fuel pump or one that is used or refurbished can help save a lot of money down the road when chosen correctly. Buying a fuel pump on eBay is always a smart choice because there are so many sellers who offer Nissan fuel pumps for cars, and car owners are able to not only find the one that they are looking for, but also have a choice in the amount that they want to pay as well.

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