How to Buy a Garden Torch on eBay

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How to Buy a Garden Torch on eBay

Homeowners have several options to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting, and garden torches are a fun and festive way to light up the yard on warm summer nights, dinners outside, or when hosting backyard parties. They can be placed in strategic areas to illuminate dark areas, line a patio or walkway, or showcase a beautiful garden.

With so many styles of garden torches and fuel options to choose from, buyers should determine how and where their purchase should be placed around their home. In fact, some garden torches are even designed to keep pesky insects at bay. Outdoor decorators can choose from open flame models or ones with decorative coverings. If there are small children or pets around or if the fire may present a hazard, shoppers can opt for garden torches with electric flames. Customers can find an array of garden torches at the easy-to-use online marketplace eBay.

Types of Garden Torches

Buying the right garden torch involves familiarising one’s self with all of the available options. There are two prominent styles of garden torches, the traditional tiki torch and the contemporary metal torch. Shoppers must also decide between gas or oil torches; each fuel types have their advantages and disadvantages. Gas torches burn cleaner, but there are more options available with oil torches. Electric torches are relatively new on the market and are safer alternatives than having a garden torch with an open flame. The following sections outline the various types of garden torches.

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are the most common and recognisable of all the garden torches. The top of the torch is made from wicker and wood, and the stake is typically bamboo. They are also the least expensive model of garden torches. tiki torches are often seen at outdoor parties, weddings, bar, and in restaurants. They are generally easy to refill, and traditional tiki torches burn some type of oil, whether paraffin or citronella. One downside to tiki torches is they only last a season or two if left out to endure the elements.

Metal Torches

With a clean, sleek appearance, metal garden torches are a modern addition to the garden torch market. Depending on the model, a metal torch can burn either oil or propane gas. Metal garden torches are much more expensive than wooden models, but they are almost always lighter, more durable, and last longer, making them well worth the investment. Some models are meant to be staked in the ground, some are tabletop models, and some come with their own stand.

Gas Torches

Gas garden torches refer to any kind that runs on propane fuel. Gas torches are typically more expensive than oil burning torches, but with the price comes several advantages. First, gas torches burn much cleaner and brighter than any of the other models. Additionally, they are much easier to refill; buyers no longer have to worry about leaking and overflowing oil. Gas garden torches are fuelled by small, disposable, propane canisters that can be purchased online or at local hardware stores.

Oil Torches

Oil garden torches are the least expensive option. One major advantage to having an oil burning torch is the ability to use a variety of oils. Paraffin is the most common oil used, but those who want both lighting and protection against bothersome insects may want to burn citronella oil. Some garden torch owners even use olive oil to fuel their torches. Shoppers who purchase oil-lit garden torches must always change the wick when switching oils. Homeowners should also discard any torches that appear to be leaking since they can be a serious fire hazard.

Citronella Oil

Citronella is a type of oil used in candles and garden torches to keep pesky bugs away. A few strategically placed citronella burning candles or torches can make the great outdoors all the more bearable. Citronella garden torches are often brought along by campers to keep their campsites free from mosquitoes and other biting insects. Homeowners can purchase citronella refills online or in shops where garden torches are sold.

Paraffin Oil

Paraffin oil is the most common oil used for oil burning garden torches and lamps. Paraffin oil is typically odourless and does not keep bugs away like citronella. It is inexpensive to buy, and it is fairly simple to refuel the torches. When adding more paraffin oil to the torches, people should exercise caution and not overfill it. Paraffin oil is available on websites and at home improvement stores.

Electric Torches

Electric garden torches are the latest reinvention of the garden torch. Instead of relying on fuels and actual flame, electric torches run off batteries and produce a faux flame. They are the much safer alternative to open flame models and are often more expensive than authentic garden torches. Once the "flame" goes out, either the bulb or the battery must be replaced.

Considerations When Choosing a Garden Torch

In addition to choosing the style and fuel type for the preferred garden torch, customers have a few other matters to consider before deciding on the right set. Placement is the first thing to consider: This requires knowing how many torches are needed and their placement. Equally as important, buyers should make purchases based on their intended use. Finally, safety is of the utmost importance, and garden torch buyers must decide which options are the safest and most conducive to their surroundings. The segments below offer shoppers guidance when choosing the right garden torches for their space.


Picking out a set of garden torches requires the buyer to know where exactly they want them placed and how many are needed. Many garden torches are sold at specific heights, and customers can purchase a variety of sizes. Shoppers should also get a count of how many garden torches are needed. Many stores sell them in sets of four, six, eight, or more. If buying online, purchasing one large set as opposed to several small ones could save on shipping.


Buyers must also consider how they plan to use their garden torches. For example, shoppers wanting both light and bug repellent should not invest in gas torches because there is no citronella option; instead, they should purchase oil-lit models. If the torches are for a one-time event, such as a wedding or barbecue, then tiki torches might be the way to go. Conversely, customers looking to get a lot of use out of their garden torches might want metal ones.


Safety should always be a concern when dealing with open flames, and garden torches are no exception. One should always exercise caution when lighting and snuffing out garden torches. Homeowners should refrain from using damaged torches since they could be a fire hazard. Electric garden torches use lights instead of fire to illuminate the area.

How to Buy a Garden Torch on eBay

eBay has an extensive collection of many types of garden torches available to buyers. Once you have made your garden torch wish list, simply type "garden torch" into the search bar to view all of eBay’s results. If you have specific criteria in mind, such as a "stainless steel garden torch" or "bamboo garden torch", be sure to include keywords in your searches. Using keywords will help focus your results and eliminate undesirable options. For even more hints, be sure to check out eBay’s Search Tips page.

Once you have received your results, eBay allows you to custom sort your results a variety of ways. Arrange garden torches by lowest to highest price to see eBay’s most inexpensive results; however, if you know you need a large set of torches, it may be best to sort by highest to lowest price. You can also sort by several other priorities.

After searching through all of eBay’s garden torches and finding a listing right for you, there are two more pieces of information to gather before placing a bid or purchasing an item. First, read the whole listing, even the terms and conditions, to understand what you are buying. Find out if the seller offers a money back guarantee for broken or non-functioning items. Next, look into the seller’s eBay history to see how past transactions have been conducted. Pay close attention to the seller’s approval rating and feedback, and only buy from those with high ratings and positive comments.


Homeowners can purchase a set of garden torches to add some light and flair to their yards. In order to choose a set that is right for their area, shoppers must make safety the number one priority and consider the placement of the garden torches. Gas torches are favoured because they burn brighter than oil-lit torches, and the fuel is easy to replace, but with this convenience comes a more expensive price tag. Oil burning torches are preferred for their versatility as they are capable of burning either paraffin or citronella oil. Electric torches are becoming increasingly popular, especially in places where regular garden torches would be a fire hazard. Additionally, shoppers must pick between the traditional tiki-style torches or the sleek, contemporary metal ones. No matter what kind of garden torches is needed, customers have a wide selection to choose from on eBay, an online shop that has many features to streamline the shopping process.

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