How to Buy a Golfing Holiday on eBay

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How to Buy a Golfing Holiday on eBay

While going on a holiday to explore new places is exciting for many, some people just prefer to do what they already love or just relax without having to do a lot of travelling. Those who love golf and want to go on a holiday can set out on golfing holidays either in the UK or abroad. Golfing is a sport that takes golfers to often scenic and tranquil places, which makes golf resorts a popular holiday getaway. After all, a good golf course is one that also has relaxing green scenery, and that is ideally located in a warm place.

Golfers can buy golfing holidays from eBay, where these holiday packages are either posted by travel agencies or private sellers. However, before booking a vacation to a beautiful golf resort, it is important for buyers to decide on their budget, their length of stay, the location, and also the number of people going on the holiday. These aspects are all important to finding a great golfing holiday, and buyers can choose from many options listed on eBay to find a holiday that matches their preferences.

Types of Golf Courses

One thing to consider when buying a golfing holiday on eBay is to know the types of golf courses available to play on. There are many types of golf courses and they can be differentiated by style and size. Most golf courses that buyers go to when on holiday are courses provided by the golfing resorts, but adventurous golfers can also seek out more challenging courses when travelling.

Golf Course Style


Resort Course

Owned and run by hotels and resorts; often has short rough and wide fairways for easy and quick golfing

Links Course

Usually has linked sand, grass, and dune terrains close to the sea; often is hilly and without plants; often found in Scotland or Ireland

Heathland Course

Inland course with gentle hills and many bushes but few trees

Parkland Course

Usually situated far inland; has flat terrain with plenty of vegetation, including trees

Golfing resorts usually have courses designed to be easy for golfers of any skill level to play on and can cater to many players since the speed of play on these courses is often high. Compared to links and heathland courses, a parkland course is also relatively easier to play on and is suitable for casual golfers and beginners. However, each kind of golf course has its own beauty and offers a unique experience to golfers enjoying their holiday.

Golf Course Size


Approach Course

The shortest kind of golf course; often has holes of below 100 metres in length; good for beginners and professionals to practice on

Par-3 Course

Course that only has par-3 holes; shorter and faster to play on than an executive course

Nine-Hole Course

Only has nine holes with a mix of par-4, -3, and -5 holes

Eighteen-Hole Course

Has 18 holes with mostly par-4 holes; full-sized regulation golf course

Executive Course

May have nine or 18 holes but is always shorter than a standard regulation course; has mostly par-3 holes for a faster game

Golf courses in holiday locations come in various sizes to cater to all tourists. However, big resorts usually have full-sized courses with a relatively calm terrain to enable their customers to have the best golfing experience. Therefore, golfers need not worry about having a too challenging time when they golf.

What to Consider when Looking for a Golfing Holiday on eBay

eBay has many golfing holiday offers one can buy. However, to get a great holiday deal, golfers should not only focus on finding an exotic place to go but also consider the cost, weather, and other things. It is always good to plan ahead when going on holiday, so buyers should be sure to also know exactly what they want out of their golfing getaway.

Choose the Location Wisely

It is better to decide what kind of holiday one wants rather than choose randomly. Buyers may prefer to have various tourist attractions or restaurants nearby to the resort and have the golf course at a few minutes' drive away. On the other hand, tourists can also stay at a hotel that has a golf course on its grounds so they can play anytime they want. Buyers should research a location and find out what they can do there and what facilities are available to them. In the end, it all depends on what buyers want out of their holiday. It is also important that buyers research about the weather of the place they are going to.

Buy Early

Booking a holiday early is a great piece of advice as it allows tourists to book any room they want. Furthermore, golfers also usually need to book their tee times in advance especially if they are planning to play during peak holiday seasons. By booking early, golfers can ensure that they get the most convenient tee times for them. Not only that, most operators give special discounts and extra services to customers who place their bookings many months in advance.

Bring Friends Along

A golfing holiday is best enjoyed with friends, so buyers should try to go on their holidays with a group of friends instead of by themselves. Before buying a golfing holiday on eBay, golfers should plan how many people are in the group and make sure that everyone is free and agrees to the decided holiday date. Often times, buyers can get discounts when they book a holiday for a large group. Some hotels and operators also have special holiday packages for couples and families.

Look for Offers

Tour operators and hotels sometimes have special offers for their customers. Therefore, buyers should always ask what special offers, if any, are available to them. Some operators may offer free spa entrance, daily breakfast, and even free golf games. When buying a golfing holiday package on eBay, buyers can look at a few tour operators and agents to compare rates and offers. This is a great way to save cost on the holiday and yet have a close to premium experience.

How to Search for Golfing Holidays on eBay

Buyers can find various golfing holiday hotels and resorts on eBay. All they need to do to search for the right one is to use eBay's search function and type in the search box the appropriate keywords. Once eBay searches for the available holiday offers, buyers can just look at all the options and pick the one they like. Of course, some sellers may not provide all the information that buyers need and it may be necessary to contact the seller to obtain more details.

Before purchasing a golfing holiday on eBay, it is important for buyers to know the price of the holiday and also the number of people that need accommodation. After all, it would be a waste to book a large, multi room suite if there are only a few people in the group. A good way for buyers to decide on the perfect golfing holiday for them is to read up about the location and hotel they are staying in as well as look for some reviews from former customers.

How to Buy a Golfing Holiday on eBay

Buying the right golfing holiday on eBay is a simple and straightforward process as you can just type any suitable keyword into the search bar on the eBay home page to search for holiday offers. Some keywords you can use are 'golfing holidays' and 'golf accommodation'. At the product listings page, make sure you read the description of the listed products and also their prices. Most offers list down the number of people the hotel can accommodate as well as the location of the resort. Therefore, it is important to look at the details.

After selecting the holiday that you like, you can view product's dedicated page. On this page, you can read all the available information regarding the product including the length of stay, rates, special offers available, and payment method. It is important to be thorough when you plan a golfing vacation, so remember to read all the details and make sure that they suit your schedule and preferences. If you have any questions about your chosen golfing holiday, feel free to send the seller a message.


Golf can be an exhilarating game or a relaxing one. No matter how golfers want to play their game, going on a golfing holiday is always a great idea to get away from the stresses of daily life and have a good time. When on a golfing holiday, golfers usually stay in a hotel with a golf course of its own or in another accommodation where the course is easily accessible by public or private transport. Before purchasing a golfing holiday on eBay, it is important for buyers to decide on their budget, the length of stay, number of people going on holiday, and so on.

Buyers should also know what kind of golf course they are going to  be playing at since there are many kinds of golf courses available. Resort golf courses are usually very well maintained with a relatively easy terrain to play on. When looking for a suitable golfing holiday, it is important to choose the holiday location wisely and book early. Buyers can also look out for offers and enquire about them from tour operators before they make their purchase on eBay.

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