How to Buy a Head Light

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How to Buy a Head Light

The sole purpose of a bike's head light is to keep a rider safe once it gets dark outside. Night biking can be very enjoyable, but safety should be the rider's utmost priority. A head light which is white should be mounted on the front of a bike, and a red tail light should go on the back so motorists know if a biker is coming or going. The brighter the head light the better, especially on dim streets with few street lights.

Choosing a head light should be based on a couple of buying factors: the price the buyer wants to spend, the type of light needed, and the specific type of bicycle the head light is being purchased for. Some types of lights may work better on specific types of bikes. Head lights range from simple, battery operated lights to more sophisticated head lights which offer rechargeable batteries, and can be more costly. Some bikers also enjoy side lights as well as front lights to be completely illuminated on a dark road while riding at night. Select the right head light for the biker's needs and budget from an array of options on eBay.

Choose Vintage or Modern Head Lights

There are a couple of options for head lights, which include older, retro styles or new, modern styles. For a bike collector or lover of antiques, a set of vintage head lights goes perfectly on an older, vintage bicycle. But for a serious cyclist, modern technology cannot be beat when it comes to staying bright while riding at night.

Vintage Head Lights

Vintage head lights look cool, but they do not offer the brightness of more modern lights. For short distances in the city areas, they should work fine, and look good on a vintage or restored bicycle. They are battery operated, and also called lamps. Vintage head lights are typically made of metal and may become rusted over time.

Vintage bike head lights are more for aesthetic purposes and local bike rides than for heavy duty safety in badly lit areas. Vintage head lights which are in good condition can be a great addition to a restored, antique bicycle, but should not be counted on for the brightest light in dark conditions or long rides at night.

Modern Head Lights

Modern head lights are quite bright and come in a variety of styles. They are easy to put on and take off, and give off a bright light which can make the biker feel safe in the darkest of areas, on badly lit streets, when trail riding, or any other circumstance when night riding makes it a challenge to see.

LED Head Lights with Standard Batteries

Many head lights are made with the soft glow of LED lights, and these head lights are quite powerful but also lightweight, durable, and waterproof for a safe ride. Some of these LED head lights offer different settings, such as flashing or steady lights. For very dark areas where a cyclist wants to be seen easily, the flashing mode is convenient. LED head lights are easy to install and remove at the user's whim.

Head lights made with LED lights are also small and portable and can be carried with the biker until he or she needs them, and then install them very easily. They are battery powered and easy to use, and they provide the biker with a bright, safe, illuminated path.

Rechargeable Head Lights

Rechargeable head lights are a bit more costly, but they run on rechargeable batteries. They also give off a brighter and more powerful light than traditional LED head lights. Rechargeable head lights are a good option for rider who rides at night often, because rechargeable batteries save the buyer a lot of money in the long run. They are also good for the environment when a rider is trying to be greener and planet friendly.

The lights themselves are usually made of halogen or a combination of halogen and LED lights. Some head lights offer more than one light for a very bright riding experience, which can make a biker feel very safe when it is dark out.

Search by Specific Needs

When it comes to buying a head light, a shopper may not want to invest a lot of money in a light that he or she plans to only use once in a while. The buyer also might not want to purchase a very expensive, bright head light that is better suited for trail riding if he or she only rides the city streets. Purchase the right head light with the terrain that is involved to save money and get the proper head light.

Casual Cycling

For casual biking on either streets with few street lights or dimly lit streets in neighbourhoods, any type of head light works. A battery powered LED light is a safe option, especially for a rider who does not use it on an everyday basis. This type of light provides plenty of illumination and is more cost effective than a rechargeable head light.

One head light is all that is really needed for a casual rider. Super Frog makes small LED lights which are placed anywhere on a bicycle for safety, and they are quite inexpensive. Another option is a Power Beam, which makes bright LED head lights that are easy to install and consist of only one head light.                              

Mountain Biking

For mountain and trail biking, a rider wants a more serious light that is very bright and possibly rechargeable. These powerful lights are made up of either halogen bulbs or more than one LED light to create a very powerful glow when riding in completely dark areas such as mountains. Cree is a popular brand. Sometimes these are made up of sets of two lights that mount on the front of the bike for extra light, and some powerful lights offer water resistance, the ability to zoom in and out, and many different settings. These types of head lights are highly recommended for mountain bikes, and along with red rear lights, make a night bike ride much safer for a cyclist who enjoys biking in rougher terrain at night.

Head Lamps

Another option to keep a cyclist safe is a head lamp.. A head lamp is a head light which is worn on a headband around the head. For an added precaution in dark areas, a head lamp is a good option. Head lamps are either quite basic or quite sophisticated, and the higher end ones offer water resistance, rechargeable batteries, and are adjustable.

These are typically made of lightweight materials such as alloy, and may have several modes such as flashing, steady, or a brighter light. Some head lamps need standard batteries, and these may cost less than ones which use rechargeable batteries. They range in price according to how many LEDs they offer and what the features are. Some brands that make head lamps are Cree and Sealey.

How to Buy a Head Light on eBay

If you love to bike at night but worry about being seen in the dark, purchasing a head light is the best way to stay safe. There are a variety of affordable head lights for bikers on eBay,, so search head lights to find many options to decide between. You can look by the number of LED lights on the head light or search by brand. Some sellers offer sets that have the front and rear head lights together, which can be a great deal for the items at a lower cost and shipping rate than purchasing them separately. Make sure a used head light is in good condition, and ask the seller any questions you have about the head light by going to the seller's page and clicking "Ask a Question&".

Read the description of each head light carefully to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need, and make sure the any head light you choose fits comfortably on the bicycle you have. Find out if the head light is battery powered by traditional batteries or if it uses rechargeable batteries. Also find out if there is anything you need to install the head light or if it is easily placed on the bicycle.


A cyclist should never ride at night in dark areas without the aid of one or more head lights, as well as a red rear light. There are lights for every budget and type of riding, so it is simple to find one to meet every cyclist's needs. Instead of avoiding riding at night, a biker should simply do what he or she can to make the nighttime safer for riding, including mountain and trail riding. Modern technology has made bicycle head lights come very far from the small, dim lights of the past to many options for brightness, adjustability, battery life, and resistance from the elements.

Keep in mind for long rides, it might be wise to purchase additional battery packs because nobody wants to be stranded when a head light goes out on a long nighttime bike ride. Less sophisticated lights should be used on city roads in urban spots as well as gravel country roads, with higher end lights reserved for rougher, darker terrain. Keep these factors in mind when purchasing the perfect head light for a bike.

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