How to Buy a Headboard for Single Beds

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How to Buy a Headboard for Single Beds

A headboard adds a finishing touch to single beds, and fulfils essential functions such as protecting the sleeper’s head from the wall behind and acting to keep pillows and bed linen in place. Headboards come in several different styles and can be made from a choice of materials, including wood, metal, and fabric. The choice of headboard will depend on the style and size of the bed, and with a wide variety of colours and fashions to select from, the search for a headboard with single beds begins here.

About Headboards for Single Beds

Beds and headboards have evolved over centuries as humankind continually looks to improve the sleeping experience. Headboards were traditionally used to act as a buffer between the sleeper and cold walls behind the bed, and were usually made of wood. They were also to hold pillows, bolsters, and bed linen such as quilts in place. Today insulation and central heating have made modern homes warmer, and so while the original functions of the headboard do still remain, for now headboards have developed an aesthetic as well as a practical use in the bedroom. Some headboards can incorporate storage space and lights, too. A classic piece of furniture, the right headboard can completely change the look of a bed and indeed the whole room, depending on its style, design, colour, and material. The design and look of a headboard demonstrates how important the headboard has become to home decor.

Choosing Headboards for Single Beds

Adding a headboard to single beds is, first and foremost, a practical solution and that is likely to be the prime factor in purchasing a headboard. However, modern design means that headboards are also very stylish and, in fact, the right headboard can dictate the style of a room, a striking, daring design becoming its focal point. From traditional to ultra modern, the choice of headboards is remarkably varied.

Materials Used for Headboards for Single Beds

The type of headboard chosen for single beds will depend on the style of bed to which the headboard is to be attached. Some beds will come with a headboard already fixed but if not, an important consideration is to ensure that the headboard chosen complements the style of bed in place. A current trend is for headboards, often oversized, to be fixed directly to the wall behind a bed.. These headboards are usually upholstered or leather, and as well as being a decorative feature in a room, provide a very comfortable backdrop for the bed’s occupants. Here are the most common headboard styles for single beds without a headboard.




Metal headboards were traditionally once made of iron. Modern fabrication and mass production techniques now mean most metal headboards are made from stainless steel tubing. However, antique style cast iron headboards are still available.

Solid Wood

Headboards in wood will generally be made in oak, pine, or ash. All three types of wood are durable, but will vary in cost.

Wood Effect

Wood effect headboards are a cheaper option than solid wood while maintaining the appearance of wood.


A modern addition to the range of materials used for headboards, leather is considered a very chic style for a headboard. As a natural fabric, it is hardwearing and durable and is easy to clean, too.

Faux leather

A cheaper alternative to real leather, faux leather headboards are a stylish addition to a bedroom at a much lower cost.


Like leather, suede headboards are a luxurious choice and the soft touch of the natural fabric makes it ideal for use in a bedroom.

Faux suede

Faux suede is a cheaper version of the real thing and is an affordable way to create a suede effect in a bedroom.


Upholstered headboards are a traditional, comfortable choice for any bed. The headboard is padded, usually with foam, and covered with fabric such as soft linens or cottons.

Shape of Headboards for Single Beds

Traditional styles such as rectangular and arched continue to be popular choices of headboard shape, but new fashions in design mean that there is now a range of available options for headboard shape, from stepped silhouettes to adventurous curves.




A simple but strong design that never dates, rectangular headboards are available in all the materials used for headboards.


Arched headboards are another classic design shape, particularly popular for single beds. They are seen at their best in metals.


Wood lends itself well to curved headboards into which designs and shapes are carved.


A modern take on the traditional styles, angular headboards can bring a very funky look to a bedroom.

Options for a Headboard for Single Beds

Headboards for single beds can be more than simply a resting place for a head and can do more than be an attractive addition to a room’s decor. Headboards can come with storage, with drawers and shelves, and even lights and speakers for TV or music. Storage is often at a premium in a bedroom, and so combining shelving and drawers in a headboard is a great space-saving idea. Novelty headboards, often featuring animated characters, are popular for children’s bedrooms and may be the ideal addition to single beds.

Fixing a Headboard for Single Beds

A headboard can be fixed either directly to the bed or to the wall, and the fixings that come with the headboard will dictate exactly where it is placed. The fixings will include the main headboard panel or frame, two legs and two screws per leg. If the headboard is to be fitted to a divan bed, the bed will already have available holes to which the headboard legs are attached. Wall-mounted headboards come with “D-hangers” attached to the back – these are small D-shaped rings, which are placed on the screws inserted into a wall with plastic plugs and from which the board will hang. The headboard should be hung so that it appears to be floating on top of the mattress.

Find a Headboard for Single Beds on eBay

To purchase a headboard for single beds on eBay, go to the homepage and open the All Categories tab and then click on Home & Garden.From then, hover on the Furniture & Living tab, and from there click on to Beds & Mattresses and then Headboards & Footboards. In the search bar at the top of the page, begin to refine the search for a headboard for single beds and use the options on the left hand side to narrow the search to find specific types of headboards by, for example, price, shape, colour or material. If searching for a headboard for single beds that is wall mounted and made of wood, type “headboard wall mounted wood single bed” into the search field and explore the available listings.


A headboard is a practical addition to any bed and modern styles and designs mean that headboards are now as much an aesthetic part of any bedroom as the soft furnishings. Traditional looks such as brass and cast iron arches and rectangular upholstered headboards, are classically stylish and do not go out of fashion. Solid wood, leather and suede are the natural materials that continue to wow buyers, while affordable alternatives such as wood effect and faux leather and suede mean these chic styles can be replicated for a much smaller outlay. Headboards can be purchased separately from the beds, and while some are designed to be fixed directly on to the bed, a new trend is for headboards to be fitted to the wall behind the bed, making the headboard a design feature on its own. Whatever type of headboard is desired, the choice and available range is extensive.

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