How to Buy a Hybrid Crossover

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How to Buy a Hybrid Crossover

The Hybrid Crossover is an electric and petroleum-powered crossover utility vehicle. The hybrid enhances the existing advantages of a regular crossover through increased fuel efficiency. The crossover lives up to its namesake by its handling capabilities and diverse driving applications. A hybrid version can only provide additional benefits to this already versatile vehicle.

For the customer who wishes to make the switch to a hybrid, but needs significant cargo space and diverse performance handling, the hybrid crossover may be the answer. This vehicle provides the best of both worlds for many people in creating a reduced carbon emission driving environment, and enabling a great deal of storage space for families, whether for city driving or long road trips.

Despite the popularity explosion of regular crossovers during the last couple of years, demand for the hybrid crossover is still in its infancy. With that in mind, understanding the key benefits of a hybrid crossover can give the customer the right impetus in choosing this option and reaping the rewards.

The Hybrid Crossover Market

Although no longer a novel idea in other vehicles, the hybrid has not so caught on in the crossover. Unlike the enormous popularity of the second generation Toyota Prius (first fully hybrid car), the hybrid crossover market has been slower to gain a foothold. In 2013, however, the hybrid crossover is making great inroads into the mainstream car buying market, especially in the small sized, direct fuel injected variety. This is largely because achieving maximum fuel efficiency is now paramount in the minds of many buyers, to a degree unseen in the past.

The Benefits of the Hybrid Crossover

Some of the nice advantages of owning a hybrid crossover include increased driving flexibility and fuel efficiency. Whilst costing more to purchase upfront, the hybrid crossover has long term benefits such as needing less maintenance. Thanks to a regenerative braking system, the brakes lasts considerably longer on a hybrid crossover, particularly the brake pads. This is because the hybrid can slow the car down through its electric motor, relieve the brakes of some of the load, and recharge the batteries at the same time.

Driving the hybrid crossover in the city is effortless and economical. Although the car has additional weight because of the battery pack, the efficiency of city driving is nevertheless unsurpassed. The electric motor works when needed at low speeds, and the fuel engine automatically takes over with acceleration. However, the degree to which this is true depends on whether the crossover is a full hybrid or mild hybrid. A full hybrid is dependent mostly on the electric motor, with the petrol motor only needed for high speeds. In a mild hybrid, power is provided mostly by the petrol motor, with the electric motor taking over in slow and idling speeds.

Although there are various sized hybrids, spaciousness is a characteristic in all of them. This is equally so in either hybrid or standard crossovers. Larger crossovers can seat up to nine occupants. A major selling feature of the crossover is its drivability being so much like a car, thanks to the car platform that it is designed on. This is in contrast with the sports utility vehicle, which is manufactured on a light truck platform. The crossover is also significantly less expensive than a SUV, which typically makes a hybrid crossover a more appealing option than a hybrid SUV.

Choosing a Hybrid Crossover

The Hybrid Crossover is more expensive than is its petrol equivalent. The difference in price between a hybrid and its non electric counterpart is called a premium. Before a customer chooses a hybrid crossover, they need to know that the extra purchase cost is going to be worthwhile. It takes a strong conviction to cross the price threshold, and invest in something that may take years to recoup in economic returns. As well as a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the car buyer needs a long-term vision of how best to utilise sustainable transport into the future. The below list outlines just a few of the higher performing and cost-efficient hybrid models.

2013 Toyota Highlander Crossover

The 2013 Toyota Highlander is a seven seater mid-sized crossover with unique exterior styling, plenty of space and flexible seating to accommodate various storage needs. It is a synergy drive vehicle with a comparable fuel economy to the Mazda 3. The Highlander also has some strong safety features, and together with its roominess and fuel efficiency, makes it a top choice for families.

GMC Yukon Hybrid

The GMC Yukon Hybrid is a large eight seater that, in many ways, is closer to a sports utility vehicle than a crossover. However, appearances can deceive. With its squarer shape and 6.0 litre V8 engine, it displays plenty of old school SUV characteristics, yet drives and handles like a crossover. Although a large engine is often associated with poor fuel efficiency; in this case, a large capacity hybrid performs more efficiently with this engine size due to potential load level. The Yukon Hybrid also manages to achieve exceptional fuel economy thanks to two electric motors that are automatically engaged when needed.

Lexus RX 450h

The Lexus RX 450h is a small crossover with strong sports handling features including four wheel drive. The 2013 model comes in different interior luxury styling modes which can be selected according to personal preference or requirements. The exceptional car-like feel is enhanced by its compact five seater size, and which makes it particularly nimble around town.

Choosing the Right Type

To make the right choice in a hybrid crossover is to choose one that fulfils what the buyer needs it to do: provide enough seating and cargo space, deliver on the needed performance, and give the much needed fuel savings. There are many types of hybrid crossovers. They range from rather bulky SUV-like designs with some off road capabilities, to mid sized motorway types that give excellent fuel efficiency on long drives, to the small and nippy crossovers with their sporty features and excellent city driving performance.

Fuel economy has become the prime concern for crossover buyers, and so manufacturers are going about producing some of the most economical midweight and large size vehicles ever made. Some considerations to weigh into the mix when deciding on a hybrid crossover is the shape and proportion of the vehicle.

The below chart compares a hybrid crossover with a non hybrid sports utility vehicle. Although they are two different types of vehicles, the crossover market is filling that which was previously occupied by the SUV. For the sake of illustration, therefore, it may be helpful to highlight some of the obvious advantages of a hybrid crossover over the more traditional sports utility vehicle.


Hybrid Crossover



Lightweight materials, but battery pack increases overall weight

Lightweight to medium weight materials


Narrower and stiff tyres reduce drag

Wider tyres for 4WD drive traction


Regenerative braking saves the brakes from wear

Conventional braking does not preserve brake system

Engine size

Smaller engines adequate as electric motor combines to give greater torque

All power dependent on petrol or diesel engine; larger engine often needed to power heavier vehicle

Engine shut off

Petrol engine shuts off when car is stationary to conserve fuel

Engine runs constantly


Generally sleeker styling reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency

A heavier and bulkier design creates more drag and is less fuel efficient

Being clear about the above advantages must not cloud the flip side of the equation—upfront expense. Although the premium rate is coming down, the difference is still substantial and demands some needed consideration.

How to Buy a Hybrid Crossover on eBay

Finding the hybrid crossover of your choice on eBay is not always easy, so if you know of a specific make and model, you should enter the details into the search bar, such as the "Lexus RX 450h". Such model specific searches return greater results than general searches. In the early stages of choosing a car, use the listings as a guide only. As you become clearer about the type of crossover you want, broaden your research, both online and in person with a trained expert, to determine if your desired car is right for you. Your are then in a better position to pursue the listed vehicles on eBay more seriously.

Always save several searches so that you can make important listing comparisons. Check that all information is consistent, and resort to another source of authority if some information seems dubious. After determining the eBay reputation of a few sellers, initiate communication with the sellers you are most comfortable with. Arrange for a vehicle inspection and test drive as soon as you feel certain of your choice.


Petroleum based vehicles are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and although they, too, are becoming cleaner every year, they are unlikely to outdo electric/petroleum vehicles in the race for green. The hybrid crossover is the most effective way to economise on fuel and cut down on carbon emissions, whilst retaining needed performance capabilities. Despite not being as clean as a fully electric vehicle, the hybrid does represent a generational switch to a more sustainable future.

Particularly high carbon emissions have traditionally been attributed to the kings of the road; heavy, large and powerful. Although still generally true, the issue has been somewhat complicated. There has never been, until recent history, an opportunity to view large vehicles with sometimes powerful engines, in such an environmentally positive light. Yet the hybrid crossover achieves all this, and paves the way for a new type of automotive industry. A page has certainly been turned.

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