How to Buy a Jeep Cherokee on eBay

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How to Buy a Jeep Cherokee on eBay

Jeep Cherokees rank highly among drivers for both reliability and affordability, whether they plan to travel off-road or around town. The car body is compact and features a unibody frame. Jeep Cherokees are available in both two and four-door models. The four-door version offers drivers an additional rear seat, rear side windows, and a flat area for storage.

Jeep Cherokees can be found in four and six cylinder engine varieties. The four cylinder version offers a choice between a five-speed manual and three-speed automatic transmission, while the larger six cylinder engine offers a choice between a five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmission. When purchasing a Jeep Cherokee, buyers must consider the vehicle's year of make, familiarise themselves with eBay's various search options, and learn about eBay's buying process and the different features that the online marketplace has to offer. A range of Jeep Cherokees can be purchased online at eBay.

Year of a Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokees vary significantly in their features depending on their year of manufacture. The first generation of Cherokee's were made from 1984 to 1996, and the second generation from 1997 to 2001. The table below list some key features of particular years.

Year of Make



Two and four-door versions

101.4 inch wheelbase

Relatively light at approximately 1,406 kilograms

Power choices consisted of a 2.5 litre inline-4 with 105 hp or a 2.8 litre V6 with 115 hp

Turbo diesel available

Three-speed automatic, and four and five-speed manual transmissions

Two and four-wheel drive versions

Trim levels: base, well-equipped Pioneer, and sport Chief


Power increased with a new 4.0 litre inline-6 with 177 hp, while the inline-4 was boosted to 121 hp

Four-speed automatic replaced the three-speed unit on six cylinder versions

Trims were shuffled to include the Laredo and Limited

More reliable than earlier versions and better fuel efficiency than later versions


Driver's side airbag added


Late Model Cherokee with a new look, easily distinguishable from the vehicle's first generation

Sharp angles were rounded off and the interior was more ergonomic


Same drivetrain as previous models

As engine refinements continued throughout the first generation, the Jeep Cherokee became smoother and quieter in operation. The second generation brought with it the arrival of On Board Diagnostics 2 (OBD2), which monitored and controlled more engine aspects than the previous generation.

Searching for a Jeep Cherokee on eBay

Buyers that wish to purchase a Jeep Cherokee on eBay are free to browse the website without having to sign up. However, in order to buy an item, it is necessary to complete the eBay registration process. This allows registered eBay users to interact with other members, buy items, and review a seller's feedback ratings. Registered members also have the ability to save their searches and receive notifications when desired items become available.

Keyword Search

Buyers searching for a Jeep Cherokee should begin on the eBay home page. Enter any keywords such as "Jeep Cherokee" into the search bar. This is likely to render a large number of results. Buyers can narrow down the search by using more specific keywords related to the car, such as the year of make, for example, "2006 Jeep Cherokee". Buyers with a precise idea of the car that they are looking for can use eBay's advanced search feature. Searching by this method allows buyers to filter for categories like price and condition.

Search by Fuel Type for a Jeep Cherokee

When searching for a Jeep Cherokee on eBay, buyers may choose to limit their search to that of fuel type, as each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is ideal for buyers who prefer one specific type of fuel over another.


Diesel engines tend to be more efficient for heavy vehicles and achieve better mileage. This is due to the fact that diesel contains more energy than petrol and has a higher rate of compression, which allows the fuel to burn more economically. Diesel is more oily and heavier than petrol, and evaporates more easily. Instead of being controlled by air flow, diesel engines are controlled by fuel flow. The refinement process for creating diesel is much simpler, which often shows in the low fuel cost. Although diesel engines are bigger, heavier, and more expensive to produce than petrol engines, they tend to last longer.


Petrol engines are quieter and cleaner than their diesel counterparts, which often produce an unpleasant smell and a lot of soot. In addition, petrol tends to generate more horsepower, allowing for faster acceleration.

Search by Transmission Type for a Jeep Cherokee

There are two basic types of transmission: automatic and manual. Buyers should consider their driving habits and the conditions in which they drive, as well as personal preference, before choosing a transmission.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission switches between the Jeep Cherokee's gears, lessening the amount of work required by the driver and allowing him or her to focus more on braking and controlling the steering wheel. This means that this transmission type performs better in stop-and-go traffic, especially when driving at slower speeds. Automatic transmission is more complex, so it is often more expensive to repair. Buyers searching for a car that is simple to operate should consider an automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission requires the driver to use a gear stick to change between the Jeep Cherokee's gears. This transmission type generally receives better fuel efficiency because it does not have to put in as much effort to reach high speeds. In addition, manual transmission is cheaper to manufacture, less costly to repair, and tends to last longer than automatic versions. It offers added control in areas with sharp turns and is better suited for driving in inclement weather. As far as performance is concerned, manual transmission has greater power.

Search by Car Colour for a Jeep Cherokee

Buyers that have a particular colour of Jeep Cherokee in mind may choose to narrow their search by entering a colour, along with other terms to describe the car. While car colour is ultimately a matter of personal preference, it can affect the Jeep Cherokee's resale value greatly, as well as the vehicle's general appearance. When searching for a car colour, buyers should choose one that is easy to maintain. Black tends to show dirt more easily, while white hides marks better, such as chips, and simple wear and tear to the exterior.

Buyers that plan to sell their car should consider selecting a neutral colour. Neutral colours, such as black, white, silver, and tan, tend to sell more easily than those of bright yellow or red. On the other hand, brightly coloured cars increase visibility on the road, making them safer, especially when driving at night or in the rain.

Search by Seller

All sellers on eBay have a rating that reflects their level of professionalism and service. Searching for a particular seller allows buyers to maintain business relationships with people that they have had positive experiences with in the past. Buyers can also limit their search to items sold by Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers are recognised by the eBay community for providing excellent customer service. These sellers receive positive feedback and high ratings consistently from previous buyers. They must undergo regular reviews to ensure that they comply with eBay's seller standards.

Review the Item Description

Buyers should always review a listing's item description carefully before making a purchase. If buying a used Jeep Cherokee, the item description should include the condition of the vehicle, as well as any relevant information that may affect the buyer's final purchasing decision, such as the mileage, any accidents or damage, and whether the previous driver smoked in the car. If not fully satisfied with the item's description, buyers can contact the seller directly for more information by using the "Ask a question" feature on the listing page. Good sellers are always happy to answer any questions or to provide additional photos that the buyer needs in order to be fully informed about the vehicle.


Before buying a Jeep Cherokee, consider the year of make of the car. This affects the features that the vehicle has directly, as well as the overall appearance of the car. Those that prefer greater horsepower should choose a second generation Jeep Cherokee, while first generation models can generally be found for a better value.

In addition to the year of make, buyers should also keep in mind the car's colour. White offers great driving visibility at night and hides marks well, while black is considered classic. Buyers should also consider the fuel and transmission type. Whether searching for a diesel or petrol engine, or a manual or automatic transmission, eBay offers buyers a number of convenient search options. Buyers can browse the eBay website using the search bar or they may choose to use the advanced search feature. Regardless of which method is chosen, being familiar with eBay's guidelines helps to ensure a positive shopping experience.

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