How to Buy a Jeep V8

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How to Buy a Jeep V8

Buying a new car is an exciting and a stressful time. A multitude of questions run through any buyer's head including: Which type of car? Which color? Is it fuel efficient? What comes standard with the new car? Is it affordable? A Jeep would be fun to drive but is it practical to own? All of these questions run through a buyer's head but by investing a little time in research, buying a Jeep V8 is easy.

With just a little research, a buyer can be confident and excited when purchasing a new Jeep. When a buyer purchases a Jeep, he or she becomes part of an exclusive group of drivers with a common interest. Jeep V8 refers to the engine size. Jeep V8's can be purchased at Chrysler dealerships, used car dealerships, and the online ecommerce site, eBay. To aid a buyer in the purchasing process, it is important to evaluate all of the specs. Valuable specs include: colors, drivetrain, brakes and tyres, dimensions, tyre equipment, safety, and warranties.

Step-by-Step Buying Process

One of the first considerations when purchasing a Jeep is to decide if it is going to be used off-road. If so, then it is recommended to buy top-notch suspension. Next, compare all of the accessories side-by-side and decide what is most important. A Jeep V8 has a wide assortment of add-ons, so even if one of the accessories does not come standard, it can be customised. It is not recommended to drive a Jeep V8 on the motorway a majority of the time. Typically, Jeeps rank lower on gas mileage, visibility, and poor braking performance. Once again, review which accessories come standard. For example, sometimes anti-lock brake systems are standard and sometimes they are considered an upgrade. If a driver is not going to be driving on wet pavement, then maybe the anti-lock brake custom upgrade is not necessary. The driver needs to be prepared to be bounced around, providing an exhilarating thrill. After the Jeep has been purchased, it is recommended for a driver to join a Jeep club to find out about the "Jeep wave" and attend a Jeep rally or an off-road event.

Compare Accesories

Important accessories that need to be considered include: engine size, colour, drivetrain, brakes and tyres, standard equipment, safety features, and warranties. Some of the accessories are vital, such as the anti-lock brake system, while others are a luxury and based on personal preference. Some individuals simply accept prices offered to them by dealers, and believe that it is their right to get what they want. For example, if a certain accessory does not come custom, ask how much it would cost to add and try to bargain for a better price.

Engine Size

A V8 is a V engine with eight cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of cylinders. Simply put, it is two straight four engines sharing a common crankshaft. V8 engines are typically smoother than a V6 engine and considerably less expensive than a V12 engine. V8s are typical size engines for sport utility vehicles. Often times, the standard engine size is a V6 and the V8 is a custom upgrade.


While the color may seem like a miniscule decision, often times, this is the largest decision when purchasing a Jeep. The exterior colors for a Jeep V8 include: bright silver metallic, deep cherry red crystal pearl, brilliant black crystal pearl, bright white, mineral grey metallic, and maximum steel metallic. Interior colors for a Jeep V8 consist of black, dark graystone, and medium graystone. Darker interior colors are easier to keep clean. The color is ultimately based upon a buyer's personal preference, although, brilliant black crystal pearl tends to be a popular choice.


The drivetrain of a Jeep V8 includes the engine type, displacement, fuel system, horsepower, and torque. Obviously, when purchasing a Jeep V8, the engine type is going to be a V8. The fuel system is typically an electronic fuel injection. Although some Jeep V8s have a diesel fuel system. Deciding on a fuel system is an important decision and can play a major role in the Jeep's upkeep and maintenance. Whether the transmission is automatic or manual also plays a role in how expensive the Jeep V8 is.

Brakes and Tyres

Typically, Jeep V8 tyres have front disc and rear disc brakes. Another important consideration when purchasing a car is the type of tyres that are included. It is significant to keep track of the front, rear, and spare tyre sizes. It is recommended that the spare tyre be compact.

Standard Equipment

Typical standard exterior features of the Jeep V8 equipment includes aluminum wheels, compact spare tyre, chrome bodyside molding, halogen headlamps, fog lamps, deep tint sunscreen glass, laminated front door glass, folding power mirrors, monotone paint, rear spoiler on liftgate, tinted windshield, and body color mirrors. In addition to all of those exterior features, there are a large number of interior features. The interior features include illuminated entry, eight speakers with subwoofer, audio input jack for mobile devices, satellite radio, touchscreen, uconnect, AM/FM stereo with CD, DVD, and MP3 player.

Safety Features

When purchasing a new car, the highest priority often times is the vehicle's safety. The Jeep V8 offers a variety of safety features including: rain brake support, electronic stability program, hill start assist, multi-stage front airbags, front side airbags, park view rear back up camera, 3-point rear center seat belt, child seat upper tether anchors, dual note horns, ready alert braking, traction control, and tyre pressure monitoring system. Safety is very important, so a buyer should check his or her current car's safety features and compare them with the Jeep V8. Also, a buyer should research additional safety features and understand how he or she could benefit from them.


The three types of warranties that need to be evaluated include: basic, drivetrain, and roadside. Sometimes all three warranties are the same and sometimes they vary. An example of a new Jeep V8 warranty is a basic warranty of three years or 36,000 miles, drivetrain of five years or 100,000 miles, and roadside warranty of five years or 100,000 miles.

Other Considerations When Buying a Jeep V8

One of the biggest complaints about the Jeep V8 is the amount of petrol it consumes. There are tips and suggestions for using less petrol. In an effort to improve fuel mileage, a buyer should alter his or her driving habits. Driving the speed limit is one recommendation because then the tyres turn fewer revolutions per minute. Additional recommendations include: maintaining correct tyre pressure, lightening the load, and maintaining the vehicle regularly. Typical gas mileage for a Jeep V8 is 13 miles per gallon city driving and 18 miles per gallon motorway driving.

How to Buy a Jeep V8 on eBay

A Jeep V8 is a great choice when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. After a buyer has a better understanding of how to purchase a Jeep V8 and which specifications need to be considered, it is time to purchase one. eBay is a great one-stop shop for purchasing a Jeep V8. Fortunately, eBay makes searching for a Jeep V8 simple by providing a search box at the top of every page. A buyer simply has to type "Jeep" and a list of results appear. If a buyer is looking for specific accessories for the Jeep V8, simply include them in the search box. The results list is smaller the more specific the search is.

Evaluating Sellers

Buyers need to take advantage of seller feedback in order to make a more informed decision before purchasing a Jeep V8. The seller feedback is made up of all of the positive and negative interactions with buyers over the previous 12 months. The previous buyers have a chance to write about their buying process and indicate if something was different than expected and if the seller was timely. Based on other interactions, a buyer can feel more confident when purchasing a Jeep V8 or decide to purchase from another seller.


Shopping for a new Jeep V8 should be an exciting time and not an ongoing hassle. Having a better understanding of what to look for when purchasing a new Jeep V8 should make the process go much smoother. The first step is to decide how this sport utility vehicle is going to be used and understand that Jeep V8s do not have good gas mileage. There are tips to improving the gas mileage which include: driving the speed limit, making the load lighter, and assuring the tyres are at the correct tyre pressure. Next is to compare which accessories come standard and which additional items are going to need to be a custom add-on. The accessories that need to be compared include: colours, drivetrain, brakes and tyres, standard equipment, safety features, and warranties. Colour plays a major role when purchasing a vehicle. The drivetrain engine type is obviously going to be a V8, but there are other areas that can be adjusted. Most importantly, safety features should be examined, especially if the Jeep V8 is going to be used as an off-roading vehicle. With just the right amount of research, a buyer should have no doubts that he or she has made a great decision.

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