How to Buy a Karaoke Machine on eBay

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How to Buy a Karaoke Machine on eBay

A karaoke machine is a great way to liven up any party because most people have fun either competitively singing against each other, or just singing along to the song. eBay is a great place to purchase karaoke machines because it has a wide range of different styles and machines available, in a range of prices that can virtually match any budget.

Considerations to look into when purchasing a karaoke machine include features such as the number of microphones, wireless options, the song selection, and of course budget. Most buyers should remember that some models should be plugged into a TV, while others include their own screen. Other variations include type of media that can be played, such as MP3s, CDs or karaoke discs made by the manufacturer. Each of these factors can affect the price, quality, and overall experience of the karaoke machine. Anyone who wants to purchase a karaoke machine on eBay can learn about the various features and functions to look for while making a purchase, and then how to choose a model that suits their needs.

Styles of Karaoke Machines

There are multiple styles of karaoke machines ranging from small portable options to full commercial varieties that are not normally suitable for in-home use. Common brands are similar to the size of a home DVD player, amplifier, or radio, depending on the model, and can easily be stored with a home cinema or stereo set. Users should choose a style based on what they are looking for, how often they intend to play karaoke, and the number of people they want to play karaoke with.

Karaoke Software

First, an affordable alternative to the karaoke machine is karaoke software available for PC and game stations such as the PlayStation and the Xbox. Different brands include Easy Karaoke, The Singing Machine, and Goodmans. Choosing video game karaoke software requires that you already own the game station or a compatible PC; however, these options are usually limited to songs sold and licensed for the game.

Kids’ Karaoke Machines

A kids’ karaoke machine normally features a small microphone with a plastic box that allows children to sing along to songs. These come in various qualities and may or may not feature a screen to show lyrics, might only have a small library of songs without the ability to add more, and may or may not include vocals. Cheaper versions of kids’ karaoke machines are simple sing-along boxes, while more expensive versions are simply colourful versions of a traditional karaoke machine. These are usually more affordable than adult karaoke machines, but do offer fewer features.

Dedicated Karaoke Machine

A dedicated karaoke machine is one in which all of the necessary parts are in the same player. Usually this means that any microphones, CD or DVD player, screen, and any information regarding the songs being played are included as part of the karaoke machine. This type of machine does not require being plugged into a TV or speakers, but often can be, for optional upgrades.

This is the most expensive type of karaoke machine, but usually the most portable for anyone who wants to take their karaoke machine to a friend’s house, or even use it to perform outside of the home. The dedicated karaoke machine can include a variety of optional features such as allowing the user to play their own MP3s, CDs or DVDs, video playback, and more.

Plug-In Karaoke Machine

Plug-in karaoke machines require a TV and sometimes speakers in order to be used effectively. Usually these karaoke machines feature microphone plugs along with a karaoke player, but not a screen. This means that the karaoke machine must be plugged into a video source in order to display lyrics or any video that might come with the song. These are actually one of the most common types of home karaoke machines because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by.

Features and Functions of Karaoke Machines

Buyers looking for karaoke machines on eBay should look for a series of features and functions that appeal to them for use in their home. Great examples include wireless microphones, but features can range from the very basic to the extravagant so most users should have some idea of what they are looking for before they search eBay for a karaoke machine. A good thing to keep in mind is that the cheaper the karaoke machine, the less features it is likely to have.

Wireless Microphones

Whether running on batteries or featuring wireless microphones, these types of karaoke machines are extremely popular because they allow players to move about unhindered. Most karaoke parties involve more than one person, and removing a cord makes it easier to pass the microphone from person to person, and removes the need for the karaoke player to be within a certain distance from the TV set. Wireless microphones can often be purchased separately if the karaoke machine does not offer the option.

Play Favourite Music

The ability to turn any MP3, CD, or music DVD into karaoke is one of the most coveted features for karaoke machines. Most commonly, this means loading the karaoke machine with an MP3 or DVD burned specifically for the purpose, and then simply hitting play. Many older VDC stereos actually had the option to turn any track into karaoke, but this option fell out of use after about the mid-eighties. Anyone searching for this style of karaoke machine can look at higher-end stereo sets for the option.

Video Support

This option is usually featured on karaoke machines that can be plugged into a TV set. Usually video playback means playing a music video for the song with scrolling lyrics over the video. This is a great way to add visual interest to the song without losing lyrics access and without scrolling. Most karaoke software such as SingStar offer video playback features, but many standard karaoke machines do as well.


A built-in display is a great feature for a karaoke machine because it generally means that the machine can be used to play karaoke from anywhere, not just when connected to a TV set. Popular variations include karaoke machines that run on batteries, and can therefore be played outdoors if desired. A built-in display can be a touchscreen or use a series of control buttons, and can show lyrics, menu panels, song selections, and sometimes music videos.


While not a popular feature on most karaoke machines, some machines offer the option to record a song on an internal storage drive. Usually this is an excellent way for people who are trying to learn to sing to get a good idea of how they sound with a specific song. Recording playback can also be fun for entertainment purposes at parties, and is a great way to preserve a fun moment with many people singing along to the same song.


Another of the most coveted karaoke machine features is the ability to support multiple microphones. Some karaoke machines only use one microphone, and therefore must be passed around among singers at a party. Others use two or more microphones, which means that friends can easily sing against each other, and sing together as desired. Most people think that this is the most entertaining way to play karaoke, so having multiple microphones is definitely a feature to keep in mind while looking for a karaoke machine on eBay.

Buying a Karaoke Machine on eBay

Once you know what type of karaoke machine you are looking for, you can search for one on eBay. Important decision factors include your budget, the features you are looking for, and whether or not you want to sing along with your own music tracks. From there, you can search for the karaoke machine of your choice. Visit the home page of eBay, and type the relevant keywords to your search into the search bar. Good options include a "Memorex karaoke machine" for a good budget range karaoke machine, "pro karaoke machine" for one with more features, or "portable karaoke machine", for one that you can take with you.

There are literally hundreds of options available on eBay, and you can always purchase internationally if you are looking for something specific. You should ask the seller any questions you might have before purchase, and then proceed to checkout using eBay’s purchase options. If the karaoke machine is intended as a gift, or for a specific party, make sure you check the shipping time and ask the seller to make sure it arrives on time.


Karaoke machines come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of features and functions, and at different prices. Buyers should make decisions based on what their budget is, what they want to do with the karaoke machine, how often they want to use it, and what features they would like in the machine. For example, someone who intends to use a karaoke machine to train their voice should look for options such as adding their own songs and at least one microphone. Anyone who wants to use karaoke as a party game should look for multiple microphones, display or TV options, and maybe even cordless functions.

There are hundreds of karaoke machines on eBay, and many of them are available locally so buyers can have them quickly shipped to their homes. Good purchase decisions include purchasing a cheaper karaoke machine for limited use and choosing a more expensive model for frequent use. Buyers should use the criteria talked about in this guide to make a decision before purchasing their karaoke machine on eBay.

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