How to Buy a Kia Sportage on eBay

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How to Buy a Kia Sportage on eBay

The Kia Sportage is available in both two-door and four-door models, and has a convertible option. Buyers have the choice of front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive for off-road adventures. There are three generations of Kia Sportage, each differing in the features offered. The base version of the car has a six-speed manual transmission, while all other versions feature a six-speed automatic transmission.

Depending on the year of make, the Kia Sportage varies slightly in style, size, and shape. Buyers may choose from a selection of base models or from those that have added features, such as roof racks and leather seats. The Kia Sportage also comes in various colours, designed to fit the tastes of every buyer. When purchasing a Kia Sportage on eBay, buyers must consider the vehicle's history, learn to search and refine the listings, familiarise themselves with eBay's buying process, and the different features that the online marketplace has to offer.

A Brief History of the Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage was developed in 1993 as a compact crossover SUV. There have been three generations of the vehicle, each varying slightly in the amount of horsepower and the features offered.

First Generation

The first generation of the Kia Sportage was manufactured from 1993 to 2004. It was developed with a Mazda Bongo engineering base platform and shared many of the same mechanical components, including the engine and early transmissions. In 1997, Hyundai took over the manufacturing process and developed two basic models: a five-door estate in both standard and extended lengths, and a two-door soft-top convertible. The 1998 model was the world's first production vehicle to be equipped with a knee airbags. The first generation model did not do well in the consumer market and was discontinued in 2004.

Second Generation

The second generation of the Kia Sportage was manufactured from 2004 to 2010. It was developed with an Elantra-based platform. It had a 2.0-litre straight-4 diesel engine and was considerably larger and more comfortable than first generation models. It also had a greater amount of horsepower, which helped to contribute to its success. In 2009, the Kia Sportage was named one of the most reliable vehicles and ranked highly for its safety. The standard safety features included anti-lock brakes, side and curtain airbags, and stability control.

Third Generation

The third generation of Kia Sportage was released in April 2010 to the European market. It had a 184 horsepower Hyundai R diesel engine and received top safety ratings.

Searching for a Kia Sportage on eBay

A Kia Sportage can be found through various means on the eBay website. From the home page, buyers can use the search bar to look for the vehicles, for example, by typing "Kia Sportage". This method is likely to render a large number of listings. Buyers with a more specific idea about the type of Kia Sportage that they would like to purchase can use eBay's advanced search feature. This allows buyers to include additional terms that can help to narrow down the results. Once on the search results page, buyers may filter the search further by subcategory listings. These give buyers the option to choose between new and used Kia Sportages or to search within a limited price range.

Although eBay's large selection of products is often the main reason buyers are attracted to the marketplace, buyers can find themselves overwhelmed with choice. Fortunately, it is possible to add more terms into the search bar to navigate to the right vehicle.

Search by Vehicle Mileage

Buyers may choose to search for a Kia Sportage based on the current number of miles that the car has on the clock. Kia Sportages with a lower number of miles typically have been driven less, and are therefore found in better condition. However, the number of miles alone cannot offer the full picture of what type of use the car has experienced or how well it has been cared for. In general, as the number of miles on the car increases, its value decreases. Before purchasing any pre-owned Kia Sportage, buyers should have a skilled mechanic examine the car for any signs of wear and tear or indications that parts may need to be replaced.

Search by Condition

Many buyers want a Kia Sportage that is in a particular condition. While new Kia Sportages are widely available, buyers may prefer a used car as a cheaper alternative. Many pre-owned Sportages have been well maintained and can be found in like new condition. Buyers should always ask sellers about the condition of the Kia Sportage before making a purchase. If the car has been modified or enhanced in any way, buyers should find out about this, as well.

Many buyers are drawn to the pictures of the listed item, but it is important to read the detailed item description before committing to a purchase. Sellers must use standard terminology to describe the condition of their cars and each listing includes this in the Item Specifics section.

Understanding the Item Condition

Kia Sportages that are still in their original state are classified as brand new, whereas like new cars are those that appear to be new, but have been altered from their original state in some way. This is most likely indicated by the mileage. Like new cars have no signs of visible wear and all parts are present and in proper working order.

If the Kia Sportage is listed in a very good condition, then this may mean that the car has been used previously, but has incurred a minimum amount of wear and tear. The car should be free from damage, including scratches, dents, and chipped paint. A car that is listed in good condition functions properly, but may be have minor imperfections, such as scratches and dents. Cars in an acceptable condition still function as intended, but have obvious signs of wear and tear. For example, the seats may be torn or faded.

Searching by Location

Depending on the budget, buyers may choose to limit their search to Kia Sportages sold close to home. To find local sellers, buyers can filter the listing pages by item location. This allows buyers to limit the distance from a specific postcode. By using the Sort drop down feature, buyers can arrange listings by distance in order of the nearest location.

The cost of delivery for a car can be very expensive. If the Kia Sportage is to be driven to the delivery address, then the added mileage on the clock must be accounted for, as well as additional road wear. It may be beneficial, and perhaps cheaper, to arrange a local collection of the Kia Sportage. This information may also be listed under the item description. If it is not available, then contact the seller by using the "Ask a question" link to discuss whether local collection is allowed. While some sellers may not permit this delivery option, others are willing to work with buyers to ensure a positive transaction and to help to eliminate delivery costs.

eBay's Preferred Methods of Payment

eBay sellers are free to decide which types of payment they receive. Buyers should always conduct a transaction with sellers who allow secure methods of payment, such as credit card, debit card, or PayPal. PayPal is a web-based service that allows the safe transfer of money from one party to another over the Internet. PayPal is both convenient and user-friendly. It uses the buyer's bank or credit card information to process the transaction. The seller never sees this information; instead he or she only receives the final sum. This secure method of payment is preferred by both buyers and sellers alike, especially for large transactions, as is the case with a car. Buyers should never pay by cash or cheque, even when collecting the car in person.


Shopping for a Kia Sportage on eBay allows buyers to see a range of cars, which may be a fraction of the price of a model bought elsewhere. The selection of listings available on eBay is wide ranging, so whether buyers want a standard model Kia Sportage or a convertible, eBay offers the most diverse vehicles at some of the best prices. Buyers should familiarise themselves with eBay's condition guidelines which have been put in place to avoid confusion between buyers and sellers. For example, a like new car should show no cosmetic damage, but may have been driven a short distance.

The advanced search on eBay is designed to help buyers narrow down their results, but buyers are free to input their own search details using the keyword search on any page of the site. Whichever method buyers use to search for Kia Sportages on eBay, they should always familiarise themselves with the type of payments that the seller accepts before making a purchase. Never pay in cash, even if collecting the car in person. Doing this helps to ensure a positive transaction and a pleasurable shopping experience.

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