How to Buy a Land Rover Freelander on eBay

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How to Buy a Land Rover Freelander on eBay

The purchase of a vehicle is a significant one. When a person is seeking to buy a new vehicle, a lot of thought goes into the process. Several factors are taken into consideration regarding price, condition, colour, and mileage. Consumers must decide for themselves the search parameters for a vehicle. While there are so many vehicles from which to choose, a list of requirements can limit the selection significantly. These may include a price range, a necessary number of seats, a preference for diesel engines, and many more possibilities.

Those prospective buyers who are considering the Land Rover Freelander should spend time learning about the various features available on the vehicle. Depending on the year of manufacture, the style as well as some features may differ. Learning about the vehicle and all the possible options is a vital step before embarking on the purchasing process. Each potential purchaser needs to spend time researching the Land Rover Freelander, its features, and the various differences that exist between the years of manufacture before coming to a final decision regarding the purchase of the vehicle. Once the research is complete, buyers can then turn to eBay to find the best deals.

History of the Land Rover

In 1947, shortly after the end of the second World War, the head designer for the Rover Company came up with a new design, thought to have been inspired by an American Jeep. The designer, Wilks, had spent some time driving an American Jeep during his summer holiday and his design was eventually built on a Jeep chassis and axles.

The original Land Rover was built to be a sturdy vehicle, coming only in the plain colour range of green, much like a military vehicle. Initially, Land Rover referred to only one model of four-wheel drive automobile, but eventually several other models such as the Discovery, several versions of the Range Rover, and the Freelander were also options. Land Rover became its own company in 1978. Since that time, due to various ups and downs in the success of both the Land Rover and original Rover companies, both have been sold and acquired under a variety of other corporations. Land Rover is currently owned by Tata Motors, who obtained it from Ford in 2008.

The Land Rover Freelander

At the end of the 1980s, market research completed by the Rover Group led to the decision of Land Rover to manufacture its own sport utility vehicle, or SUV. At that time, the company was partnered with Honda, who decided to develop their own SUV, the CR-V, instead. Land Rover named their developmental SUV the CB40, and continued to work on its progress. In 1994, BMW obtained Land Rover and with that acquisition, Land Rover had access to the capital necessary to continue with the CB40 project.

First Generation Land Rover Freelander

In 1997, the first Freelander was introduced. From 1997 until 2002, the Freelander was the best-selling four-wheel drive vehicle in Europe. Several models of the Freelander were introduced, all of which fit into one of four categories: the five-door estate, and one of the following three-door models: softback, hardback and commercial. The following chart illustrates the trims available with each model.


Available Trim

Three-door Model

E, S, SE, Sport, and Sport Premium Trim

Five-door Model

E, S, SE, HSE, Sport, and Sport Premium Trim

Several engine choices were also available with the first generation Freelander including a 1.8 litre petrol engine, a 2.0 litre diesel engine, and a 2.5 litre petrol V6 engine.

Second Generation Land Rover Freelander

In 2006, Land Rover introduced the second generation Freelander at the British International Motor Show. This model is manufactured in the Halewood Body and Assembly facility outside of Liverpool, unlike previous models. Improvements from the first generation include a higher ground clearance and the ability for off-roading that more closely resembles the other models of Land Rovers. Several safety features were made standard in this model.

Available Interior Features on the Land Rover Freelander 2

The improvements from the first generation Land Rover Freelander to the second generation Land Rover Freelander include several upgrades to the interior. The centre console has been improved with more storage space as well as a five-inch screen display that shows information related to the vehicle, including temperature, fuel levels, and gear positions. The information can be accessed through the use of toggles on the steering wheel which control drop-down menus related to the vehicle's settings.

The parking brake in the improved Land Rover is an intelligent design that is capable of sensing many factors that affect how the brake is utilised. Sensors can detect the level of force necessary based on the angle of the slope on which the vehicle is parked. Additionally, the parking brake self-adjusts based on the temperature of the brake. And as an added safety feature, the parking brake is incapable of being released unless someone is seated in the driver's seat.

If the key is located somewhere within the Land Rover Freelander 2, the engine can be started by pushing a button, as opposed to the previous method of key docking. Keeping safety in mind, the button cannot work without the presence of the key inside the vehicle.

Another safety feature present in the interior is a rear camera that allows the driver to view any obstructions behind the vehicle. Lines also appear on the screen that display the vehicles boundaries based on the direction in which the vehicle is moving.

Exterior Features Available on the Land Rover Freelander

On the exterior of the Land Rover Freelander, there are several new options. Firstly, several new colours are available to add to the selection for personal taste. Both the front and rear headlamps are improved on this second generation Freelander, which are now LED lights. The engines have also been revamped for improved fuel economy. This is accomplished in part because the alternator only charges the battery as the vehicle is decelerating, which allows the recharging to occur via kinetic energy as opposed to a need to burn fuel.

How to Buy a Land Rover Freelander on eBay

To find and purchase a Land Rover Freelander on eBay, use the search bar found on all eBay pages and type in "Land Rover Freelander". Once you click on the search icon, the search results are shown and you may limit them further by a few possibilities. Firstly, you can choose from the provided categories including Model Year, Fuel Type, Transmission, Colour, or other specifications of the vehicle. You may also choose to limit your search by price minimum and maximum amounts to be sure that the options you can view are within your budget. Another way to tailor your search is to choose to add a keyword to the search bar, such as "diesel", to restrict results to only those with diesel engines.

Once you have limited your search to a manageable number of listings, read each listing carefully. If photos are provided, compare them with the written description. Note any flaws, whether physical or otherwise, as well as all of the vehicle's specifications. Since a vehicle is a very large purchase, shipping or delivery may not be feasible, and so you may wish to consider only those Land Rovers located in close geographical proximity. If, however, delivery is offered, take note of any added costs. You also want to familiarize yourself with any expectations regarding payment timeframes.

To research the sellers, click on the name of each seller to be redirected to the individual's eBay feedback profile, where you may read comments left by buyers involved in previous transactions with the seller. Here you may also contact the seller securely with any questions or concerns about the listing and its details. Top-rated sellers consistently provide great service to a large number of buyers.


A purchase as significant as a vehicle takes a great deal of consideration, planning, and research. Choosing to buy a Land Rover Freelander through eBay means the purchaser should spend some time learning all about Land Rover Freelanders and the variety of features and specifications available. Particularly when choosing to purchase a pre-owned Land Rover Freelander, the buyer should complete the necessary research, comparing the differences in models between the years of manufacture.

Additionally, those seeking to purchase a Land Rover Freelander on eBay need to take the time to compare the differences in cost, mileage, wear, and any other considerations before deciding on which vehicle to purchase. Researching all of these options takes time, but the time investment is necessary and will prove to be worth it once a successful purchase has been made. Proper research allows buyers to learn about the history of the Land Rover company, the specifications and available features of the Freelander, and how to go about purchasing a Land Rover Freelander on eBay. Armed with such information, buyers can that make an informed and confident purchase of a Land Rover Freelander on eBay.

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