How to Buy a Long Lasting Lipstick

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How to Buy a Long Lasting Lipstick

For most people, the ability to communicate is everything. Communication between people today often involves using some kind of technological interface, but when we meet face to face our lips move up to centre stage. Along with our eyes and general facial expression, it is mainly through our lips that we hook up with the rest of the world, as this is the conduit through which all our speech passes. Long lasting lipsticks are highly sought after in the world of cosmetics and they come in a variety of colour choices just the same as a regular lipstick.

We also breathe life-giving air through our lips as well as taking in vital food and drink, so lipsticks need to be able to put up with the rigours of daily life. In addition, lip colour provides an indication of general health and it is also through using our lips that we normally initiate sexual relations. So, considering all that, it’s little wonder that paying careful attention to the appearance of their lips is a crucially important feature in most women’s make-up practices.

Tips on Finding a Long Lasting Lipstick

It is no use applying lipstick in the early morning only to have it wear off in part or wholly by lunchtime. Lipstick wearers need a product that will go the full distance, and on eBay they can find a wide selection of hundreds of lipstick products that are specifically designed to be long lasting. Full product details are listed on the site as well as photos of colours and details about the seller’s track record, while the financial aspect of every purchase is fully protected by eBay’s tried and tested method of online payment, PayPal.

Benefits of Long Lasting Lipsticks

The advantage of long lasting lipstick is pretty straightforward: it should not need to be reapplied during a normal working day, leaving the wearer looking well groomed throughout. Of course, in some instances reapplication will become necessary but this is far less often than with standard lipsticks. As a result, both time and money (for extra applications) are saved.

Why Use a Long Lasting Lipstick

Long lasting lipstick is just that: not permanent as such but reasonably durable. This feature is particularly suitable in the event of prolonged meetings or occasions where it is difficult to leave the room briefly to retouch that fading lipstick. It is generally better to have no lipstick on at all, rather than be seen with lipstick that’s wearing thin or going streaky. Try buying some examples from eBay to see how long these lipsticks can really last.

Who Can Use a Long Lasting Lipstick?

Apart from those people unfortunate enough to suffer from skin allergies or sensitivities, most women who wear normal lipstick should be able to use any of the extensive range of long lasting lipsticks available on eBay, as they are not notably any more allergenic than normal products. A few keystrokes on eBay will secure any colour or style imaginable delivered straight to the purchaser’s home address. These long lasting lipsticks are designed to take the stress out of the daily make-up routine, as users won’t have to apply colour as regularly. This is ideal for anyone who works hard or who has little time to worry about reapplying their lipstick every hour.

Long Lasting Colours

Any good quality long lasting lipstick like those featured on eBay should be able to retain its essential colour for the whole day, provided it has been applied properly:

  • Lightly clean lips with a wet toothbrush.
  • Moisturise lips with a cream or balm.
  • Remove any loose moisturiser .
  • Apply lipstick to lips as normal.

After this proper preparation, both the lipstick and its colour should then stay put for the day. It is also possible to apply a sealer that will help to retain the lipstick’s colour for longer. Many long lasting lipsticks are also waterproof and can be worn when on holiday in a humid climate or when swimming, however it is always good to reapply throughout the day.

Reapplying Lipstick

Sometimes it will become necessary to reapply even the longest of long lasting lipsticks. This can happen after drinking hot tea or coffee, or perhaps face washing after a hot sticky commute to work, not to mention a stolen kiss or two in the corridor. Some cheap brands of long lasting lipstick can have a tendency to become caked and dry out during the day, so choose those brands that have built in moisturisers to avoid this from happening.

Lip Sealers and Coats

One way to give long lasting lipstick even more mileage is to apply lip sealers and coatings to lock the colour in. Some long lasting lipstick brands have these protective features built in, so check the technical details on eBay first before making purchases. Alternatively, buy these coating materials separately and apply after using the lipstick.

Lipstick Colours


Perfect for…

Light colours like pinks.

Transparent sealer.

To give a light colour more shine.

Medium colours like reds.

Transparent sealer or matching colour.

To ensure the lipstick lasts for as long as possible.

Deep colours like browns.

Matching colour.

Enhancing the deep colour of the lipstick.

Special Occasion Lipsticks

Lipstick for work is a very different product to lipstick for a night out on the town. Equally, lipstick for the disco is very different from the sort used for dining out at a fancy restaurant. Disco queens favour glossy, sparkly and even flavoured finishes in vibrant colours so as to stand out amongst a bustling crowd. eBay has many such products on offer. Typically, these special occasion lipstick products will be of a long lasting variety as they have to withstand the heat and general heave of the dance floor, not to mention the occasional drink or two.

Looking Good for Longer

Looking good for longer is the whole point of long lasting lipsticks. Tatty and tired make-up is probably, next to actual illness, the very worst look a woman can have. It is far better to be au naturel facially than be seen out and about in a poorly made up state. Long lasting lipsticks are therefore a key ingredient when opportunities for reapplying make-up are virtually nonexistent. It is also important to carry a lipstick in a protective bag and a variety of make-up bags are also available on eBay.

The Importance of a Good Lipstick

Cheap lipstick can be unreliable and often does not carry the best range of colours or finishes. By buying a good quality brand on eBay, such as Bare Minerals or Estee Lauder, a satisfactory cosmetic outcome is much more likely. One’s appearance really does matter, especially in the competitive world of work or when trying to meet and attract a suitable partner. Lips speak directly to the world at large and are often one of the first points of eye contact, especially if they are attractively and suitably presented. A well groomed appearance will not only impress others: it will increase personal confidence and potentially improve individual performance as well.

Buying a Long Lasting Lipstick on eBay

Nothing could be easier than choosing long lasting lipstick on the eBay website. Simply open up eBay’s web page, select Health & Beauty and then enter long lasting lipstick in the Shop by category box. Shoppers are then presented with pages and pages of different long lasting lipstick products complete with all the information needed about brand name, price, colours, finishes plus payment method and delivery details, including useful customer feedback about the supplier.

Accessing beauty products has really never been easier than it is for today’s eBay clients. The search toolbar at the top of the page is easy for anyone to use and all you have to do is type in what you are looking for and you will be given pages of relevant results. Alternatively, you can select the drop down menu in the search by category section located to the left of the search toolbar and select a category that represents what you are searching for such as Health and Beauty. Then a list of sub categories will come up and you can select what you are looking for such as lipsticks.

For more details on how to use eBay to find a long lasting lipstick, visit the Search Tips page.


Long lasting lipstick is an essential tool for women who need to look good all day long without having to powder their nose (as the saying goes) every few minutes. The lips play a central part in a woman’s general appearance and her overall make-up can be seriously let down by worn out lipstick. To stand out in today’s competitive world, a woman still needs to put everything in her favour to succeed and a long lasting lipstick can go a long way to improve one’s appearance. Mac offer a wide range of long lasting lipsticks in a variety of colours that you can browse and purchase on eBay. 

It is important to take pride in your appearance and the use of a nice lipstick can make a real difference to how someone looks. Long lasting lipsticks will continue to have a part to play for the successful advancement of today’s women and a good cosmetics source like eBay is ideal when women’s time is at such a premium. From experimenting teenagers through to high flying businesspeople, whatever reason you want to buy a nice lipstick eBay has a great selection to choose from.

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