How to Buy a Manual Transmission Jeep on eBay

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How to Buy a Manual Transmission Jeep on eBay

Jeeps have a long-standing reputation as a sturdy, rugged vehicle with superior off-road capability. They tend to attract drivers who are drawn to the rocks, sand, and mud, whether for work or for play. For those that prefer a manual transmission Jeep, there is a wide range of choices available on eBay's website.

Before getting started, it helps to have an idea of the different Jeep models. The Cherokee has undergone several changes over the years, moving from a boxy four-by-four, to a more upscale vehicle with luxury options. The Grand Cherokee is a larger version of the Cherokee, with even more powerful performance in off-road conditions, although manual transmission was phased out after 2004. The Wrangler looks the part of an off-road vehicle, with a bare-bones interior and superior off-road handling.

Shopping on eBay for a manual Jeep is fairly straightforward. Searching for and comparing listings is easy, and there are plenty of ways eBay helps buyers learn more about a vehicle and its seller. By following a few basic steps, informed consumers can find a manual-transmission Jeep for their next adventure.

Overview of Jeep Models

When choosing between different Jeep models, it helps buyers to know about different Jeep series. Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler are the three most popular; each series has multiple generations, with different features and designs.

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep introduced the Cherokee to Britain in 1993. A rival to the Land Rover, this tough four-by-four performs well off-road, and the first generation (1993-2001) has a boxy, rugged exterior to match. The next generation (2001-2007) saw a more rounded design, with the same reputation for solid handling in rough terrain. However, when compared to other vehicles in its class, it ranked lower for interior space, on-road performance, handling, and fuel economy. The generation to follow (2008-2010) returned to the well-known boxy design and added up-market luxuries like heated leather seats. Handling is excellent for both off-road and on-road performance and has noticeably improved from past generations. 


The following chart outlines some of the features included in the Jeep Cherokee, by generation.

Jeep Cherokee Generation



Selectable dual-model four-wheel drive, driver's and passenger's airbag, remote locking, front and rear electric windows, Isofix child seat anchor, roof rails, remote locking, heated mirrors, air conditioning; diesel and petrol 2.5-litre engine models and one 4.0-litre, six-cylinder; Limited trim version includes electric seat adjustment and mirrors, and six-speaker radio and cassette player


2.4, 2.5, 2.8, and 3.7-litre engines; Sport version has radio-cassette-CD player, electric windows, and remote locking; Limited trim includes cruise control, front curtain airbags, front fog lamps, Bose audio system, and 16-inch alloy wheels; from 2004 onwards, expanded standard equipment including electronic stability control (EBS) and tyre pressure monitoring, while Limited versions have sat nav and electrically-adjustable front seats


Limited trim version only, with lots of standard equipment: stability control, anti-lock brakes (ABS), remote central locking, rear parking sensors, hill start control, 19-inch alloy wheels, roof rails, front fog lights, heated and electrically-adjustable folding door mirrors, leather seats, steering wheel, and gear lever, automatic headlights, electrically-adjustable and heated front seats, CD stereo with steering wheel controls, electric windows, cruise control, air conditioning, and rain-sensitive wipers

In general, the Cherokee models have a solid range of standard equipment. Choosing additional features can enhance the comfort and performance according to the consumer's needs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is a beefier version of the Cherokee, designed for maximum power and performance off-road. The first right-hand drive model with its 4.0-litre V8 engine came to the UK in 1996. Although it is agile off-road and decent on-road, the Grand Cherokee can cost a lot to run. Experts recommend opting for the 3.0-litre diesel engine model for better fuel economy. Improvements to the engines and handling earn the 2005-2010 generation higher ratings than earlier ones, and the generation introduced in 2011 featured an all-new platform, 3.0 V6 diesel engine, better fuel economy, reduced emissions, and improved performance and refinement. However, the latter two generations are available in automatic transmission only.


The following chart outlines some of the standard features in the earlier Grand Cherokee generations available with manual transmission.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Generation



15-inch alloy wheels, ABS, four-wheel drive, driver and passenger airbags, air conditioning, a leather tilt adjustable steering wheel, remote central locking, roof rack, electric heated mirrors, heated front seats, electric windows, tinted glass, a high-level rear brake light, immobiliser and alarm, folding rear seats, and a radio


Same as previous generation, with addition of standard leather upholstery, 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, cruise control, electrically-adjustable folding door mirrors; the top-end Overland model includes a 10-disc CD changer, electric sunroof, suede and leather trimming on seats, and special alloy wheels

The Jeep Grand Cherokee's superb handling on rough terrain remains a favourite for those who drive off-road. For those concerned about running costs, the diesel engine offers a good option.

Jeep Wrangler

Whilst the Jeep Wrangler may be less of a practical everyday vehicle for those who do not plan to drive off-road, those that do are likely to be drawn by its iconic design and history as a direct descendent of the World War II Willy's Jeep. A crude interior and three-door access make them less than comfortable; hardtop Wranglers let drivers use them year-round, but the soft-top versions offer little insulation for chillier weather. In 2007, Jeep introduced a four-door model Wrangler. Experts recommend the 2.8-litre diesel engine for better fuel economy.


Jeep Wranglers are quite spartan and utilitarian when it comes to equipment. Several trim options add certain features, as outlined below.

Wrangler Type


Hardtop 1993-2005; Softtop 1996-2006

Limited trim includes alloy wheels and leather upholstery; post-October 1994 Sahara trim has air-conditioning; twin airbags added in March 1997

2007-on (several different trims)

All feature dual airbags, stability control, immobiliser, Isofix child seat mountings; Sahara trim features 17-inch alloy wheels, climate control, automatic lights, Bluetooth capability, hill descent control, and other off-roading hardware; Overland trim features heated leather seats and 18-inch alloy wheels; the Rubicon has a more rugged interior but expanded array of off-roading mechanicals

There are different engines as well, including a 2.8-litre, four-cylinder diesel and a 4.0-litre, six-cylinder diesel, both of which garner favourable reviews among critics. A 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine was replaced by a 3.6-litre V6 in 2007. Manual transmission for the diesel engine was discontinued in 2010 due to lack of demand; a six-speed manual gearbox continues to be available for the petrol engines.

How to Search for a Manual-Transmission Jeep on eBay

To explore the many different models of manual-transmission Jeeps on eBay, start on the eBay home page and type keywords into the search bar. If you are looking for a specific model, you can enter it, e.g., "Jeep Cherokee manual&". Search terms can also include year, colour, or other specifics. Once you have your search results, you can refine them further according to limiting factors like mileage and year, and sort the results by price, seller location, and more.

Compare Jeep Listings

eBay's format makes it easy to compare different listings within your search results. Each listing has a short form with a picture, price, and the car's mileage, registration date, and seller location. The short listing may also highlight certain features and specifications. Once you've logged on to your eBay account, you can save searches and favourite listings for fast access in the future.

Learn More About the Vehicle

When you have found a listing of interest, be sure to take the time to carefully read the seller's description and inspect the photos. The description should have specifications, features, and important information about the car's condition. There should be multiple photos of the exterior and interior, clearly displaying any areas of damage. Be certain you understand the terms of sale, payment requirements, and pick-up or shipping conditions.

Vehicle Status Report

If buying a used Jeep, be sure to check the vehicle status report prior to purchase. The report gives you a detailed history associated with the particular car, such as title transfers and any collisions; in addition, it helps you verify that it is not stolen, written off, or still being financed. A seller may provide the vehicle status report in the listing; if not, you can purchase it through eBay. If the seller does not provide the registration mark, you can contact them through eBay for that information.

Checking the Value

The value of a car depends on many factors, including make, model, year, as well as condition, features, colour, and other details. Consult a trusted source such as Parkers, What Car, or Glass's Guide to determine the value of the vehicle you are interested in. This helps you decide how much you are willing to pay, and also steer clear of listings that are significantly below the price guide value.

Research the Seller

Finally, it is essential that you get to know your seller. Check their feedback score, and look through comments left by past customers who bought cars from them. Top-rated sellers maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction over a high volume of transactions, although smaller-volume sellers may provide excellent service, as well. Avoid buying from a seller who does not respond to your inquiries. Once you have completed your transaction, you can leave your own constructive feedback.


Rugged Jeeps are known for their powerful performance in off-road conditions. Whilst factors like less-capable on-road handling and spare interiors have earned some models less favourable reviews, the distinctive style and reputation make Jeeps a consistently popular choice for adventurous drivers. eBay can be an excellent place to look for a new or used manual Jeep. By following certain steps, buyers can find one that is just right for them.

First, it helps to be familiar with different Jeep models. The Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler are the most well-known. Cherokee and Grand Cherokee have evolved from boxier models to more upscale versions, whilst the Wrangler has maintained its iconic style and a spartan set of equipment. Buyers should be aware that manual transmission is not available for all versions of all models.

Shopping on eBay involves searching for and comparing listings, researching individual listings, and getting to know the seller. A thorough approach helps ensure a successful, positive experience on eBay.

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